After Dystopia

Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:45 pm

11/14: MAJOR upset in our opener, 76-68 over #2 seed, #6 ranked North Carolina! We led by as many as 19, never trailed by more than 2, and that was in the first two minutes only. 20, 4, 3, 3 for Hemp, 10, 4, 6, 3 for Hay, 10 for sub big man Quin Burk.

#21 ranked, #7 seed conf. rival Oklahoma in the 2nd round.

11/16: 68-75. We fell behind early. Played well for the last 30, but it was too late. 15, 3, 7, 2 for Hay, 14, 5 for sub guard Reg Sims, 12, 5, 4, 2 for Sg Kurt Grow. They beat us inside; we rebounded well but had trouble stopping inside scoring.

11/20: All three recruits signed.

11/23: 78-53 over Murray ST here. 18, 2, 7 for Grow, 17, 4 for Matt Camp. 37 RBs, 7 TOs.

11/25: Raqo Sumaleta has been named head of the Namibian government. She has been a voice for reason there, and has always seemed to have the respect of all factions. We are hopeful that this step will lead to healing and stability.

11/26: 72-53 over Eastern Washington here. Big game for Grow, 21, 10, 6. 15, 4, 5 for Hay. +8 TOs.

11/27: 3-1. RPI #136.

Major lineup changes. Hay, Cole, and Camp go to full starter’s minutes, and More and Sim get the rest. It is now a 7 man rotation. It happened a bit quicker than expected.

Sumaleta’s taking the Presidency has been greeted very positively in Namibia.

11/30: Bizh Meze has been named President of Mozambique. While not as popular as Sumaleta is in Namibia, Meze is as close to a unifying force as there is in Mozambique. We hope to tie all improvements in quality of life there to him.

11/30: 66-60 at Kennesaw ST. We never trailed, and the final margin was the closest it was during the 2nd half, but it was a slow paced game. 30, 4, 3 for Grow, who has emerged as our scorer. 10, 6, 5 for Hay, and 5, 10 for Cole.

12/3: 77-56 over Elon here. 24, 6, 3 for Hemp, 13, 6, 7 for Grow. 8 TOs.

12/4: 5-1. RPI #16. We’re playing a soft non-conf. schedule.

12/7: 74-51 over Lipscomb here. 22, 3, 6, 6 for Bo Hay. 10 each for Grow and Burk. +11 TOs.

Crown Prince Maha Lupasa has been installed as President of Madagascar. We are not allowing the monarchy but are allowing him to keep his title. We do not expect a lot of trouble in Madagascar. From everything we have been able to discover the now dead King was keeping a promise when he launched the naval attacks. The people of Madagascar, and the rest of the then royal family want peace.

12/10: 70-56 at FL Gulf Coast. 23, 5, 3, 2 for Grow, 10, 8 for Camp, 13, 7 for More, 12, 3 for Cole. +7 RBs, +6 TOs.

12/11: Ranked! #22. 7-1, RPI #8. RPI ratings are very unrealistic. We have played nobody during our last 6 games.

Still tweaking the lineup.

Things remain peaceful in Africa.

12/13: 59-69 to #19 Houston, there. They exploded out of the gate and got it to 21 before we caught our breaths. After that we played decent ball but it was too late. 15, 5, 5 for hay, 12, 8 for Cole, 10, 8 for More. We shot 35.5%, they shot 47.8%. But the real difference was free throws. They took 34, we took 11. And Kurt Grow fouled out after 18 minutes. He’s easily our best player.

12/21: 64-42 over Pacific here. Terrific D all the way. 15, 4 for Camp, 10, 10 for Hemp.

12/25: We close pre-conf. play at 8-2. We have dropped out of the top 25. RPI is #12, which is too high. +12.1 PPG, +3.2 RBs, +5.1 TOs. But we played a very soft schedule. We will be challenged in conf. Our goals are to finish in the top half of the conf., and to get to the Big Dance. Both can be reached.

Things remain quiet in Africa. We feel we are helping them to rebuild under leaders they trust.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:47 pm

12/28: 61-77 at Baylor to start conf. play. 21, 9 for Grow. +9 RBs but a season high 18 TOs. We shot 33.3%, they shot 50%, mostly because they were quicker. It will get better, they’re one of the best teams in conf.

12/31: 72-65 over Kansas here. They’re rebuilding this year. 25, 4, 2 for Grow, 14, 2, 5, 3 for Sims, 10, 5 for Cole. 8 TOs (+11).

1/3/2587: Assassination attempt on President Sumaleta in Namibia. She was shot, but only in the shoulder and upper arm. The perp seemed to be acting alone and was captured alive. Interrogation is underway. The President is expected to make a complete recovery.

1/4: 71-62 at West VA. We pulled away in the last 5 minutes. 25, 4, 2, 4 for Grow, 13, 7 for Cole, 11 each for More and Hemp. +14 TOs (10).

1/6: Widespread demonstrations in support of the wounded Namibian President. They are 99% peaceful, and very positive in tone. We take it as a very good sign.

1/7: HUGE win! 79-68 over #20 Oklahoma here. Down 12 with 18:28 to go. From then on it was all us- turned them over 12 times, got 9 more RBs, shot 60%. 30, 6, 3 for Grow, 21 in the 2nd half. 10, 9, 2 for Cole. +12 RBs.

1/8: 11-3, 3-1, #25, RPI #16.

