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Postby Wayne23 » Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:33 pm

3/9: #9 seed South FL, 13-15, 7-11 in the round of 8. We won by 15 there.

3/10: 80-74 in a game that was way too close for comfort. Abe Dion outdid himself, 41 and 7. 37 RBs, 11 TOs. They stayed close by hitting 12 threes.

#4 seed Temple, 16-14, 10-8. We won by 8 here, then lost by 4 there in the regular season finale. We have a big edge inside and need to exploit that.

3/11: 57-55. Down 8 with 2:55 to go. Jon Cart hit a three, Dion rebounded a missed Temple shot and Jon Cart hit another three. Those were our only threes of the game (2-16). Dion RB’d another Temple miss, got fouled on the other end, hit 2. Then Dion blocked a shot, and Earl hit a back door lay up. We hit enough free throws down the stretch to hang on. Whew! 50 RBS (+27) made up for 23 TOs (-10).

#3 seed, #21 ranked Cincy, 21-8, 11-7, upset Houston, so we play them for the title. They may be a better team than Houston. We beat them by 15 here, then lost in OT there. We need to play our game and take care of the ball better than we usually do. This could be the difference between a #1 and a #3 seed in the Dance.

3/12: 84-81! Most of our games have been low scoring. This was a shootout and our guns were loaded. 33, 10 with 8 blocks for conf. tourney MOP Abe Dion, 20, 4 for Cape, 14, 3, 2 for Earl, 10, 7, 3 for Cart. Herr was useless, except for playing good D. Played 12 minutes. He has been our biggest disappointment, all season long. +11 RBs. Only -3 TOs.

Now we wait. 25-5, 14-4, #6, RPI #4.

#2 South. We play #15 Binghamton, 19-11.

One other teen has died. Autopsy results on the first two were not helpful. We’re submitting the problem to the kids still using Weekel. We’re hopeful.

3/17: 91-70. 27, 4 for Dion, 18, 12 for Herr, 17, 4, 3 for Cape. +17 RBs, 9 TOs. We expected an easy game.

Next is the #7 seed, Duquesne, 23-9.

(Author’s Note: The #1 seed in the entire tourney lost in Round One. This should not happen.)

3/19: 84-70. Dion had a season high 47, 11, 3, 3, 6. HUGE game, and he completely shut down the other C and his back up. +14 RBs, but 20 TOs.

#3 seed, #20 ranked Minnesota, 24-8, in the Sweet Sixteen. They have a great PG but we’re much better inside.

3/24: 86-102. Down 1 at the half then we gave up 60 (!) in the 2nd. Their starting backcourt combined for 59 total; ours had 8. 38, 11, 5, 2, 3 for Dion, 16, 7, 4 for Pace. +16 RBs, -9 TOs.

Given our horrendous backcourt it was a very good season!

No more teen deaths, and a possible solution.

3/26: We land a PG and a big.

4/3: #2 Louisville wins it all.

4/4: Awards: Abe Dion is national Defensive POY. Should have made 2nd team All American. In conf., Abe swept, POY, frosh OY, Def. POY, 1st team. Lou Herr made 2nd, which he did not deserve. Should have been Del Cape. I got conf. COY.

4/9: No job change this year, or ever, I hope!

We filled our roster, filled all 8 scholarships. 4 PGs, 3 bigs, an SF.

4/23: We ask for money. We got $23,000 and we now have enough money to recruit the way we want to.

27-6, 14-4, 1st in conf. #6 ranked. Sweet Sixteen. Given the # of walk ons this is terrific. No walk ons next season, or at most one, Kit Earl.

Overall I am 408-102, .800, for 15 seasons.

4/29: Airplanes- yes, airplanes, dropped bombs here, in Detroit, in Toronto, and in Milwaukee. Lots of casualties, lots of property destroyed.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:30 pm

4/30: They weren’t big planes but they were planes. They weren’t big bombs either, but they got the job done. The Joint Council estimates that 2,500 were killed, and another 4,400 wounded. Two communities, ours and Toronto, lost their main building, the one that contains the health center, recreation center, meeting hall, offices… All four communities lost factories, barns, warehouses…

An emergency defense program is being started immediately. Cannons and tanks are being converted for use against airplanes.

We’re going to try to put a sort of a radar system in place. The Weekel Project created one, but it was never built since no need for it was anticipated.

And yes, we’ll need to start building our own planes.

