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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 5:04 am
by PointGuard
Hey Sports Talk listeners. Since it’s a rare occurrence that a North Dakota State Bison basketball game is being televised on one of the ESPN channels, we’re going to give any of you a chance to call in AS YOU WATCH the game on TV. So at any point you have something to say about how the Bison are doing, give us a call so our discussion can be conducted as play occurs.
Tonight the Bison are in Omaha and will take on the Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks who have which enters tonight’s contest with an overall 7-9 record. But the Mavericks have an identical 3-2 record to the Bison.
The game just started and we have a call already.

Tyler: Hal from just outside Bismarck is on the line. How you dong tonight, Hal and what do you want to talk about as the game starts?
Hal: I’m happy to see that Ed Doss is starting again tonight. Unfortunately, he’s filling in at the 4 for Evan Williams whose leg injury appears to worse that what was originally thought.
Tyler: Yeah, I’m in agreement with you about Doss. And with Williams sidelined, the Bison are going to needs some firepower. I think Doss can provide that.

Steve: Damn, I’m sick and tired of the officiating in this league. 30 seconds into the game and the refs have already whistled the Bison for 3 fouls. I’m afraid this is going to be one of those games where the refs fail to let the Bison play their game.
Tyler: It’s maddening, but let’s give it some more time to see what happens as play continues.

Steve: This is Steve calling again. Now after just two minutes, Kelsey Brown picks up his 2nd personal. These refs are bozos! I’d like to shove their whistles up their....
Tyler: Now now Steve. You don’t want the FCC pulling me off the air. Bolton seems to be giving them an earful.

Swede: The Bison are starting off cold again from the field. Other than their last game, the team seems to have trouble finding the range early. They’ve only hit two field goals out of their first 9 shots. That’s again putting them in a hole. This is becoming a real concern. There’s no way for them to win consistently by being unable to connect and dropping behind early in games.
Tyler: I’m not sure why it’s been tough for the team to get loose. After the Bison began so well in their last game, I thought maybe they had shaken the early game cold-shooting disease, but apparently they haven’t. Swede, we gotta hope they soon begin hitting their shots soon tonight.

Liv: I love the way Jared Bedard plays. Even though he’s a freshman, he is able to direct play like a seasoned player and his offense has been improving the more he plays.
Tyler: I’m predicting Bedard will turn into a big star on this team in the years to come. Not only does he have tremendous talent, but he’s got great court smarts.

Brandon: Even though our guys only hit 31% of their FG attempts and 11% of their 3’s, they only had 5 turnovers and controlled the boards in the first half. So while we’re trailing 30-26, I think we will come back in the 2nd half when the team begins to find the range offensively. I like our chances tonight.
Tyler: Actually if the Mavericks hadn’t had Albert Callahan in there, the Bison would be ahead. The guy is a beast! Most of the time the Bison were double-teaming him and he still hit a high percentage of his shots and scored 13 points in the half. The Bison need to figure out some way to neutralize him the remainder of the game.

Oscar: Did you see that defensive play by Bedard? He hounded the Mavericks’ McBride in the backcourt and finally made him dribble the ball of his foot and out of bounds. Great turnover!
Tyler: McBride is no slouch as a point guard, so you’re right that Bedard has some tremendous defensive skills. We’re up 34-32 and our offense now seems to be clicking. The Bison need to take advantage of that play and start a run.

Steve: I can’t stand this. The refs are teaming up against us. They’ve call twice the number of fouls against NDSU as compared to Nebraska-Omaha. No wonder we’re trailing 47-40.
Tyler: Bolton’s hot. He’s got to watch out or the refs are going to tag him with a T.

Bulldog: Man, nice to see Brandon Tracy come back in and light the place up. His scoring in the past 2 minutes has trimmed the double digit Mavericks lead to just two points. But others have to start hitting also with just 6 minutes to go.
Tyler: Brandon’s had a rough year. Maybe it’s just that others on the team have stepped up to take more shots and become the primary scorers, but that’s made Brandon look like he’s slumping. He’s a good guy. If he can pick up his scoring the rest of the season, this team will soar.

Stewart: After seeing the Bison claw their way back into a tie with a couple minutes to go, it was disappointing to see their shooting go cold again so that Nebraska-Omaha was able to beat them 71-65. A team can’t hit under 40% of their shots and expect to win.
Tyler: Tracy and Bedard both scored 14 points, Miller had 11, Doss 10, and Winter added 8, but as a group those 5 players only hit 40% of their FG attempts. Plus the entire rest of the Bison team only scored 8 points. And then for the Mavericks, there was Callahan. The guy ended up scoring 24 points plus pulling down 12 boards. He was a single-handed wrecking crew. The Bison just aren’t firing on all cylinders and that’s why they’re mired in a tie for 4th place in the Summit League now. They need to turn this around and fast. The Bison need support right now, so its important for you all to get out to Bison Sports Arena this Thursday when they take on the IPFW Mastadons.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2017 1:43 am
by PointGuard
Bison Stomp Mastadons

The North Dakota State Bison hosted the IPFW Mastadons last night. PF Evan Williams sat out another game due to an injury and was replaced by Ed Doss in the starting lineup. Coach Tad Bolton said, “Evan’s strained calf is healing. We’re hoping he will be able to get some limited play in our next game.”

North Dakota State employed a withering defense early in the game that produced a 21-6 lead after 10 minutes of play. By the end of the half the Bison expanded their lead to 41-20. PF Ed Doss led the Bison scoring a the half with 9 points.

The Bison were never threatened in the 2nd half and came away with an easy 70-58 victory which improved their Summit League record to 4-3 and moved them into a 3rd place tie. Their entire season record now stands at 14-4.

PF Ed Doss was the top scorer for the Bison with 17 points. SF Brandon Tracy dropped in 12 points and PG Jared Bedard added 11.

Praising Doss’ play, Bolton stated, “Doss has now started 3 games for us and been productive in all of them.” When asked if Doss would continue to start once Williams’ injury had him back in the lineup Bolton answered, “Ed can and has played well for us at both interior positions. I expect Williams to be back in the starting lineup as soon as he is healthy enough, but Doss is making a good case to remain as a starter.” Another big man, Jaron Dickerson went to the bench late in the game with back pains. Bolton indicated initial examination indicated that while he Dickerson may play with some soreness, he's not expected to miss any games.