1/11: 100-93 in double OT over Texas Creepin’ there. Clutch shot after clutch shot made by both teams for the first 45 minutes, and then we took over in the 2nd OT. They ran out of gas. 26, 13 for Hap Cole, his best game with us to date. 6 in double figures. +7 RBs, +4 TOs. I loved our refusal to quit!

1/14: 87-67 over Texas Tech here. I was worried that we’d be tired after the marathon the other day but we came out strong and led all the way. 17 each for guards Grow and Hay, 12, 11 for More, 11, 10 for Cole, 10, 8 for Hemp. +12 RBs.

1/15: 13-3, 5-1, #22, RPI #13. 1 up on Texas, 2 or more on the rest, but it’s early.

1/18: 84-85 at #15 Texas. We feel behind by 17 early. It was 13 at the half. We chipped away, tied it 3 times took the lead 3 other times late, but they had the last possession, and they hit the shot. 28, 5, 5 for Grow. They won it at the line, 38 free throw attempts to our 21.

1/19: The new leaders in all three African countries really believe that most of the violence is behind them. First, they feel a large percent of the worst of the perps have been killed or imprisoned, and second, they feel that the new governments AND those of us occupying the countries have been VERY careful to not do things that create new enemies. No one thinks attacks are 100% behind us, but the feeling is that organized, major attacks will not happen anymore. Hopefully that’s true.

1/21: 78-73 at KS ST. They were up 14 with 11:33 to go. We outscored them 31-9 down the stretch. Double the ball everywhere, get inside position for boards, work hard to get open, play hard and smart- that was the formula. Kurt
Grow essentially took our team onto his back and carried us to the win. He had 36, 5, 2, and 21 of our last 31, with 2 assists during that stretch and 3 RBs. It was an incredible performance. 10, 0, 3 for Hemp, 7 of the RBs coming in the home stretch. +11 RBs.

1/22: 14-4, 6-2, #21, RPI #16. Tied for 1st with #13 Texas. 1 up on Baylor, 2 or more on the rest, with 10 to play.

1/25: 77-68 over Iowa ST here. 5 in doubles again, led by Cole with 17, 10. +8 TOs.

We have exceeded all expectations to this point.

1/28: 79-59 over Baylor here. 12, 13, 3, 4, 2 for More, and 5 with 12 or more points. +21 RBs (48), +7 TOs.

1/29: 16-4, 8-2, #19, RPI #9. Tied with #11 Texas for 1st, 2 up on Texas Tech, 3 or more on the rest. +9.6 PPG, +5.0 RB, +3.9 TOs.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 2:36 am

2/1: 58-63 at Kansas. 35% shooting, too many fouls. 13, 6, 2, 2 for Hemp.

Texas lost as well so we’re still in a tie for 1st and still 2 games up on 3rd place.

2/4: 69-56 over West VA here. 16, 5 for Camp, 12, 8 for Cole, 11, 8 for Hemp. +13 TOs (10).

2/5: 17-5, 9-3, #19, RPI #10.

2/7: Minor outbreaks of violence in Namibia and Madagascar, but they didn’t amount to much. Arrests made in both situations.

2/8: Ouch! Maybe the worst we’ve played all season, 56-78 at Oklahoma. 16 for Grow, but 32.8% shooting, 23 RBs (-17).

Texas lost. Still a 2 way tie, still 2 up on 3rd place.

2/11: 84-71 over Texas Creepin here. 5 guys between 12 and 15 points. +6 TOs. We shot 52.6% so hopefully our recent shooting woes are over.

2/12: 18-6, 10-4, #18, RPI #12.

2/15: 50-63 at Texas Tech. 28.3% from the floor. More and Grow played 19 minutes each due to fouls. -6 RBs.

And yet again Texas lost so we are STILL tied for 1st. Only 1 up on 3rd though. 3 to play. Next is #13 Texas, here.

2/18: 76-86 to #13 Texas here. It was close for about 32 minutes, then they pulled away. Our outside D lost this one. They hit 14 threes. -9 RBs. 6 guys in double figures, but the D did us in.

Baylor lost so we’re alone in 2nd, 1 back of Texas, 1 up on Baylor, Iowa ST, and Oklahoma.

2/19: 18-8, 10-6, #20, RPI #20.

2/22: 87-73 over KS ST here. All 5 starters in doubles. +11 TOs.

1 to play, at 18-8, 10-7 Iowa ST. We could drop from 2nd seed to 3rd or 4th with a loss. Big game.

2/25: 68-71. They led by as many as 12, we battled back. Grow missed a three at the end. A season high 24 TOs, and -12 points in the paint.

3/5: 19-9, 11-7, we fall from the top 25, RPI #25. +6.4 PPG, +2.7 RBs, +4.0 TOs.

Things remain quiet and stable in Africa.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:52 am

3/9: We’re the #2 seed, somehow. We play #7 seed Texas Tech, 16-14, 8-10 in the round of 8. We won by 20 here then lost by 13 there.

3/10: 82-76. We never trailed, and we led by as many as 20. 33, 4 for Grow, 16, 8, 2, 4, 3 for More.

#3 seed Iowa ST, 20-8, 11-7, in the semis. We won by 9 here, lost by 3 there in the regular season finale.

3/11: 70-87. We played poorly in the first half and very poorly in the 2nd. 20, 4, 4 for Grow, 18, 6, 3, 2, 2 for Hemp, 12, 6 for More.

3/12: Texas won the conf. tourney.

We go to the selection show at 20-10, 11-7, RPI #28. 4-6 in our last 10. But we did meet all of our goals, assuming Team Prestige goes up.

#9 Midwest. We play #8 Auburn, 19-10.

