After Dystopia

Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:58 am

11/13: 84-50. We did a lot of things right. 22, 5 for SF Tav Levy, 15, 11 for C Carl Fing, 16, 5, 3, 3 for guard Kel Will, and 11, 3, 2, 2 for sub guard Cay Crup. +8 TOs.

#4 seed, #23 ranked Memphis in the round of 8.

11/15: 80-74. 22, 4 for guard Bob Pabe, 18, 9, 2, 2, 2 for Fing, 8, 5, 3 for Crup.

#1 seed, #1 ranked FL in the semis. I’m not sure we’re ready for this.

11/17: 60-73. They outlasted us. We were in it for 33 minutes. 27 TOs (-17) was the difference- we shot better, we rebounded better, we committed fewer fouls. They were really quick, and that caused many of the TOs.

11/20: All 5 recruits signed, which means that one we were worried about will hit our SAT score. Great news. Still chasing a 6th recruit.

11/22: 68-52 at Kona. 5 guys with 10, 11, or 12 points, and another had 9 assists. 20 TOs, but they had 28. We’ve been in some sloppy games.

11/25: 74-59 over Oklahoma ST. This game was scheduled before I moved from that team to this one. I would rather not have played them this year. 20, 8 for Fing, 16, 6, 6 for Pabe.

11/27: 4-1, #9, RPI #5.

Cleveland’s grid is down. Until this happened either we all went down or no one did. Our tech crew doesn’t know why it’s different this time.

11/29: 79-60 over Wyoming. 18, 16, with 5 blocks for Fing, 18 for Will, 14, 5 for Robb, 11, 5, 5 for Levy. +11 RBs, +7 TOs.

12/2: 77-64 over #13 New Mexico here. 15, 9 for Fing, 16, 4, 2 for Robb, 13, 5, 3, with 3 blocks for Levy. 42 RBs.

Cleveland is still down. Keeping food fresh, and getting clean, potable water are problems. Medical procedures need to be done in Detroit. Everything is a hassle.

12/6: 78-56 over Gonzaga here. 20, with 6 assists for Will, 19, 4, 2 for Pabe, 16 for Levy. Fing had only 4 but he had 18 RBs, and he completely shut down their C. He is the best player I have ever coached- and he’s only a freshman! 9 TOs (+12), +10 RBs.

12/9: 62-72 to #8 Duke here. They built a 16 point early lead, and we never got it closer than 5. 22, 14 for Fing, 15 for Will, but 18 TOs, and we shot only 32.2%.

TOs are our biggest issue, 15.6 per game.

Cleveland is still down, 12 days on. Life there is a mess.

52-50 at Houston. Slow, sloppy game. They were up 8 at the half and 15 with 13:34 left. At that point we decided to double the ball 100% of the time in half court. They had 13 TOs from that point on. We tightened up our passing and only 4 of our 20 TOs happened from then on. We had been missing shots all night long but started to hit them. Those 2 factors turned it around. Ugly, but we’ll take the win!

12/16: Cleveland is finally back up. We’re told it’s a patchwork kind of a thing and it will be up and down, but for now it’s up. We’re still at least 8-9 months away from the new grid, at best, we’re told.

12/18: 8-2, #9, RPI #14.

12/20: 66-61 over a pecky Nebraska team here. 13, 8 for Fing, 17 for Will, 10, 9, 3 for Robb, 14, 4 for Geo, our first big off the bench. He hasn’t done that much but we’re not deep inside.

12/22: A hot air balloon went down a few hundred miles west of Toronto today. The pilot had time to radio that there was a “bang” and then the air seemed to slowly leak out of the balloon. He stayed in communication during what he described as a slow, steady descent, but we lost him at some point, maybe when the balloon hit ground. We have people rushing to the scene. We feel that we have a very good idea of where the balloon is.

12/23: We located the balloon just after sunrise. The pilot is dead, and the tech person with him is in critical condition with life threatening issues. The balloon is being examined on site.

12/24: There is something that looks suspiciously like a bullet hole in the balloon. Our people are running tests.

