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Would You Like To Join Team Wolverine?

Postby Gary Gorski » Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:17 pm

Wolverine Studios is looking to add more people to its staff. If you're interested in working with us and willing to make a committment to a growing company please provide the necessary information and send an email to [email="pr@wolverinestudios.com"]pr@wolverinestudios.com[/email] - we are not providing full-time work but more of a part-time opportunity for people who want some experience working with a software development company. All interested parties will need to provide name and email to begin with. We will collected other needed personal information (phone, address etc) from anyone we invite to join the team. Interested parties should also submit any prior work they may have done in the applicable fields.

Graphics Designer
With a couple of titles being worked on right now we're in need of one or two graphic designers. The graphic designer will work with the game developer providing original graphic work for use as the interfaces of each game. This is a paid position with a set amount paid upon completion of work for a title - details will be provided to anyone who is a finalist for these positions. All interested parties in addition to submitting the basic personal information should submit a graphic of a mock up screen they would do for any professional or college sports game. The graphic must be a 1024x768 jpg and can be for any sports game we currently have or of any sports title they would like to see added to the Draft Day Sports: line. All artwork must be original.

Game Developers
We're always on the lookout for new game developers. If you have a working model of a game feel free to contact us with it. We can put the graphics, marketing and licensing power behind you to help you achieve success as a game developer. Both sports and non-sports games are welcomed.
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