3/16: 74-76, and the season is over. They led by 20 at the half, then got it to 22. We made a heck of a comeback but fell short. 6 guys scored 10 each.

We suffered a complete breakdown late, going 4-7 in our last 11. Until then the season was going well.

3/25: Massive earthquake struck Madagascar and Mozambique, measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale. It seems to have hit in the center of the Mozambique Channel. The damage to all communities in both countries is overwhelming. We are sending aid, and workers.

3/26: Another earthquake has hit, this one in New Boston, 7.6 on the Richter scale. Again, huge amounts of damage, casualties… And again, we are sending aid and workers.

3/29: Many dead and severely injured in Africa and in New Boston. The communities are doing all we can.

4/3: #5 ranked GA Tech is the national champ.

4/4: Awards: Kurt Grow and Ted Hemp made Big 12 2nd team.

Clean up and caring for the injured continue after the earthquakes. Lots of rebuilding to be done.

4/19: The earthquakes in Africa have really brought people together over there. They are working together, accepting our help with gratitude, and seem to be accepting us nearly totally. We are working hard to transfer as much as possible of the decision making and the control of everything to the locals. Things look good.

Rebuilding in New Boston is ongoing. The damage was very widespread, and it will take some time.

4/23: We ask for a facilities upgrade. Got it! B+ to A.

We end our first season here at 20-11, 11-7. Ranked for a good deal of the season but not at the end. All in all, a great start and I think we’ll be really good next year.

Overall, 323-82, .798, after 12 seasons.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Fri Nov 18, 2016 3:08 am

5/1: Here we go!

6/5: The transfer pool has no one of interest.

We have transferred all power to the leaders in the three African countries. We will steadily reduce our presence in all three, and we hope to have everyone home by October 1.

New Boston continues to rebuild but help from the other communities will be ongoing for some time.

6/26: 3 scholarships.

7/24: Things are quiet everywhere. Still lots of work for everyone in helping New Boston to rebuild, and in keeping them fed, but that’s worth the trouble.

The 13-18 year old crowd have come up with something that is sweeping the internet, and flying through the 8 communities. It’s called, Weekel, whatever that means. They’re keeping adults away. Really HOT right now. You need
to prove who you are and how old you are to even access the site, and they have very tight filters. No adult has yet managed to get in.

7/30: This Weekel thing is going crazy. I can’t believe no adult has yet cracked it.

8/17: Weekel is a month old today- as far as we can tell. It is still kids only. If they’re doing this to make us crazy, it’s working.

8/21: We offer to 2 bigs and a PG.

9/3: Okay Weekel is a “quest.” I don’t know if that means a treasure hunt, a scavenger hunt, or something else, but it seems like every teenager, during every minute of spare time is doing whatever they do with Weekel.

9/18: Got 2 commitments: Jam Holl, PG, #35, and Bay Loss, PF, #37.

Pre-season NIT vs. unranked LSU.

Weekel just shut down the internet. It seems that was its purpose. A small group of teens who have incredible skills wanted to see if they could shut everything down. As it turns out, they could. And did. They don’t seem to have an agenda. Cute little scam except… they can’t seem to get it back up. Our very best experts are working with the kids who did this to try to restore the web, but 12 hours in and nothing is working.

9/21: Still dark. Everything is a mess. We run everything we do through the web. The railroads are down for one thing, and they are a huge part of transport of food and other essential materials. We are using trucks, but even using ALL of the trucks in the 8 communities we are not able to transport more than 10-15% of what we transported by rail. No one is starving yet but it won’t be long.

9/23: Still dark. Food rationing is in effect in the non-port communities. The ports have fish to supplement the rest of the diet, but we can’t get it to the interior locations. Diet everywhere is more limited than it has been in many years. Medical supplies and other essentials are running short in some communities.

9/25: Status quo. Hunger is increasing. Cleveland is short on insulin, and both here in Toronto and in Montreal there is little to no way to get Vitamin C from diet.

9/27: Breakthrough! The web is up in test locations. The folks in charge think they have it figured out but it will be 3 days to a week before restoration is everywhere- IF things go well.

9/29: About 1/3 of the people in the communities are back on line, and railroads are running in 4 communities. Medical facilities are back up in the same 4.

10/1: We’re back! As far as can be determined the system is back to 100%. Working to get needed supplies where they need to go.

The Joint Council is meeting to determine what to do about the kids who started this and who were involved in taking down the web.

10/2: Kell Batt, C, #21, has committed.

1st day of practice. We’re better than last year but I’m not sure how deep we are.

Weekel consequences were announced today. Three guys led this. For all three, no electronic communication devices outside of work and school for one year. 4 extra hours of community service a week for one year. 7 others were ring leaders. All of the above for 6 months.

No shunning, no scolding, no looking down upon by the community.

If there is a repeat offense? Exile from the community, as we do with criminals we feel we cannot rehabilitate. We all believe this will end it.

11/6: We have a lineup:

Senior Bo Hay and junior Ted Hemp will get most of the guard minutes. Junior Reg Sims and frosh Bik Barr will back up at SG.

3 sharing the SF spot. Soph Hap Cole will start there and play a little PF as well. Backing up are senior Ali Hahs and junior Jam Well.