12/25: We end the pre-conf. season at 9-2, #10, RPI #9. +9.9 PPG, +4.8 RBs, but only +1.6 TOs, and with a lousy 16.1 per game.

It was definitely a bullet. Our people say it was a very lucky shot. The odds against hitting the balloon, given its altitude at the time, were very small.

The only good news is that we have a focal point for our search now, and we will send 3 balloons to that general area and widen the search parameters. Our other two balloons will travel the rest of the locations where they’ve been flying security flights. We are in the process of building 4 new balloons. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks.

12/27: The tech person involved in the balloon disaster has died. He never regained consciousness.

Weekel use is becoming a real problem, especially in Cleveland and New Boston. Use is widespread and it is leading to all sorts of issues.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Tue Nov 22, 2016 11:02 pm

12/27: 87-67 over Arizona ST in the conf. opener here. 20, 6 for Fing, 21, 4 for Levy. Good guard play. +19 TOs (7).

12/29: The Weekel epidemic, and that’s what it is in some communities, is serious. The upside is that it may be the only drug in history that actually DOES seem to enhance both creativity and making logical connections. Some of the theories, inventions, creations, ideas… that are coming from people under the influence show incredible promise, and they may be transformative to our society, and indeed, to life on the planet. The downside? The hangover leaves the user all but comatose for 12-24 hours after taking it. There is a marked increase in the taker’s paranoia for up to several days following use of the drug. Given that many of those who take it, use it daily, this means they are in a constant state of paranoia, and they are hung over whenever they are not high. It’s too soon to know about long term effects but anything that does what Weekel does to the mind is probably doing major damage as well.

We are not making use of Weekel illegal but we have founded “Weekel centers.” These are equipped with recording equipment, computers, and there are techies standing by. The reasons? We want to record anything transformative or innovative that is discovered during a Weekel “journey.” Oh, we also have rehab and counsellors for anyone wishing to try to stop using. There does not seem to be a physical addiction component, but psychological addiction is a factor.

While we love it if Weekel would just go away, that does not seem unlikely. What % of Weekel users use in the Centers? It’s hard to say but we think 10% or fewer.

12/30: 61-54 at Wash. ST. 10 players scored. We only shot 35.6% but we held them to 31.7%. +13 TOs (10). 48 fouls called, which made the game slow and choppy.

1/3/2589: 79-57 over Oregon ST here. They doubled Fing all night long but others stepped up. 17,6 for Levy, 14, 6, 5 for Crup, 14 for Pabe, 10, 4 for Will. 6 TOs.

I have to say that the way the conf. schedule was put together we are facing the stronger conf. teams down the road.

The balloons have encountered no further trouble, but they have seen no signs of anyone, either.

1/6: 70-66 at Washington. This game was never led by more than 8 points. In the end Fing took it over. He had 29, 14 for the game, three big baskets and two equally big RBs in the final minute. 12, 10 for Pabe, 11, 3, 4 for Will. +12 RBs.

1/8: 13-2, 4-0, #10, RPI #12. Tied with #3 ranked Stanford, with 2 teams one game back.

1/10: 94-59 over Oregon here. 53-25 in the 2nd half. 25, 10, 2 for Fing, 17 for Robb, 10, 5, 5 for Levy. 40 RBs, 7 TOs.

A couple of lineup tweak. More time for Geer, less for Geo, more tiem for our starting guards, Pabe and Will, and Crup now gets all the sub minutes at guard. We lose a little D with Crup but gain both with ball handling and with scoring.

We’re down to 13.9 TOs per game. That’s still awful but it’s moving in the right direction.

1/11: Hot air balloons ready, and they will all fly whenever weather permits. We feel they add to our security because in the event that anyone decides to come to or toward any of our communities the balloons will give us early warning.

We continue to overfly the area where the balloon was shot down, in ever widening circles, but there is nothing new to report.

1/13: 69-75 at #3 ranked Stanford. We stayed with them but were just a little behind most of the way, and that’s how it wound up. More than anything else, 22 TOs did us in. 28, 2, 3 for Pabe, 12, 7, 2, 2 for Fing, 10, 8, 4 for Levy. Kel Will had 8 TOs at the Point before fouling out. In retrospect maybe we should have given Crup more minutes at PG.

