Ryan Winters

Ryan Winters

Postby mrtimn23 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 6:42 pm

DISCLAIMER: I have never done anything like this so please be patient for the first few days. I put a few hours in DDS College Basketball 3 but I am no expert like some of the other guys doing dynasty reports. For all I know, this will be following Ryan Winters into his unemployment and disgrace from college basketball....but enjoy the ride :)

San Marcos Times
Texas St. Announces Hiring of New Men’s Basketball Coach
- Senior Sports Writer Matt Diaz
Texas State Athletic Director Fred Martin announced in a press conference yesterday that the Men’s basketball program has hired Ryan Winters as its new head coach. The hiring makes Winters, who is 27, is the youngest current DI head coach in the NCAA. After spending 4 years as a point guard at North Carolina, Winters began his coaching career as a Graduate Assistant at UNC. He then moved to New Mexico and became Chris Green’s top assistant. New Mexico went 44-19 with 2 NCAA tournament appearances while Winters was there.
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Re: Ryan Winters

Postby mrtimn23 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 7:17 pm

Off Season Radio Interview with Stevie Saracen on 101.5 The Scoop

Stevie Saracen: Welcome to The Scoop with Stevie Saracen! I am here today with the new Head Ball coach over at Texas State, Ryan Winters! Ryan, glad you could make it onto the show today.

Ryan Winters: Thanks Stevie! It is my pleasure.

SS: So let’s get right to it. 27 years old and already in charge of your own DI basketball program. How are you feeling right now?

RW: [Laughs] Well, it’s an honor first of all. Not many people get to be put in my position but I am extremely excited to make an impact on this great program. Fred Martin really thought that I had learned from the best and he wanted me to bring the same aspects to Texas State that made programs like UNC and New Mexico great.

SS: So what do you think of team? Can we expect you to lead the Bobcats to a National Championship this season?

RW: I’ll do my best! [Laughs] I think we have some solid talent coming back to the Bobcats this year. Mark Saunders is a senior and the team leader as our starting point guard, Shannon Hancock can really fill up the basket and he will probably start opposite of Saunders in the backcourt. Now keep in mind, I have not had much contact with these guys basketball wise. We have met and been talking through our expectations but I won’t get a clear picture until we open up practice in October.

SS: Tell me a bit about Jay Williams and what his leaving means?

RW: When I was first hired, I had a team meeting and then individual meetings with every player to discuss what is best for every player. Jay may not have put up a lot of numbers but as a senior, he was still a leader and we will feel his loss. It was a mutual decision that it may be best for him to pursue his last year of eligibility at a different college.

SS: It didn’t take long though to fill in that last remaining scholarship though?

RW: No, we were fortunate to come into contact with Todd Grant, who was unhappy with his current situation and we brought him in and it took him less than a week to sign. And man, is this kid a player, I think he averaged 9 points and 5 boards as a sophomore at UAB. He will be ineligible this year due to transfer rules but he will be an instant starter next season for sure.

SS: So what are your plans for the future?

RW: Me and my top assistant, Todd Gaines, will be hitting the recruiting trail hard this summer. We have to fill 4 scholarships for next season and we hope to land a few gems to help us out next year.

SS: Well, thank you Coach Winters, that’s all we have time for. It’s always great when a Coach takes the time off of his busy schedule to come in and talk to us. I hope you come back soon and keep us updated.

RW: Thanks to you too, Stevie. I’ll see you around.

[Interview fades to latest Pop hit by Justin Bieber]
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Re: Ryan Winters

Postby mrtimn23 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 11:32 pm

A Texas State sports blog founded by Archie Zimmerman

Bobcats Basketball Pick Up Class of 2018 Recruit
-Archie Zimmerman
September 18, 2017

I have just been informed by my sources that Coach Ryan Winters has picked up a verbal commitment from his first ever recruit. The recruit in question is 6’ guard David Mason from Roscoe High School in Roscoe, Texas. Mason is currently the #1094 ranked prospect in the nation and is praised for his athleticism and defense but can also play the point and fill it up if he catches fire. A solid get for Coach Winters. More details coming soon…
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Re: Ryan Winters

Postby mrtimn23 » Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:04 am

Sporting News

Texas State Preview

Coach – Ryan Winters (0-0, First Year)

Starting 5

PG – Mark Saunders…….…SR………6’0.…199 lbs…. 8.8 PPG
SG – Lonnie Stokes…………SO.……..6’2….192 lbs…8.6 PPG
SF – Shannon Hancock……SR………6’5….194 lbs…..8.6 PPG
PF – Jared Lytle……………….JR………6’7….217 lbs…..5.9 PPG
C – Jimmy Thomas……..…..SO….…6’10…246 lbs…1.5 PPG

Notable Bench Players

G – Joem Wagner - SR
F – Jim Lay - SR
F – Dedrick Okelley - FR
C – TJ Cokely – JR

Notes- First year coach Ryan Winters has a legitimate shot at capturing a Sun Belt title if he can get this team to play together and gel. Led by senior guard Mark Saunders, the Bobcats have a solid core of seniors with a nice supporting cast of juniors and underclassmen. A solid contender to take the Sun Belt championship but not the clear favorite.
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Re: Ryan Winters

Postby PointGuard » Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:26 am

Welcome to DDSCB2016 and to the forums. Nice start with your dynasty report. Looking forward to see how it unfolds.
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