Inside, junior Lem More and soph Quin Burk will start and get most of the minutes. No doubt there will be changes along the way.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:08 pm

11/14: We’re the #5 seed in the NIT. We beat #12 LSU 77-75 on a three by starter Bo Hay, his only points of the game. He then stole the inbounds pass- his only steal of the game, as time ran out. 19, 7, 2 for SF/PF Hap Cole, 14 for Ted Hemp, who moved from SF to SG/PG this season because we’re short on decent guards. 16 for sub SF Jam Well, 10, 7 for Lem More. -6 RBs but only 8 TOs (+10).

#4 seed Auburn is next.

11/16: 83-75. It was single digits, back and forth, all the way, but we lead most of the time. Great team effort. We’re getting a lot out of the SF position. Ali Hahs had 12, 3, 8 from there, Hap Cole had 13, 5 (He plays some PF, too). 11, 8 for More inside, 11, 5, 3 for Hemp outside. +16 RBs.

Weak NIT field this year. It’s #1 seed, #25 ranked Oregon in the semis.

11/18: 82-88. They took 50 free throws, we took 31. 3 of our guys fouled out, none of theirs had more than 3 fouls. Yes, I got a T- 2 actually. With 12 seconds left and the issue settled I decided to keep going until I got tossed, and then to keep going for a while longer. I was not actually out of control, I was simply making a point. I continued to make it in the post game press conference. For the first time in my career I was ejected from a game. For the first time in my career I believe the refs beat my team- oh, a bad call late has beaten me, but that’s part of the game- this went on for 40 minutes.

22, 4 for Hahs, 10 each for Cole, More, and Hay.

Some lineup tweaks. More minutes for Sims at guard, Hahs at SF. Fewer for Barr and

11/20: All three recruits sign.

11/22: 75-70 at Montana ST. It was never as close as the final score, and the outcome was never in doubt. 13, 7, 3 for Hemp, 11, 8, 3, 3, 3 for More, 16, 3 for Burk. 20 TOs did NOT make me happy. +11 RBs did.

Next 4 are at home.

11/25: 77-57 over Charlotte, here. 21, 5, 2, 2 for Burk, 15, 3, 7, 3, 2 for More, 12, 5 for Sims. We worked on ball handling at practice- 9 TOs (+14).

11/27: Ranked! We’re #19, RPI #25. 4-1 record.

11/29: 77-60 over Weber ST here. They led by 10 early, 6 at the half. I raised the roof at halftime then made some specific changes, just one on O, one on D, but they worked- 45-22 in the 2nd half. 20, 7, 2, 2, 2 for Burk, 17, 6, 3 for Hemp, 13, 9 for More. 9 TOs, 38 RBs.

12/2: 79-77 in OT. This was a battle, 18 lead changes, 14 ties. We won it when Ted Hemp was accidentally tripped, driving to the hoop with about 1 second to go. He hit both ends of the 1 and 1. 18, 8, 2, 2 for Hemp, 20, 4 for
Burk, who has been very steady on O, 17, 4, 8, 3 for Cole, 12, 12 for More. Very sloppy game. They had 22 TOs, we had 21. We were 1-15 on threes, which is why it stayed so close.

Jam Well hurt a shoulder. Out about a week.

Trouble. 66 teens, ranging in age from 13 to 18, have disappeared. All of the Weekel ringleaders, as well as all of the second tier from that movement are gone. Some of the rest were connected, others didn’t seem to be.

We have no idea where they went. They planned well though. There is a great deal of electronic equipment gone, and good size supplies of non-perishable foods and such are missing. Lots of our very best tents are gone.

The missing are from Cleveland, Montreal, Detroit, and here in Toronto, where Weekel was most prominent. No one from any of the other communities is missing. They seem to have left shortly after dinner last night but were not
detected as missing until this morning, and the extent of the problem was not recognized until this afternoon. So they have really good head start.

They travelled in our new solar powered buses. One each is missing from each of the four colonies, as well as one 18 wheeler- also solar powered, from each. Oh, LOTS of rifles and ammo also missing. Most of us expected trouble when we reintroduced weapons into our lives, but we really had no choice. No one is allowed to have them in their possession, and they are all warehoused, but, obviously, we weren’t careful enough about guarding the warehouses.

The Joint Council is deciding on a plan of action.

12/3: Search parties are going exploring. If they see signs of the kids they are to report that electronically and wait for instructions. If they make contact they are to keep their distance and make no threatening actions or even gestures.

There are a tremendous number of places where these kids might have gone.

12/5: No signs. If we’ve even found a road they’ve travelled they are not leaving litter, footprints- anything.

12/6: 69-61 over Boise ST here. Good team. They were up 12 with 18:33 to go. We put pressure on their guards and stopped standing around on O, and good things happened. 14, 10 for More. 9 guys scored. Burk, who has been playing really well, fouled out in 11 minutes, but others picked up the slack. +13 TOs (8).

12/9: 83-75 at Norfolk ST. We led comfortably for the last 30 minutes or so. 24, 4, 4 for Hemp, 18, 3 for Burk, 13, 11, 4 for More.+9 RBs.

12/10: The older sister of one of the missing teens here in Toronto came forward. She says her brother, Rak Lamar, is the leader. It is his intent to permanently bring the web down, and to completely destroy all forms of electronic communication- including phones. She says he has been studying survivalism since he was really young, that he’s an anarchist.

She has no idea where they went, but she has no doubt that they will be able to survive and to live decently. She also says she has no doubt he will be able to bring down our communications network. She thinks, but does not know, that their plan includes the eventual destruction of the rail system entirely, although without computers it won’t work anyway.