5 kids in our community have come forward and said they want to take Weekel, every other day, in our Weekel Center. They said they’ve been using, and they feel like they are coming up with some really innovative ideas in the area of communications, but they’re too high to get them down in writing, and when they’ve played back their self-made videos, the video and audio are not decipherable. They think they may be on to some ideas that could revolutionize communications.

We will start them off tomorrow. Two techs and someone to transcribe will be in a room with them when they use, and everything will be recorded.

1/17: 72-64 over 3rd place Colorado here. 16, 5 for Levy, 13, 5, 2 for Pabe. They doubled Fing, which is beginning to be popular, but we found the open man.

Stanford was hammered at Arizona for their 1st loss in conf. Tied for 1st again with only Utah 1 game back. Long way to go.

1/20: 77-85 at Cal., and back in 2nd place. We fell way behind early (18), and couldn’t quite catch up. 18, 6, 3 for Pabe, 14, 6, 3 for Robb. +10 RBs. But we let them shoot 61.7%. There’s no way to win when that happens. We’ll be working on D!

Geer has been playing a lot better. He will start at PF.

1/22: 8 days into the controlled Weekel use project. Wow! Those of us not on the inside are being told that breakthroughs are happening regularly, and that fascinating theories are being propounded at “light speed.” The Joint
Council is offering the opportunity to participate to any who may be willing, in all 8 communities.

Science, math, and tech people of all ages are signing up.

1/24: 89-65 at Arizona ST. 31, 8 for Fing, 14, 4, 3 for Levy. 9, 4, 7 for Will, 13 for Crup. 12 TOs (+8).

1/27: 59-56 over Arizona here. We scored the last 5 points in a real war. Kel Will was the man in this one, 25, 3, 2, 2. Sloppy game on both sides.

We’re in 2nd, one back, and 2 ahead of 4 teams.

1/29: As expected, all 6 recruits hit our score. 17-4, 8-2, #11, RPI #10. +10.4 PPG, +4.6 RBs, +3.2 TOs, but 14.3 is too high.

Interestingly enough, Weekel has its greatest effect on young minds. Up to about age 20 it definitely enhances all kinds of mental processes. After that the effect diminishes quickly. Past about age 25 it has no benefit at all, at least with those who we tested.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:20 pm

1/31: 69-65 over Utah here in yet another war. We were down 10 early in the 2nd. Then we started to turn them over, and we finally got tough inside. Wound up +7 RBs and +6 TOs, but that was mostly late in the game. Balanced scoring.

Stanford lost so we’re in a tie for 1st again, 2 up on t3rd place Cal and USC.

2/3: 69-66. Yet another nail biter! 19, 8 for Fing, 18, 8 for Levy, 12, 9, 4, 2, 2 for Pabe. +15 RBs but a terrible 22 TOs (-10). We’ve pretty much accepted that we are not going to fix our ball handling problems this season. We won’t stop trying but it’s more about compensating for this flaw than it is about anything else.

2/5: 19-4, 10-2, #9, RPI #10. In a tie with Stanford, 3 up on 3rd place with 6 to play.

We have Weekel breakthroughs related to food preservation, 3D printing, a technology that existed 500 years ago but did not survive, satellite launching- which could really help with communications and weather forecasting, and a way of miniaturizing just about everything to do with communications- phone, web and everything else. These things will all need testing but they look to be absolutely solid to our experts.

But we question the price our young men and women taking this drug are paying. And that concerns us. We have never encouraged use, but we may need to begin to discourage it.

2/7: 91-72 over Wash ST here. Incredible game for Carl Fing, 36, 11, 2, 2, 2. 12, 2, 7, 3, 2 for Will. 5 TOs, a season best.

Tav Levy hurt his knee. It’s not serious but he may miss a game.

2/10: 80-91 at Oregon ST. D was nonexistent. 39, 12 for Fing, so 75 in his last 2 games, 13, 4, 5 for Pabe. 22 TOs again, -14. +17 RBs. We let them shoot 51.7%. Not having Tav Levy hurt. He’ll be back for our next.

