April 14, 2017

Reviewing our DDS:PB 2017 Season Preview

At the beginning of the season this year we put Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2017 to the test and simulated the 2016-17 season. Now with the regular season in the books lets take a look back and see what sort of predictions the game made and how accurate they turned out. But before we […]

DDS: Pro Basketball, WeSimmedIt
March 16, 2017

We Simmed It – The Tournament

It’s here – the day we NEED to be turned into a national holiday. It’s TOURNAMENT TIME BABY! That’s right, sound the trumpets, grab your favorite snacks and a cold beverage and prepare to not leave your couch until Monday. We know that every year people fill out millions of brackets with such scientific methods […]

DDS: College Basketball, WeSimmedIt
February 5, 2017

We Simmed It – Championship : New England vs. Atlanta

This year’s big game sure looks like an exciting matchup. The high flying Atlanta offense sporting the league MVP at quarterback versus one of the all-time great QBs looking for ring number five. Since DDS: Pro Football developer Brooks Piggott just released an update to our 2016 game which included rosters from this season we […]

DDS: Pro Football, WeSimmedIt
February 3, 2017

DDS: Pro Football 2016 gets an update for the big game!

Greetings football fans! We know you’re gearing up for the big game this weekend and even though our football line was focused entirely on the release of DDS: College Football 2017 this season game developer Brooks Piggott still wanted to work up something on the pro game for his fans. Brooks has released a FREE […]

DDS: Pro Football, Games
November 24, 2016

Black Friday Sale at Wolverine Studios

We know you like a good deal for Black Friday and Wolverine Studios always comes through. This year we’re offering 50% off the already discounted prices on some of our favorites. The titles eligible for this deal are : DDS: Pro Football 2016 DDS: Pro Basketball 2016 DDS: College Basketball 2016 Total Pro Golf 3 […]

October 24, 2016

We Simmed It – 2016-17 Season Preview

During last year’s playoffs we introduced a blog series titled “We Simmed It” where we took Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2016 and simmed out the eastern and western conference finals and the championship series as well. DDS:PB 2016 nailed both the ECF and WCF results perfectly and if it hadn’t been for an untimely […]

DDS: Pro Basketball, WeSimmedIt
October 11, 2016

Wolverine Studios releases FaceOff Hockey 2017

Wolverine Studios is proud to announce the release of FaceOff Hockey 2017. Game developer Brian Van Wyk has taken the most accurate replay hockey simulation on the market to new heights with a host of groundbreaking new features bringing an unprecedented level of realism and accurary to the game. Here’s a look at some of […]

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