Just so you know, when we came back up as a society, 50-100 years ago, ther were no longer any operational satellites to bounce signals off of. About 2-3 generations back a system was devised which worked. It required bouncing signals off of devices placed on naturally occurring high ground, or building towers and putting the devices there. It took some time to set up, but it works. It was strictly among the 8 communities and areas nearby, but eventually devices were set up on the Mississippi, in the Great Lakes, and in a few other large bodies of water used, or potentially usable for communication, transportation, and/or fishing. The international set up is a really messy, intricate, complex, and fragile system that could be knocked out easily, and often is, just via naturally occurring events.

Without our domestic communications things would be very, very difficult and very, very different. We are making contingency plans for all of that as of today. This new information is frightening, but it is much appreciated. No way to know how much time we have to find them before the trouble begins. This is serious!

12/11: 8-1, #13, #32.

12/13: 73-54 over New Mexico ST here. 12, 7, 3 for Hay, and 12 each for Cole and Hahs. +12 RBs.

Hap Cole hurt his wrist, but he should not miss any games, we have a gap in the schedule coming up.

Nothing new on the search for the kids. We think they have certainly arrived at their destination by now, and have probably set up their home base. They will no doubt take some time in securing a reliable food supply. If they’re hardy and determined they won’t need heat; it rarely dips below 50-55 any more in the places they are most likely to want to settle. They have the know how to use solar for cooking and heating water for bathing, laundry…

12/18: 9-1, #14, RPI #16, with 1 to play before the conf. begins.

No word yet.

12/19: There was a violent thunder/lightning storm last night, one of the worst I’ve ever experienced. We lost all power. Some folks panicked, thinking it was the kids, and when it took several hours to get the system going again there was… well, not total panic, but a definite over reaction. The Toronto Council is planning a public meeting to talk about … possibilities.

We’re powered up again everywhere now.

12/20: We close pre-conf. play with a romp, 77-39 over Hawaii, here. They shot 24%. 18, 5 for Burk, 15 for Barr.

We played 6 at home, 2 away, and 3 on a neutral court (NIT), so now that it’s 50-50 that may have an effect, but we think we have a good team here.

12/25: 10-1, #14, RPI #14. +11.0 PPG, +5.1 RBs, +3.2 TOs.

The holiday celebrated on this day, while still celebrated, doesn’t mean what we are told it once did. It is a family day, and that’s what we call it, Family Day. It’s a pretty tough day for those families whose teenagers are still gone who knows where.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Nov 19, 2016 4:30 am

12/27: 71-54 at Texas Creepin. They’re a good team. We expected a battle. 19 for Burk, 12, 10, 3, 2 for More, 10, 8, 5, 2 for Cole, 13 for Hemp. 40 RBs, but 19 TOs.

12/29: Rami Lamar, Rak’s sister, had more info for us:

“All of those unsupervised ‘scouting trips’ kids have been going on for the past few years were just that- they were scouting for places where they might set up. They wouldn’t let me go with them because they had all these weird loyalty tests you had to pass. I don’t know a lot of details but they wanted a place that was easy to defend, and where they could set up a really limited internet- couldn’t live without their games, and without the conveniences they could already get from the web. They’d go off in solar powered jeeps or pickups and could travel for a LONG distance and still be back in the 3-4 days they would be gone for. They’d drive day and night to get to places far away, taking turns driving and sleeping. Then they’d scout the place. Again, I never got any details but I’m thinking caves, maybe. Who knows? Gotta be near water, probably- well, you guys have already thought of all this.”

We asked and we keep asking but she doesn’t really know much else. And yes, water, maybe caves, lots of other things, but how far away? Which direction? They’ve been gone 26 days; we’ve been searching for 23. We’ve come up with not the slightest sign of them.

Oh, our electronics people are designing a whole new grid. We want a back up, more of an alternative, that will give us all of our current electronic capabilities, but under a new umbrella. It will be one that can’t be accessed by the kids. Estimated time before it’s fully up and running? 21 months, + or – 3.

12/30: 81-59 over Texas Tech here. 52-32 at the half. 20, 3, 4, 2 for Burk, 16, 5, 3, 2, 2 for Hemp, 13, 6, 4, 2 for Cole. +15 RBs. Too many TOs lately, 15 tonight.

1/3/2588: 60-61 at #18 Oklahoma. We were up 10 with 17:22 left. Hemp picked up #4 and they pressured our guards from that point on. We turned it over 13 times from that point, and they beat us on a 16 footer at the buzzer. TOs (-6) and fouls- we were called for 8 more, were the difference. Tough loss.

1/5: The body of 14 year old Matt Grayson was found at the southern edge of our settlement. He was murdered.

Matt was one of the missing teens. Around his neck was a sign that read, “Matt couldn’t take it. He was constantly whining about wanting to come home. Here he is, back at home. We have about a dozen others like Matt. We strongly suggest that you stop trying to find us. If you get anywhere close, we’ll send someone else home. We’ll keep sending if you keep searching.”

Matt’s parents are, of course, devastated. Our Council took it to the Joint Council. They meet tomorrow evening.

1/6: An 83-49 crushing of West Virginia. 22, 5 for Burk, 16, 5 for More. +20 RBs. Never a game.

Seldom used Teng Tang strained his calf. Out about 2 weeks.

The Joint Council has authorized research into hot air balloons. It is felt that if we can build a half dozen we can make it very difficult for the runaway teens to hide from us. We need to find them and to put an end to all of this. The
technology is available. The question has to do with raw materials and manufacturing. The experts feel that making this happen will not be difficult or time consuming.

