Fight Fiercely Harvard

Re: Fight Fiercely Harvard

Postby Wayne23 » Fri Apr 15, 2016 8:24 pm

"Cheaters never prosper!" R. M. Nixon
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Re: Fight Fiercely Harvard

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Apr 16, 2016 1:06 am

3/8: 89-86 over #14 Michigan ST in the quarter finals. 33, 6 and 6 with 4 steals for Mike Rich. Jim Gill was a huge factor on defense.

#1 seed, #16 ranked, RPI #15 Maryland, 22-7, 15-3, in the semifinals. We won by 4 there.

3/9: 77-89.

3/12: 22-7, 13-5, #25, RPI #16.

#6 West. We play #11 Loyola-Chicago, 19-12.

3/17: 81-59.

Our old nemesis at Harvard, #3 seed, #11 ranked Temple, 25-6 is next. On paper they are a bit better, but not a great deal.

3/19: 75-72. Mike Rich hit a three at the buzzer for the win. Jim Gill had another great game.

It took 10 years at Harvard to get to the Sweet Sixteen. We’ve done it in 2 here.

#2 seed, #7 ranked Stanford, 26-6. They are VERY strong at SG and SF.

3/24: 65-83. We simply could not stop their SG and SF who combined for 64, one less than our whole team scored.

4/4: #1 Houston defeated #3 KY 86-76 for the title.

Awards: I was named Big 10 COY.

4/23: We ask for a budget increase. +$14,300.

We end the year at a very satisfying 24-8, 13-5, #25, RPI #16, Sweet Sixteen.

My overall record is 294-81, .784.

+7.3 PPG, +4.5 RBs, +1.2 TOs, +1.5 assists.

We look forward to an even better year to come!
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Re: Fight Fiercely Harvard

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Apr 17, 2016 4:31 pm

5/1: We purchase the national gold and international basic scouting reports.

6/5: Unimpressive list of transfers.

6/26: 5 scholarships. Looking at 16 players.

8/7: Two on the Norton list: Eric Wynn, junior Juco PG, #27, and Bret Best, senior C/PF, #46.

Still looking at 15 recruits, all of whom have at least a bit of interest. Several have a great deal of interest.

8/21: We offer to 2 PGs, 2 PFs, a C.

9/18: Three committed: C Mike Gore, #26, PG John Lewis, #29, PF Roy Clark, #34.

Going to the Coaches Classic vs. Texas Tech. Challenging schedule.

9/25: PG Lin Tone, #30 committed. We lost one. Offer to a PF.

10/2: First day of practice. We have a good team.

11/6: Our lineup: We seem set in the backcourt but I expect changes inside: Juco junior Eric Wynn and returning soph Marq Aury start at guard with junior Tim Joon and juco junior Jim Tann fighting for minutes.

Returning soph John Faye starts at SF.

Senior Bret Best and yet another juco junior, Pete More start inside. Senior Cal Boyn and soph Ron Free back up. Free worked his way into the lineup lasts season. Senior PF/C Jim Gill is also available.

11/11: “Jay Byrd, WILL 90.0 FM, here on the campus of the U. of Illinois her on ‘Late Night Sports’ with Illini head hoops coach Mervin Smythe. Coach, what’s the good word?”

“I rather like this team, and I think we shall do well should we remain healthy.”

“How well?”

“I think we shall contend for the Big 10 championship, and we shall surely go to the NCAA tournament.”

“Contend for the national title?”

“That may be a bit ambitious, although I do not rule it out. I do believe that we are no more than a year, or at most two from reaching that exalted status.”

“And the pre-season NIT?”

“It will be a good early test. Should we win our initial game our likely 2nd round opponent will be #1 seed, #4 in the nation Georgetown. An opportunity to test ourselves against them will tell us a great deal, although I expect this team to be considerably better after the new year.”

“Thanks Coach.”
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Re: Fight Fiercely Harvard

Postby Wayne23 » Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:31 am

11/13: 88-78 over Texas Tech in the NIT opener. Marq Aury led us with 24, 3, 2. Eric Wynn had 17 with 7 assists. We played ten people, nine of them for ten minutes or more.

#1 seed, #4 ranked Georgetown is next.

11/15: 101-82. 61-49 at the half. We were frighteningly good all evening long. Eric Wynn had 22, 5, 5, Marq Aury and John Faye had 16 each. Everything we did worked. Outside shooting was excellent, +14 RBs.