Back in 2nd place.

2/14: 75-53 over Washington here. 21, 6 for Fing, 20, 5, 7 for Will. +10 TOs, +7 RBs.

2/17: 90-81 at Oregon. 23, 5 for Fing, 10, 12 for Geer, 17, 4 for Pabe, 10, 6 for Levy, 13, 5, 3, 2 for Crup. +12 RBs.

2/19: 22-5, 13-3, #11, RPI #10. 1 back of Stanford and we’ve clinched 2nd place.

The big one is next, #3 Stanford, here.

We’re manufacturing all of the microparts and our new communication system should be in place in less than a month. We were hoping for September before the Weekel breakthrough so this is great! And when we get some satellites in orbit- before the end of the year, we’ll upgrade to a quicker, more secure communication system.

2/21: 71-73 to Stanford. Carl Fing badly bruised his left calf 3 minutes in and never returned, but we somehow stayed close and very nearly won the game. We missed a 3 at the buzzer. 25, 6 for Pabe, 8, 13, 6, 3, 2 for Nat Robb in place of Fing, and some great bench play all around. +13 RBs but our nemesis stat TOs- 18. That and giving up 14 threes made the difference. Still, with a healthy Fing we have a shot at beating these guys in the PAC 12 tourney.

Fing may or may not be able to play in the first round of the conf. tourney; it will be close. Our #4 guard, Jeff Lund, has back spasms. He should be back for the 1st round game but it’s not a certainty.

We’ll have a very short bench for our regular season finale but 2nd place is a lock so it doesn’t matter.

2/24: 75-65 at Colorado. Great way to end the regular season, especially with Fing out. 22 for Pabe, 14, 6, 4 for Levy, 14, 7 for Robb, 11 each for Will and Crup. +7 RBs.

3/5: 23-6, 14-4, #11, RPI #11. We finish 2nd, 2 back of Stanford, 3 up on USC. +9.4 PPG, +5.9 RBs, +2.5 TOs, but 14.5.

3/6: Lund is back and healed. Fing is not quite 100%, but he will be when we play our 1st round game.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Wed Nov 23, 2016 5:02 pm

3/9: We play #10 seed Arizona ST, 9-19, 5-13, in the round of 8. We’re working on overconfidence.

3/10: 80-67. We were in control all the way. 18, 5 for Fing, 16, 3, 2 for Will, 14, 5, 2, 3, 3 for Geer, 11, 7, 2, 4 for Pabe. 10 TOs.

All the favorites won so we play #3 seed USC in the semis. We won by only 3 here.

3/11: 75-77. They led for the last 34 minutes, but never by more than 9. Why? Defense. We let them shoot 50%, and we never got a stop in a critical situation. Will fouled out and was in foul trouble all night, but Crup was fine in his place, and no one else was ever in foul trouble. We didn’t play well on O either, never hitting the shot we really needed. Tough loss, but we simply did not deserve to win this one.

3/12: As expected, #2 ranked Stanford won the conference tourney, by 17.

#12, RPI #14 going to the Show.

#3 West. We play #14 Bradley, 18-14.

3/17: 102-83. Wow! 62.5% shooting! 24, 4, 3 for Fing, 23, 4 for Geer, and 11 or 12 for each of the other starters. 8, 6, 3 for Crup. +9 RBs.

#6 seed, #21 ranked St. Joe’s, 24-8, in the 2nd round.

3/19: 69-63. Down 11 early in the 2nd but Carl Fing put us on his back and carried us home- 23, 14. The other starters contributed but we didn’t get much from the bench. +15 RBs. 21 TOs, but they had 20.

#2 seed, #10 ranked Syracuse, 25-7, in the Sweet Sixteen. Their All American Sherman Fields, averaging 33.6 points and 9.8 RBs per game and probably the best player in the country, is out with a broken toe, and that’s a game changer.

A lot has been happening as a result of the Weekel project. The new communications system has been up and running for a few days now. Everything related to communications is working flawlessly and at a speed we only dreamed possible. It is supposed to be completely unhackable. We wonder whether it will be worth the effort and resources to put a communication satellite in orbit. We will definitely put weather satellites up, but that may be enough.