1/10: Big road win, 81-74 at Texas. 9 point lead at the half and we traded hoops with them for the entire 2nd. The lead was between 4 and 9 for the final 20 minutes. 24, 7 for Burk, 8, 11, 2 for Hay, 11, 7, 3 for Cole, 13, 2, 3 for
Hemp. 46 RBs (+26). Great win!

We’re tied for 1st with KS ST, but it’s early.

1/12: Blackout- complete, total blackout. Nothing electrical works unless it’s battery operated. And any of that stuff that is used for communication doesn’t work for that. We are dead blacked out 100%. No factories, of course. No anything. And we assume it is that way in all 8 communities, but there’s no quick way to find out. Our tech people are working frantically.

Everything will now be difficult to impossible. The first priority is, of course, food and fresh water.

A quick decision was made to continue play. All games will be held outdoors during daylight hours. Canopies are being installed over the courts to lessen the number of rainouts.

1/13: 64-53 over Kansas here. We were down 8 at the half but rallied really well. Shots didn’t drop in the 1st half; they did in the 2nd. 24 for Hay, 10 each for Burk and Cole, 8, 12, for More. Still too many TOs.

Hap Cole hurt his arm. He is iffy for our next game.

Our tech guys seem to think they can get electricity up and running through some pretty serious work arounds. That is priority #1. Getting web, phones, any telecommunication going is going to be a while, we are told. Possibly a very long while.

Work on hot air balloons just slid WAY down on the priority list.

1/17: 85-64 over Baylor, here. Never a contest. 21, 13, 4 for Burk, 16, 6, 4 for Hemp, 16, 4, 2, 2 for Cole.

Playing our games outdoors is pretty awful.

We have limited electricity. We can now keep food frozen or cooled, and we can use running water. We have always cooked with solar power, as we do everything else with solar power, but the delivery systems involve a grid, and that’s where the problems lie. Our tech people patched together a grid. Some of them are working to reinforce and stabilize it, while the others are working on finding a way to restore electronic communication, and to get the rails working. They tell us it will be a long while unless they get very lucky.

Factories are back up, and getting hot air balloons going is a top priority.

The return of electricity means we’re back playing indoors.

1/20: 68-82 at Iowa ST. Awful D, they shot 55.8%. The O wasn’t impressive either, 36.4%.

1/22: 16-3, 6-2, #13, RPI #9. The loss drops us into a 3 way tie for the conf. lead, with Iowa St and KS ST, 15-2, 6-2, who is here next.

1/24: 74-66 over KS ST, Iowa ST lost, and we’re alone in 1st again. 18, 6, 4, 2 for More, 18, 6, 2, 2, 2 for Hemp, 13, 8 for Burk, 9, 6, 5 for Hay. Great win!

Rami again: “You never got it about Weekel. Yeah, it was about shutting down the web- experimentally. They wanted to see if they could do it so they could later shut it down permanently. That last part is the one you didn’t get. But Weekel was- IS, something else. It’s a mind altering drug. Two of Rak’s friends are really good at science. They wanted to come up with a ‘mind enhancer.’ They worked with all kinds of stuff and came up with Weekel. They really think it works, it makes them smarter. They might be right. They’ve done some pretty complicated stuff, and they’re way ahead of you guys on things. I took it once. I really didn't like what it did to me, but I felt smarter, and I know I was figuring out things I never figured out before or after that. Oh, I don't know what stuff they mixed together to create it, but the guys who did it said it was like the most common stuff you could imagine. Nothing that they couldn't get easily every day.”

Not a comforting thought.

1/27: 93-75 over Texas Creepin here. 23, 7 for Burk, and 5 in double figures. Hahs had 12, 8, 5. +13 RBs.

1/29: 18-3, 8-2, #12, RPI #5. 1 up on Iowa ST, KS ST, and Texas, with 8 to play. +11.7 PPG, +7.1 RBs, +2.0 TOs. Ball handling is our weak point. We work on it continuously.

Our people tell us that we are about two weeks away from having a hot air balloon prototype to test, and, with luck, less than a month from having six of them operational.

As to electronic communication, we are being told not to be optimistic or impatient.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:11 pm

1/31: 79-55 at Texas Tech. Unusual to win this big on the road. 19, 6 for More, 15, 8, 3 for Hemp. +16 RBs.

2/3: 71-55 over Oklahoma here. 16, 13 for Burk, 20, 6 for Hemp, 13, 3, 5 for Hay. +15 RBs.

2/5: 20-3, 10-2, #9, RPI #3, 1 up on Texas and KS ST with 6 to play.

While some very helpful workarounds are in place everything remains more difficult and more complicated. Nothing is simple, nothing is automatic, nothing just goes along smoothly.

2/7: 67-64 at West VA. Road games are usually a challenge. This one was. We led by as many as 11, but in the 2nd it swung between 6 up and 2 down for the full 20. At the end Quin hit 4-4 free throws, Hemp had a steal and threw to Cole for a breakaway, and Hay made 2-3 from the line, and all of that was enough- barely. 24, 8, 4, 4 for Burk, +10 TOs.

We’re now 2 up on 3 teams with 5 to play. Great position, but three tough road games in the last 5.

2/8: The grid is down again. We think it’s the kids.

2/9: This is incredibly disruptive. We need to focus so many of our resources on basics like availability of food, water, medical supplies… that anything and everything else is all but at a standstill. We NEED those hot air balloons. I don’t think we’ll find the kids without them.

2/10: 74-66 over Texas here. 24, 4, 3 for Hemp, 17, 8 for Burk. +9 RBs.

