JBL: A Travel Team Story

Postby Myles Nelson » Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:49 am

[SIZE="4"]Rivalries and Their History[/SIZE]

OCO Icemen vs. FOR Bulls
This is a storied rivalry, the two best teams in the JBL have been going at it for years now. It has always maintained a level of respect, as each team tries anything they can to win but never play dirty. The Icemen have dominated this rivalry for the most part, but the Bulls always put up a tough fight.

OCO Icemen vs. Phantom Tigers
One of the few teams that has ever beat the Icemen, they did so while the Icemen were weakened without their big man, Jeff Montenegro. However, since that day, the Tigers have lost some of their better players and fallen off a bit. Rumor has it that the Tigers may be getting two of them back, but until then, the Icemen will continue to win this one too.

SF Mad Dogz vs. FOR Force
Two of the best three-point shooters always give their all in these matchups, trying to outdo each other. Mad Dog Myles Nelson takes it up another notch in these games though, hounding Force player Todd Sibbison on the defensive end as well. These games have had a few buzzer-beater finishes, and are always fun games to watch.

Phantom Tigers vs. Saber Dragons
The players on both teams are all friends with each other as both these teams feed the same high schools, so they always try to assert their dominance in these games. As friends, they rarely fight on the court, but they are always trying to win the respect of the tournament seeders and the girls who inevitably come out to watch these games.

FOR Raptors vs. FOR Impact
To understand this rivalry, it comes down to two players on these teams. There's Kevin Lee of the Raptors and Grant Tanaka of the Impact. Tanaka's dad used to be the coach of the Raptors, and he was a nice guy coach, who let everyone play and didn't care much about winning. The parents decided it was time to change the losing ways and moved Lee's dad to coach. He was an intense coach, who did everything it took to win. Grant Tanaka got less playing time, and the Raptors became a very aggressive team. After a fight against the Mad Dogz, the Raptors coach cussed out one of the Mad Dogz guards, causing the parents who had originally sided with Tanaka as coach to be upset at this new coach, and splintered off to make a new team. The Raptors kept most of the competitive players, as they liked winning, and the new team, Impact, picked up some new players and kept on some of the old Raptors who weren't big players on the team. This is a very aggressive rivalry, and one that won't die any time soon.

San Fernando Mad Dogz vs. FOR Raptors
As stated above, the Raptors and Mad Dogz had gotten into a fight in a tournament game. Kevin Patanawong of the Mad Dogz and Alex Shimasaki almost got in a fist fight, and Patanawong was cussed out by the Raptors coach. The story of this rivalry is rewritten every time they face off. There's more to be said, but I'll save it for later.

San Fernando Mad Dogz vs. San Fernando And 1
Another team that used to be one team, but split up back in 2001. The And 1 took all the good players for their team, leaving Mad Dogz with essentially no one. The year after the split, And 1 went 10-0 in Gold and Mad Dogz went 2-7 in Silver. Mad Dogz were enraged by this, and since then they have worked hard to get up to And 1's level. Now Mad Dogz have been the better of the two teams, although And 1 has more talent they are just always too lazy to give it their all.

VFW Titans vs. Norwalk Dogs
These teams always end up battling off with each other for the right to lose in the end to the Icemen. They have totally different styles but they always have a great game. The Dogs depend on guard Bryan Santos, who might be the best offensive player in the entire league, while the Titans look to forward Scotty Saida and center Kyle Finney to produce big numbers. While there isn't much backstory, whenever these two teams face off, it's always a big game.

GEO Sixers vs. GEO Jazz
Two hot-headed teams that aren't very good and fight it out amongst themselves for bragging rights. You can expect at least one fight every time these two teams match up.

San Fernando Mad Dogz vs. GEO Cobras
The Cobras are a bunch of aggressive, bad mouthing players, and nothing pisses off Myles Nelson more than trash talkers. Whenever the Mad Dogz play the Cobras, expect Nelson to take the game personally and try every trick in the book to get the Cobras as riled up as possible and take advantage of their emotional lapses.

While this may seem like a lot of rivalries, the fact is when teams play each other so often things tend to pop up.
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Postby Myles Nelson » Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:13 am

Due to the amount of work that it takes to create an entirely new universe with roughly 220 players, this dynasty will arrive sometime in January.
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Postby PointGuard » Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:59 pm

OK...sounds like it will be worth the wait.
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Postby Myles Nelson » Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:51 pm

PointGuard wrote:OK...sounds like it will be worth the wait.

I definitely think so. This will be just as much story as it is basketball.
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Postby Myles Nelson » Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:12 am

Still chipping away at this. Dang it takes a lot longer and a lot more work than I realized to create a whole new universe.
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Re: JBL: A Travel Team Story

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