Transportation is now being controlled by the new grid, and that has been a huge improvement already. We’re still learning about 3D printing but the possibilities are very exciting.

We are seeing some ideas related to disease prevention and treatment that seem nothing short of astounding.

3/24: 67-45. Without Fields they simply are not the same team. They couldn’t generate any offense. Give us some credit though. We worked hard for 40 minutes.

18, 9 for Fing. 40 RBs, 9 TOs.

#1 seed, #7 ranked Michigan St in the Elite Eight. Their starting PF is out but he’s only marginally better than the guy behind him on the depth chart. Still, it shortens their bench.

3/26: 71-79. 35-50 at the half. We played much better in the 2nd, but we never got closer than 5. They doubled Fing very effectively (7, 6). 16 for Levy, 14, 5, 5, 3 for Pabe, but they were clearly the better team. Great season!

3/31: We think we can put 4 weather satellites in orbit by 5/1. Miniaturization means they will be ridiculously small and lightweight, but they should be very, very good at what we need them to do.

Washington won the CHI, and Stanford is in the Final Four.

4/3: #1 FL beat MIch. ST for the title.

4/4: Awards: Fing was PAC 12 POY and frosh OY, and 1st team. Frankly, he should have been 2nd team All American. Senior guard Bob Pabe made 2nd team PAC 12, and I was Conf. COY.

4/9: Never expected to move from UCLA, but I was just offered my dream job. Going back where I started from- well, not quite, but back to New Boston, to coach the UConn Huskies. I grew up right next door to the guy who coached them when I was a kid and he was my mentor and 2nd father. They have always been my team. This is a step back in a lot of ways, but I don’t care. I’m going home.

4/16: Keeping all of our assistants. Given the near impossibility of hiring even decent assistants I extended all of these guys out to 6 years.

4/23: We ask for money. Got $22,000!

Great season, 27-8, Elite Eight. Overall, 381-96, .799 after 14 seasons.

4/30: Weather satellites successfully launched. They were so light we could almost have used a slingshot. It will take a few hours for them to position themselves. Even though we really only need one to cover the 8 communities, we launched 4, in order to track weather worldwide. We figured there would be benefits.

Nothing to report yet on the medical front but lots of things are going on.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:36 pm

5/1: We have an 8 man roster, 7 on scholarship. 2 guards on the squad, 1 a walk on, and the other who looks awful. Walk ons better be good!

#17 preseason somehow. We DO have the #2 rated recruit, a C, and #33, a PF/C, and a couple of other good inside players.

6/5: Hoping for a solid transfer pool.

A great looking PG from FL. We offer. A couple of others.

6/9: Lost the PG. Going for a C.

6/12: Lost the C. Done here.

6/25: Some decent walk ons at guard, where we need them.

6/26: 8 scholarships. That’s a lot. Guards first, of course. Looking at 15.

6/30: Very exciting developments in the medical field.

Weather satellites are operating perfectly, as is the grid.

8/7: 4 star Lou Herr is #47 on the Norton list. 5 star Abe Dion didn’t make the list. ???

8/21: We offer to 4 PGs, an SG, 3 PFs.

Our medical people tell us they are close to announcing some very exciting news- apparently on several fronts.

9/2: Using a combination of new Weekel project breakthroughs and work with stem and transitional cells, our medical people have come up with a vaccine that seems to immunize against all forms of cancer. It is not really a vaccine, or an immunization, in the traditional sense. It is, instead, a substance that, once injected into the body seeks out and destroys cancer cells of all kinds.

Another medical group has come up with a substance that works on blood vessels. It attacks plaque buildup and dissolves it gradually, over the course of just a few days.

Quite the breakthroughs!

9/18: Lost a PG but got a PG, an PF, and a C.

No in season tourney. Challenging schedule.

9/25: We got a PG. We’re onto back up lists though. 4 to fill.

10/2: We get our 3rd PG.

1st day of practice. It will be all about backcourt play. If they can be adequate or better we’ll be okay. If not, it will be a long season.

10/24: Still working to fill the last 3 scholarships but not a lot of luck.