#5 seed, #23 ranked Kent ST in the semifinal round.

11/17: 69-73. We were not the same team tonight. We fell behind by as many as 23, 18 in the second half. We cut it to 2, with the ball, with 26 seconds left, but we missed the crucial shot. 25 TOs, 23 fouls, and not the sort of bench play we managed in our first two games.

11/20: PF Roy Clark does not sign, which means he will not hit our SAT score. Here we go again!

11/27: 4-1, #21, RPI #48. We defeated both GA Tech, by 25, and NC ST, by 8, this week. Except for the Kent St game, we have played very well thus far. We are committing too many TOS and too many fouls, but we are rebounding exceptionally well. And we are deep, especially inside.

12/11: 7-2, #18, RPI #15. We’re playing very well. Our guards are doing the bulk of the scoring, we are #3 in the nation in RBs. We need to take better care of the ball.

12/25: We end pre-conference play at 9-2, #17, RPI #8. +10.3 PPG, +10.8 RBs (31 in the nation), -1.5 TOs, +4.2 assists.

Defeated Kent ST by 8 in a rematch that was not at all close.
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Re: Fight Fiercely Harvard

Postby Wayne23 » Tue Apr 19, 2016 3:52 am

1/8/’28: 13-2, 4-0, #12, RPI #10. We are playing well.

1/22: 17-2, 8-0, #10, RPI #5, 1st in the Big 10.

1/29: 18-3, 9-1, #9, RPI #6. 1 game lead in the Big 10 over Michigan and Minnesota.

As expected, a PF did not reach our SAT score.

2/5: 20-3, 11-1, #7, RPI #4. 1 game lead on Michigan, 2 on Minnesota, 3 or more on the remaining teams.

“Jay Byrd here on ‘Late Night Sports’ with U. of Illinois A. D. Jerome ‘Bruiser’ Flynn. How about that basketball team!”

“Yeah! We knew we had the real thing when we hired Coach Smythe but we didn’t expect this much this soon.”

“Lots of excitement on campus.”

“We hadn’t sold out basketball games for years, now every game has 16618- capacity. It’s terrific. And the noise they make supporting our boys is terrific, too.”

“How far can the team go?”

“Well, Coach says they’re still a year away but I think our fans can be optimistic.”

“Thanks A. D. Flynn.”

2/12: 22-3, 13-1, #5, RPI #3. Michigan is still one back, with 4 to play.

2/26: We finish 24-5, 15-3, #1 seed in the big 10 tournament.

+12.5 PPG, +9.9 RBs (#1 in the nation), +1.4 TOs, +4.1 assists.
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Re: Fight Fiercely Harvard

Postby Wayne23 » Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:31 am

3/8: We face #8 seed Michigan ST, 19-11, 9-9 in the Big 10 Quarter Final round. We defeated them by 12 in the regular season.

79-70. They led early but we took over midway through the first half, and we led by as many as 21.

#5 seed, #10 ranked Maryland is next. Their SG is an All American. We defeated them by 15 at their home earlier. Two of their starters, SF and PF have suffered season ending injuries.

3/9: 88-86. John Faye blocked a shot at the buzzer to preserve the win. The other coach was apoplectic, claiming a foul, but the review showed it was a clean block. Best and More led the way for us.

We meet #6 seed Minnesota, 22-9, 11-7 for the title. We defeated them by 25 at5 our facility in the regular season.

3/10: 80-77 OT. Marq Aury hit a three with 1 second remaining. 39-36 at the half. Aury and Wynn had 21 each.

27-5, 15-3, #7, RPI #4. and we won the Big 10 regular season and tournament. We feel we have earned a #1 seed.

3/12: #1 Midwest. We play New Orleans, 17-13, to begin.

3/16: 86-57. +23 RBs. Best had 19 and 13.

#9 seed UCLA, 20-12, is next. We won by 9 there early in the season.

3/18: 84-76. 29 for Eric Wynn, 17 for Marq Aury.

#4 seed, #14 ranked Texas, 26-7, is next. They are very good outside and they have a terrific Center.

3/23: 61-87. 26-33 at the half. We completely fell apart in the 2nd half.

4/4: #2 Kentucky 79-67 over #4 UConn.

Awards: COY again. Senior Bret Best made 2nd team. I’m confused as to how the best team in conference places only one player on the 2nd team and none on the first.