Still a 2 game lead but 3 of the last 4 are on the road and every one is a tough game.

2/12: 22-3, 12-2, #5, RPI #4. The ranking will take a hit over the next two weeks. I’ll be happy with a 2-2 finish.

2/14: 67-74 at Kansas. 25, 4, 3 for Hemp, 8, 5, 10 for Hay, but they stopped our inside game, and inside is where we win. Close all the way, the final margin of 7 was as big a gap as there was either way all night.
Iowa ST is now 1 back of us.

2/15: The grid is back up. A Council member in Detroit asked if it was possible that the rebel teens had left some of their people behind as spies. That is NOT a comforting thought. The Joint Council is now considering whether
it is over reacting to take all people under a certain age away from jobs related to communications, the grid, transportation… Where does it stop if you do that? Do you put them all out on herding sheep?

2/16: It was decided to not take anyone away from any job, but we will monitor events, and look for “coincidences.” The emphasis was on avoiding paranoia while remaining vigilant. And we are looking for signs of Weekel use. We have only a vague notion of what those signs might be but we have been questioning the 13-23 crowd. The questioning is positive in nature. We make it clear we are not accusatory, but hoping that the person being questioned remembers something- anything, that may be of help.

2/17: 68-58 at Baylor. Down 11 early in the 2nd half. I called a TO and blasted my guys who had gone into a funk for the first few minutes of the 2nd half. That woke them up. I don’t play on emotion all that much as a coach. I find a definite plan, maybe a tweak, or at the most two, is far more effective. But this was all a$$ kicking, and it worked. 20, 9 for More, 14, 5 for Cole. +15 RBs. 18 TOs, but only 4 after the time out.

2/19: 23-4, 13-3, #, RPI #. 1 up on Iowa ST, 2 on Texas, with 2 to play. Texas and KS ST are 3 back, and everyone else is way off in the distance.

2/20: Iowa ST here tomorrow. HUGE game! They won y 14 there.

We finally have a prototype for the hot air balloons. It will be test flown on the next day when the winds are right- not too strong.

2/21: 74-64 to clinch the regular season conf. title! After the first few minutes we led all the way, by as many as 13. We were disciplined and focused. 21, 4, 4 for More, 13, 3 for Cole, 9, 14, 3 for Burk. 9 TOs, 37 RBs. Their SG had 26, but we focused on stopping everyone else, and we did that.

Texas and Iowa ST are 2 back with 1 to play.

2/23: The flight happened today- a pilot and a tech person frantically taking notes, tweaking things…

It will take a few more test flights, but we’re on our way. We won’t start the search until we have very solid air to ground communication, which we do not have right now.

2/24: 59-72. 17, 5 for Hahs, 12, 5, 3 for Hemp, but we went down 22 in the 1st half, and never got within 10 in the 2nd.

2/26: Another test of the hot air balloon. Again, note taking, control tweaking, testing, assessment… Still no solid air to ground communication.

3/2: A third balloon test. Some advance in communication, but not enough to do real searching for the kid.

3/3: During the night someone managed to break into a guarded hangar and to do some major damage to the hot air balloon prototype. The estimate is 10 days to 2 weeks to repair.

The Council is increasing guards, not just at the hangar, but throughout the community- all 8 communities. There are spies, no doubt. We’ve suffered too much damage and we simply have not been vigilant enough. That’s changing- immediately.

3/5: 24-5, 14-4, #11, RPI #9. +10.2 PPG, +7.1 RBs, +2.0 TOs.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:44 pm

3/9: #9 seed Baylor, 14-15, 6-12, in the round of 8. We won by 21 here, then 10 there.

We caught a kid with a supply of Weekel. That is a major breakthrough. Now we can analyze it, test it… We NEEDED this to happen!

3/10: 90-81. All 5 starters in double figures, 37 RBs, 9 TOs, 10 blocks. They led at the half but the 2nd half score was 55-39.

#4 seed KS ST in the semis. We won by 8 here then lost by 13 there in the regular season finale, so we’ll need to be on our game.

3/11: 77-59. We brought our game! 25, 7, 5, 5 for More, 12 and 6 for both Burk and Hemp, 9, 6, 8, 3, 2 for Hay. 39 RBs. 16 TOs, but they had 24.

It’s #3 seed Texas, 19-10, 12-6, for the title. We won by 7 there and 8 here.

3/12: 40-19 at the half, and we never let them get close. 83-70. 22, 9 for Burk, 16, 8, 3, 2 for More, 10, 10, 3 for Hemp, 13, 4 for Cole. +16 RBs.

We had a great conf. tournament! Hoping for at least a #2 seed, and maybe even a #1.

Bo Hay hurt his back but we think he’ll be ready for our first tourney game.

A #3? A NUMBER THREE??? And in the toughest bracket. Stunned.

We’ll play 22-9 Idaho first.

3/15: The hot air balloon is repaired and we did another test flight today. Looked great, and the air to ground communication was excellent. We need to get a little more altitude out of it though. We want to be above the level where the rifles the teens stole are likely to be able to hit it. Not quite there yet. We can’t get enough altitude to make it 100% safe, but we think we can get up high enough to make a hit unlikely.

3/16: Guard play and outside shooting won this one. 20, 3 for Hay, 17, 5 for Hemp, 14, 3, 3 for Hahs, 14, 5 for Burk. +14 TOs.

#6 seed, #21 ranked Indiana, 21-11, in the 2nd round. Looks like a pretty even match up. We may have a slight outside edge, and they may have a slight inside edge.