11/6: We have a lineup, 8 man rotation with at least one in the wings.

At guard, senior walk ons Byn Witt and Jon Cart will start, with soph walk on Kit Earl backing up at SG. So basically, nothing but walk ons at guard.

Senior walk on Din Wale starts at Sf and backs up at PF. Seniors scholarship athletes Cole Wam and Del Cape back up at Sf and may yet earn more minutes there.

Inside are my two players, both potentially superstar frosh. Abe Dion is at C, and Lou Herr is at PF and C.

Frosh scholarship athlete Jay Holt is hoping for minutes inside, and walk on Scot Lang is hoping for guard minutes. After that it’s hard times!
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby PointGuard » Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:38 pm

Sign me up for those medical advances. :)
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:07 pm

Well, the bureaucracy is a little rough to deal with, but we're working on it.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Thu Nov 24, 2016 5:56 am

11/16: 81-58 over Miami here. 22, 8 for C Abe Dion. 15, 9, 3 for SF/PF Din Wale, 21, 4, 4 for sub SF Cole Wam. +17 RBs (42), but 17 TOs. Lou Herr, who is on the Norton list, was plagued with fouls and didn’t do much of anything. Not worried about him.

11/19: 66-49 over Mississippi here. 17, 7 for Dion, 12, 4, 6 for guard Jon Cart, 12 for back up guard Kit Earl. Highly touted veteran Lou Herr was a bust again tonight, and again it was due to fouls. So far he’s a junior playing like a freshman. I plan to kick his butt until he shapes up.

11/20: 2-0, #11.

All 5 of our recruits signed. Still 3 to fill.

11/23: 61-45 over #14 Gonzaga here. Team effort- 14, 4, 4 for Witt, 13, 3 for Wale, 8, 7 for Dion, 4, 10 for Cape. Herr was a little better with 6 and 6 and 6 blocks, and he played very good D without fouling. 37 RBs, 11 TOs.

11/26: 60-58 in a real battle. We dominated inside, which made up for truly horrible outside play. 15, 11 for Dion, 12, 6 with 4 blocks for Herr, in his first good game. Cape and Wale also played well inside. +25 RBs but we had an absolutely nausea provoking 29 TO! In the end we made our free throws.

11/27: 4-0, #11.

11/30: 82-75 over #14 Syracuse here. 24, 6 for Dion, 14, 3, 6 for Wale, 13, 6 for Cape. Herr continues to underperform due to fouls. +10 RBs.

12/3: 61-54 over #20 Seton Hall here. 23, 13, for Dion, 10, 6 for Herr, 9, 9 for Cart. +15 RBs, but -14 TOs (27). 18.2 TOs per game. Ugh!

12/4: We are way overachieving at 6-0. #8, RPI #13.

Our weather satellites are tracking a huge storm headed roughly our way. At present it looks like it will stay to our south but it is one gigantic storm with lots of water and lots of wind.

Having a few days notice is great. We’ll be sure to have everything as secured as possible if it looks like it will strike us.

12/7: 69-52 over Tennessee here. 26, 14, with 8 blocks for Dion, 17, 4 for Herr. 44 RBs, but 16 TOs.

The storm passed to our south. We got fairly heavy rains and some wind, but nothing serious. Still, having the weather satellites allowed us to be prepared.

12/8: We are finding some disturbing symptoms among habitual Weekel users. Many are having difficulty completing a thought when not under the influence of the drug. We are doing brain wave analysis and other brain function testing. Ironically, all of that was discovered by people under the influence of Weekel.

12/13: And the streak ends at 7, 61-67 at New Mexico ST. We were doing fine until Abe Dion turned an ankle with 18:01 to play. He couldn’t come back and our 12 point lead evaporated. It didn’t help that Herr got in foul trouble yet again, fouling out with 2:55 to play. 24, 6 for Dion, 17, 9 for Herr. +15 RBs but 17 TOs.

Dion should not miss a game.

Guard play is doing us in. We have three guards recruited and hope to get at least one more. This issue will not be resolved this season. We hope to improve, but we won’t fix it. We have done remarkably well given how many minutes are being played by walk ons. All of the minutes at guard are played by walk ons.