4/23: We ask for a budget increase. Approved. $15,000.

29-6, 15-3, #7, RPI #3, Sweet Sixteen. A very good season, and we are hoping for an even better result next season.

323-87, .788 for 13 seasons.

We are losing three inside players, starter Bret Best, 6th man Jim Gill, and little used Cal Boyn.
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Re: Fight Fiercely Harvard

Postby Wayne23 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:35 am

5/1: We purchase the international gold. Preseason #25.

6/5: No one of interest in the transfer pool.

6/26: 5 scholarships.

8/7: We have three on the Norton list: C/PF Mike Gort is #11, PG/SG Eric Wynn is #21, and PG/SG Lin Tone is #22.

8/10: Fenny and Abby’s new games, particularly “Lives” and “Design a Planet” are selling at amazing rates. Well, not selling, as I understand it since it is a pay as you go arrangement, or perhaps pay by the month.

They did find themselves in a spot of trouble but all ended well.

It seems, as was inevitable, that a certain (LARGE) number of people used the VR chambers for… "immoral purposes." Well, every new technology in history has been driven by sex and games so there should be no surprise.

The critical factor regarding up to date VR technology is that at this point one can tell no difference between a real person and a VR person, in any way that matters, while inside the VR chamber. Clearly, if one went into the chamber with another person one knows that person is “real” but otherwise? No way to know. Consider the possibilities.

A conservative religious group sued, demanding that the government take action to stop the “shockingly immoral practices engaged in...” The courts ruled for Fenny and Abby all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court.

Young Farnsworth is growing like the proverbial weed as he approaches his second birthday.

Cissy continues to work very hard for Hunger Be Gone, and she grows daily more impatient with my choice to continue coaching for the time being. We are now debating whether “50 years of age” means that I will retire from coaching upon my 50th birthday (May, 2030, or before my 51st birthday, which would allow me to coach an additional season). We shall see how things progress.

8/21: We offer to 2 PGs and 3 Cs.

9/18: Jon Pett, C, #18 commits.

No early season tournament this year. Ours is a challenging schedule.

9/25: PG Erik Payne, #57, and PG Dan Head, #40 commit.

10/2: First day of practice.

Dave Ryan, C, #46 commits. One to go.

11/6: Our lineup: Seniors Eric Wynn and Jim Tann start at guard backed by junior Marq Aury and juco junior Lin Tone, who also backs up at SF. Senior Pete More starts at SF and backs up inside. Frosh sensation Mike Gort and junior John Faye start inside.
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Re: Fight Fiercely Harvard

Postby Wayne23 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:18 pm

11/20: #17. 2 rather easy wins, by 20 over California here, and by 10 over #22 GA Tech there. We are overwhelming on the boards to date, +16.0.

11/27: 3-1. #16, RPI #12. Lost by 8 at New Mexico ST on a night when we did not shoot or rebound very well. We’re #1 in the nation in rebounding.

12/5: In a big early test we defeated #9 Memphis here, by 28.

12/11: 6-1, #12, RPI #1.

12/18: Fenny was arrested this afternoon in Mississippi. He was charged with 250,000 counts of compromising the morals of a minor. This is related to the VR games, of course.

His lawyer had him out on bail within an hour. The Supreme Court ruled some time ago that there was no case regarding anything to do with the games. But the red states will always be the red states, I suppose. Fenny and Abby are considering simply boycotting all of those states.

He was there promoting his games and doing some work with poor families through Hunger Be Gone, but there again, those in charge in those states seem to actively work to keep poor people, especially minority poor people hungry and hopeless.

12/25: 8-1, #14, RPI #1 at the end of pre-conference play.

+13.2 PPG (#7 in the nation), +11.6 RBs (#1 in the nation), +3.0 TOs (#14), +3.0 assists.

We crushed #4 ranked Cincinnati on our home court. Our bench scored more than half of our points.
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Re: Fight Fiercely Harvard

Postby Wayne23 » Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:04 pm

1/8/’29: 12-1, 4-0, #9, RPI #1. 1st in RBs, 5th in PPG, 12th in TOs. Mike Gort is really coming into his own.

1/22: 16-1, 8-0, #5, RPI #1. Gort had 19 and 19 in a win over Ohio ST.

1/29: 18-1, 10-0, #4, RPI #1. 16 straight wins.

15 point win over #12, Indiana, to open a 2 game lead in the Big 10.

