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Thoughts / Feedback

Postby NateDogPack12 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:42 pm

I’ve purchased two of the Draft Day Sports games over the last two weeks - College Basketball 2018 and Pro Football 2018. The games are tantalizingly close to being special, but there are some elements holding them back. I want to see these games continue to improve, so I’ve taken some time to author some feedback:

(1) - Larger UI Easier on the Eyes:

This is a text based simulator, so easy reading is a must. The UI presents useful information, but it is a lot to take in. Especially given the small font sizes, I wish the games scaled to fit lower resolutions or allowed for larger font / UI. There is a large learning curve to these games and no really intuitive tutorials even on this forum, so the added element that the UI seems so small supplements the frustration in the beginning.

(2) - More Streamlined Editing / Customization

I think the games provide an outstanding amount of customization and creativity, but this editing needs to be consolidated and simplified into a single editor that functions independently of leagues. College Basketball 2018 allows for customization of leagues AND teams before the league is launched, a far superior setup to Pro Football 18 which limits you to launching the league before editing teams. However, we would benefit greatly from the ability to have ready-prepared teams, graphics and templates we could design in an editor. As it stands now, this game setup relies on tertiary programs for sophisticated editing. For example, I don’t have a clear cut way to change the Bucs to a creamsicle theme or to create the Houston Oilers because I have to create a bunch of graphics or material with tertiary programs. The process of assigning teams to leagues and configuration should be all done prior to league launch, and teams should be created and configured in a standalone editor that allows you to feed these creations into leagues. Let us upload logos and graphics to the editor which can take care of the formatting.
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Re: Thoughts / Feedback

Postby PointGuard » Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:23 pm

Welcome Nate Dog Park:

Re your comment about "tutorials" in (1): For DDSCB2018, go to HELP, then click on the Book icon in the Game Questions section to open the "Quick Guide" that provides the basics for running the various portions of the game.

Also certainly post within the DDSCB2018 forums any questions you may have that go beyond the info provided in the Quick Guide.
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Re: Thoughts / Feedback

Postby Gary Gorski » Wed Apr 25, 2018 3:25 pm

Thank you for the feedback - we will certainly keep these things in mind for the next versions!
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Re: Thoughts / Feedback

Postby Schlitz » Sun Apr 29, 2018 8:34 am

I also just purchased DDSPF 2018 and I agree about the UI. I don't mind small fonts but a little customization would be nice (color options for example) and more streamlined menus/tabs. If you aren't on the right resolution text and buttons also don't match up properly. I also find starting a custom league can be hit or miss depending on whether you are starting a sandbox league or online. I tried following the instructions on the forums for both and got errors with .tmp files and have to keep deleting and retrying with the json and bin files until I figured it out. I'm not computer illiterate or anything but thought it would be easier to get custom leagues started.

Maybe for the next version of the game make things a little more user friendly with separate player/team + logos/custom UI files that you can drop into a folder and just start your leagues the same way regardless of whether its a career or sandbox or online league? Just spitballin' a bit.
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