We think we have an accurate earthquake detector, thanks to the Weekel project. It is being used on a trial basis and has successfully predicted three quakes within the past month, pinpointing location within 1000 meters, and predicting strength within .5 points on the Richter Scale. The device gives about 12 hours warning. That allows people to take their most treasured possessions and go to safety.

12/21: 71-63 over New Mexico here. 30, 10, 4 blocks for Dion before fouling out. Her played 10 minutes.+19 RBs, but 20 TOs.

We’re tweaking the D.

12/23: We are taking immediate measures to try to lessen Weekel use. The signs are very clear that long term use leads to all sorts of brain damage. We will not make use illegal, since that will do nothing except to drive users away from getting help, but we will discourage use. We are mulling over ending the Weekel Project. We continue to get all sorts of breakthroughs but we are pondering whether the mere existence of the program encourages use.

12/25: We end pre-conf. play at 8-1, #8, RPI #8.

We decide to continue the Weekel Project. We are very concerned about our runaway teens. There can be little doubt that they are experiencing the same types of brain damage as our kids here. They are likely having all kinds of difficulties keeping their society together given that, as far as we know, all of them use.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Thu Nov 24, 2016 6:44 am

12/27: 59-52 over Houston here to begin conf. play. 14, 10 for Herr, 12, 7, 3, 2 for Cape, 12, 2, 6 for Witt, 11, 3 for Dion. We haven’t talked much about it but we are #2 in PPG Allowed. Also #1 in both RBs and Blocks.

12/29: Earthquake warning in Milwaukee. Predicted to hit on the north border of the community at 6.1. Hit 250 meters north of the predicted spot at 5.9. Grazing animals and people were moved out of the area. Some damage to a barn and a storage shed, but not much.

12/30: 75-58 at East Carolina. 34, 10 with 4 blocks for Dion, 12, 11 for Herr, 9, 5 for Cart, 6, 6, 5 for Cape. +20 RBs.

1/1/2590: 10-1, 2-0, #7, RPI #8.

1/3: 73-48 over Tulsa here. 18, 6 for Dion, 18, 5 for Cape, 13, 8 for Herr. +8 RBs, +7 TOs.

The effects of Weekel are continuing with our teens. Their workload now consists of the most menial, simple tasks we can give them. It is sad to see this.

1/6: 56-72 at Central FL. 23 TOs and we let them shoot 50.9%. +13 RBs and 11 blocks weren’t enough.

1/8: 86-79 over #13 Memphis here. They were up 18 late in the 1st half. Then we got hot, and got our game under control. We chipped away at the lead but didn’t take our first lead until 2:57 left. 23, 8 for Her, 18, 7 for Dion,
12, 3, 4 for Witt, 13, 4 for Cape. 11 TOs.

1/10: 67-52 over #6 Cincinnati here. 25, 10 with 5 blocks for Dion, 13, 8, 6 for sub Din Wale. 48 RBs.

Great back to back wins against our two conf. rivals. We play thme both away later on. I’d settle for one win in those two games- gladly!

1/13: 77-69 at Tulane. 25, 12, 2, 5, 4 for Dion, 17 for Earl.

A possible breakthrough in treating Weekel users. It came, of course, from a user who was using when she got the insight. We need to do some testing and tweaking but this looks good.

1/15: 14-2, 6-1, #5, RPI #5. 1st place but only by ½ game on Cincy and Houston, and 1 ½ on Central FL.

1/17: 82-67 at South FL. 26, 9, 3, 1, 4 for Dion, 16, 10 for Herr, 18, 5, 2 for Cape. +13 RBs.

Herr has been playing really well lately.

1/20: 61-53 over Temple here. 19, 14 with 8 blocks for Dion.

1/22: 16-2, 8-1, #5, RPI #4. Up ½ game on Houston, 2 ½ on Central FL, 3 or more on the rest.

1/24: 81-74 at SMU. 16, 8, 3, 2, 3 for Dion, 17, 5, 2, 2 for Cape, 14, 3 for Herr, but he fouled out in only 24 minutes.