Mike Gort is #19 on the Norton list.

Red states continue to make frivolous arrests and file frivolous law suits against Wolfbane Studios and AbFen Games. The conservative mentality seems perfectly willing to waste their taxpayer money on these ridiculous moves which are thrown out of court in every instance.

2/5: 20-1, 12-0, #2, RPI #1. Only Houston stands above us.

2/12: 22-1, 14-0, #2, RPI #1, 20 game win streak. 3 game lead in the Big 10.

Mike Gort is #14 on the Norton List.

2/19: 24-1, 16-0, #2, RPI #1. Last loss was 11/21.

2/26: 25-2, 17-1. #3, RPI #1. The win streak ended at 22. We won the Big 10 by 3 over Indiana, 5 or more over the rest.

The frivolous lawsuits against Fenny and Abby continue.
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Re: Fight Fiercely Harvard

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Apr 23, 2016 5:29 pm

3/5: We feared that Mike Gort might leave for the NBA but he decided to stay. Wonderful news!

3/8: We play #8 seed Northwestern, 14-14, 9-9, in the quarter finals. We won by only 4 there.

96-63. 32, 3, 8 for sub Marq Aury. +13 RBs.

#4 seed, #19 ranked Maryland in the semifinal round. We won by 20 at home.

3/9: 87-76. A late 12-3 run broke up a very close game. Inside play won the game for us.

#2 seed, #14 ranked Indiana, 23-6, 15-3, for the title. Their leading scorer is out with a broken finger.

3/10: 70-63 for the title.

3/12: #1 Midwest. We play Cleveland ST, 17-14, 1st.

3/16: 81-77. They proved a most worthy opponent.

#9 seed UNLV, 22-9 is next.

3/18: 84-61. Never a doubt.

#4 seed, #17 ranked GA Tech, 24-8, in the Sweet Sixteen. We defeated them by 10 very earely in the season, there.

3/23: 83-67. 45-35 at the half.

#2 seed, #4 ranked North Carolina in the Elite Eight. Their starting Center broke his toe in tonight’s game. He is their leading rebounder, second leading scorer, best inside defender.

3/25: 77-83. We did all that we could do. They were the better team.

3/31: Michigan ST won the NIT.

4/4: #4 North Carolina defeated #5 Cincinnati by 5 to win the national title, so we lost to the champions.

Awards: Frosh /PF Mike Gort was named Big 10 1st team. Junior PF/C John Faye made 2nd team. I was both national and Big 10 COY.

4/23: We ask for a facilities upgrade. Improved to A.

4/28: Cissy and I flew back to Boston due to a grave emergency.

I shall tell it the long way, but first, our family is safe.

About three years ago the phenomenon of the Christian suicide bomber began here in the U. S. Life was worrisome enough when it was only Muslims.

When the extremist Christian churches began to join the insanity, life in the U. S. began to change for the worse- considerably worse. The phenomenon happens occasionally in other Western countries with large Christian populations, but very rarely. It seems to happen here at least every two weeks or so.

The targets include abortion clinics, women’s rights groups, LGBTQ groups, racial and religious minority groups, three schools, and on and on.

Massive security measures are in place wherever the cost allows, and the FBI, Homeland Security, and other organizations are at work, but still, about every other week, a suicide bombing takes place.

Last night the headquarters of AbFen Games, here in Boston, was the target. Fenny and Abby have been threatened and sued so frequently that they have state of the art security in all of their facilities, but that only goes so far. It did not go far enough yesterday. Fifteen people, including the bomber, were killed, and seventeen others were seriously injured.

It was through some incredible coincidences that Fenny and Abby survived. As it happened Abby was taking Farnsworth to a dental appointment, and Fenny was in the bathroom when the bomber struck.

Fenny heard the explosion, which destroyed the bathroom door, but he was unharmed save for a minor cut on his face.

Needless to say, there is little that can be done since the perpetrator is dead. The authorities are sifting through the wreckage for evidence. The building is a total loss. A few computers are salvageable but little else is. The data is all backed up to a remote electronic location every 30 seconds, so there was no appreciable loss of data. But there was a huge loss of critical personnel, and more importantly, dear friends who had worked with Fenny and Abby for a long time, several of them from the very beginning.

Fenny says the loss to future game creation, and to innovation to existing games is gigantic.

We are very, very thankful that our family is still with us.
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