3/18: 78-63. We never trailed, and it wasn’t close for long. 17, 2, 4, 5 for Hay, 13, 7 fror Burk, 11, 10 for More, 13, 3, 4 for Cole. Back in the Sweet Sixteen.

3/22: After another test we are putting 5 more balloons in production. This first is 98% capable of doing all that we need it to do, and we feel we can get it to 100%.

3/23: 79-77. What a game! We were down 14 with 3:22 to go and we had 3 starters with 4 fouls each. We had no choice but to put pressure on, and somehow nobody fouled out, and somehow the pressure worked. We never led until the final shot dropped a few milliseconds after the buzzer sounded. We set up a double pick for Ted Hemp and he hit a 17 footer with no defender close enough to cause him a problem. He had 15, 6. Burk led us with 22, 4. 11, 6, 5 for Hay who got an assist on that final hoop.

#5 seed, #17 ranked Florida, 24-10, in the Elite Eight. On paper they have a solid edge. I’m not so sure…

3/25: 71-67. We were down 21 early, 15 at the half. D was the issue and we put in some changes at the half. They worked. Frankly, FL went stone cold outside in the 2nd and we packed it in on the inside. 18, 7, 3 for Bo Hay, 13, 9 for Burk, 13, 3, 3 for Hemp.+9 RBs. 21 TOs, but they had 17, and we had 6 in the 2nd half. Great win!

My 2nd Final Four in 3 years, with 2 different teams.

3/31: The hot air balloons are almost ready. We get regular power outages. We’re now in a place where they are annoyances but not much more. We’re usually able to get the juice flowing again quickly.

#3 ranked, #1 seed Louisville, 30-6 in the round of four. Louisville is a great team, and this will be a challenge. Their starting PF is out with a broken elbow, but they’re deep.

4/1: 72-81. We never led. It got down to 4 twice and 3 once, but then they went on a mini-run and that was that. 12, 5 for Burk, 10 each for Hemp, Barr, and Hahs. They were the better team.

4/3: #15 ranked KY won it all.

4/4: Awards: Junior Lem More and soph Quin Burk made Big 12 1st team. Junior Ted Hemp and soph Hap Cole made 2nd team. They will all be back. I was COY.

4/9: Couldn’t say no to this offer. I am the new coach at UCLA! Moving to Montreal.

4/16: We hire staff. Decent first. After that not much.

4/20: We launch 6 weather balloons, have them head in 6 different directions in search of our missing teens.

4/22: No signs of our missing kids.

4/23: We ask for a facilities upgrade. Denied.

Great season at Oklahoma ST. 31-6, Final Four. Overall I’m 354-88, .801. Another new beginning!
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:23 pm

4/26: The hot air balloons have not found a trace of the missing kids. Surprising. Disappointing.

5/1: Preseason #24.

5/2: Our people have analyzed the Weekel we confiscated a while back. Yes, it is absurdly simple. Any kid can make it at home in 15 minutes from ingredients (s)he can get while arousing no suspicions. We’ve given it to volunteers and observed their reactions. They are able to solve complex problems far more quickly and easily than similar problems they are given while not under its influence. We would need to do long term studies to determine what repeated, long term use does.

5/11: Still not a single trace of the kids. The hot air balloons have covered a huge amount of land.

The grid continues to go off line regularly. We still normally bring it back up within a few hours but it is disruptive.

6/5: We need guards. Looking at a few transfers.

6/12: We offered to a PF but didn’t get him.

6/26: 6 scholarships. We need at least 3 guards. Looking at 15 players.

7/17: We have decided to stop widening the hot air balloon search for the kids. We are covering an enormously wide area of habitable locations and still coming up completely empty. We’re thinking they’ve headed way farther west than we thought, possibly Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, or Western Canada. We’re going to continue searching the areas we’ve been searching but the cost in resources of going that far away is simply not worth it.

We’re continuing with our plan of a completely new grid and a completely new internet, and we’re on target for completion in Sept. of next year. That’s a long time away, and we’re operating under less than ideal conditions when our current system is actually running at all, but everyone in the 8 communities is fed, we have a good water supply, and we manage with everything else. Sometimes cost/benefit dictates choices.

8/21: We offer to 3 PGs, an SG, an SF, and a C.

9/14: Nothing is easy with the regular power outages. The thought that we have a year or so to put up with it doesn’t make it any easier. And it’s in all 8 communities of course.

9/18: We get 2 PGs and a C.

We’re in the Coaches Classic vs. conf. rival Cal. Challenging schedule.

9/25: We got a very good looking SF/PF.

10/2: We get another PG. We’ve filled 5 of our 6 scholarships with 3 PGs, an SF, and a C. The Sf may be iffy on hitting our SAT score.

Hot air balloons continue to hover over the areas we’ve designated, but they continue to see no trace of our teens.

10/9: We may not fill all 6 scholarships. Very much hoping the SF hits our score so we fill 5.

10/22: Nothing new on the search.

11/6: We have an 8 man rotation, 4 guards, 4 bigs.

We start vs. Cal in the Coaches Classic. We’re the #5 seed, they’re #12.

Minutes are up for grabs at guard. Seniors Bob Pabe and Kel Will will start, and senior walk on Cay Crup and frosh Jeff Lund will back up.

Senior Tav Levy starts at SF, Frosh Carl Fiong, who looks like our best player, and Nat Robb start inside. Lue Geo will sub for the 3 inside positions.

We send the hot air balloons up every day that the weather permits. It’s more about security than anything else at this point. We’re convinced the teens settled FAR away.
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