1/29: 17-2, 9-1, #5, RPI #4. Tied with Houston, 2 up on Central FL. +9.6 PPG, +10.7 RBs, -0.2 TOs- still at 16.8.

The Weekel fix is ready for a trial. It seems to slowly halt, and then slowly reverse the damage to brain function. It works through some sort of invasion of infected cells, and sends them signals to stop and then fix the damage. Our medical personnel have a lot of confidence that this will be successful. The kids using say it is very likely that our runaways would have discovered this, or something very much like it, probably a lot sooner than we did, because the very best thinkers and innovators were among that group.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:32 pm

1/30: 76-58 over East Carolina here. 25, 8, 4, 2, 4 for Dion, who is averaging 20.7, 8.9 RBs, and 3.7 blocks. 16, 4, 4, 2 for Cape, 10, 8, 3 with 4 blocks for Cart. +12 RBs but 20 TOs.

Houston lost so we’re alone in first, 1 up on them, 3 ½ or more on the rest.

2/3: 68-72 at Houston. 25, 4 for Dion. Strangely enough rebounding did us in, -10. We did better in every other category except fouls/free throws. They went to the line 26 times, we went 14. But, if we had hit the boards we would have won.

Back in a tie for 1st with 6 to play, 2 of them very tough games.

2/5: 18-3, 10-2, #5, RPI #4.

84-75 at Tulsa. Dion had another powerful game, 26, 16, 3, 4, 5. 3 players had 10 and one had 944 RBs (+20), and 14 TOs, which is good for us.

2/10: 59-54 over Central FL here. 11, 10 for Cape, 12, 6 for Dion, 11 for Herr, who fouled out yet again. 38 RBs (+17). We won this on with D.

2/12: 20-3, 12-2, #5, RPI #4. 1 game up on Houston, who lost.

2/13: 70-81 in OT at #24 Cincinnati. We had a 14 point lead midway through the second. Then fouls did us in. Herr and Earl fouled out, and Cape played lots of minutes with 4. The refs didn’t beat us though, the foul calls and trips to the line were about even. Our bench did not come through for us. 31, 16 for Dion, 13, 4, 5, 1 , 4 for Earl. +10 RBs, but -9 TOs.

2/15: 93-72 over Tulane here. 28, 11 for Herr, 17, 10 for Dion. +15 RBs, 10 TOs.

Houston lost so we’re alone in 1st again, 1 up on them, 2 on Cincy, with 2 to play.

2/17: 80-73 at #22 Memphis. Never more than 7 points between the two teams, and the final score was the only time we led by more than 5. 26, 13 with 4 blocks for Dion, 15, 6, 2 for Cape, 12 for Witt. 40 RBs, but 21 TOs.

Little used big guy Jay Holt hurt his hip.

2/19: 22-4, 14-3, #5, RPI #4. 1 up on Houston. We need to win at 14-14, 9-8 Temple or Houston needs to lose one of their last 2, both at home.

The anti-brain damage med is working. The Weekel users seem to be slowly regaining cognitive function, higher order reasoning, memory… Great news.

2/24: 75-79 at Temple. The officiating was brutal, 26 fouls called on us, 17 on them. They went to the line 34 times, we went 21 times. Both Earl and Witt, our starting backcourt, fouled out, and both Herr and Dion had 4. No one on their side had more than 4 and only 2 players had that many. 19, 7 for Dion, 15, 6, 7, 3 for Cape, 12, 10 for Herr. Terrible way to lose.

Houston won so we end up tied with them. I’m not sure whether we will get the #1 or the #2 seed in the conf. tourney.

3/2: Two New York teens died yesterday, just an hour apart. They had both been brought to the health center in a semi-comatose state, and died while being treated. Both were taking the anti-brain damage drug.

3/3: We are discontinuing use of the Weekel anti-brain damage drug for the time being. Autopsies have been performed and tissue is being analyzed.

3/5: 22-5, 14-4, #7, RPI #5. We are the #1 seed in the tourney. +8.3 PPG, +10.2 RBs, -1.1 TOs (17.0).

We worried that Dion might go pro. He didn’t.
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