We think we can get our anti-aircraft stuff in place in a matter of a couple of weeks since it will require nothing more than doing some converting of existing cannons and tanks. But, we’re all but helpless until all of that happens. We have no way of knowing if our attackers have more they can throw at us, or whether they used everything they had in the first attack.

Building will take place at top secret, well guarded locations, and the factories will run 24/7.

Oh, the attacks came from the Northwest. We can’t imagine the attackers could have been anyone other than our runaway teens.

5/1: A new season among the chaos. #11 preseason. We are told that we’ll have gyms rebuilt in time for the start of practice on Oct. 2. In the meantime guys are using outdoor courts.

(Author’s Note: Okay, one of my players, my best player, just disappeared. Abe Dion. Didn’t go pro, didn’t transfer. Just gone. WTF!)

5/19: Rebuilding is going quickly. We have not been hit a second time. Anti-aircraft is in place.

5/24: A pre-dawn attack on the same four communities just ended. It was not as extensive as the first and our anti-aircraft really disrupted and curtailed it.

5/25: 875 dead, 1,280 injured, more buildings down, including the Detroit central building.

We’re doing all we can defensively, and planes are being built.

6/5: No transfers of interest.

6/20: Everything is up and running except the planes, and they’re coming very soon.

6/26: 4 scholarships. Looking at 15.

7/7: No further attacks. Two types of planes up and ready: 1. Attack and defend planes-11 built, 39 in progress. 2. Scouting planes that can fly very high speed, long range looking for enemy aircraft as well as for signs of ground activity. They fly very high to avoid non-radar detection- 6 built, 14 in progress.

7/21: All but 15 planes up and flying, 12 attack and defend, 3 scout. No further attacks.

8/7: PF Kyle Wams #10, C Lou Herr #29 on the Norton list.

8/13: Attempted attack foiled. We saw them coming (radar), got planes in the air, got anti-aircraft set up, and knocked them flat. We sent 18 planes to the ground, and followed the other three as they retreated, hoping they’d take us to their home location. They didn’t. About 200 miles west of the Mississippi River the pilots and crew (2 man aircraft, probably pilot and navigator/bomber) parachuted and let the planes crash.

We really had no way to go after the guys who parachuted down, but we have 11 prisoners. Interrogation has begun with those healthy enough for it- 4.

8/15: Our prisoners are not saying anything- name, rank, and serial number (not that they have an actual serial number).

8/17: One of our teens said to give the prisoners Weekel. That it would loosen their tongues. We did. It did. We have a lot of very useful info. The teens are in northwest Montana, settled mostly in caves in the side of a mountain, but with community baths and kitchens that are completely modern. They have labs, factories, medical facilities… and, obviously, are capable of producing all kinds of sophisticated equipment, machinery…

There are 62 of them surviving, plus 11 children born to them since they left. They’ve been gone since late December of 2587. They are completely united. They have had all kinds of setbacks but the solution is always found through a Weekel “journey.”

They intend to eventually take control of all 8 communities, but that is a very long range plan. For now, the bombings are to disrupt.

Most alarming of all is that they have the capability to drop a newly invented deadly gas. It is heavy, and if dropped will sink to ground level and then disperse over a wide area. One drop in the center of each community would kill every person and animal in that community. The issue is that it stays in place for a very long time, and for an even longer time enough residue remains to not allow for a re-introduction of life forms. They want what we’ve
built, and this would prevent them from getting it.

8/18: The Joint Council met from 7:00 last night until 9:00 this morning. The course of action is clear. As soon as possible, as in within two week, we will attack the teen settlement in Montana with everything we’ve got.

Ground troops, meaning all able bodied men and women age 14 and up, will be taken by boat to the far side of the Mississippi and will then proceed by buses and 18 wheelers that will also be boated across, to a site 100 miles east of the settlement. At that point they will send advanced scouts ahead and will proceed on foot to as close as they feel they can get without being detected. When they are in place they will surround the area of the teens’ home. The air attack will begin and the ground troops will round up those fleeing from the attack.

We are sending 1200 ground troops to battle 62 teens. We WILL put an end to this.

8/21: We offer to 2 PGs and 2 bigs. One of the PGs is a gamble but we think we have a great shot at all 3 of the others.

Ground troops are on their way.

8/24: A disaster. Our troops, taking every possible precaution, were gassed shortly after entering South Dakota. Despite having gas masks and replacement filters, we have lost more than 1,100 of the 1,200 troops. The others are making their way back here.

8/25: Every plane we own- every one, flew to Montana. We dropped gas on the site and for an area of a square mile around it in every direction, and we dropped bombs on every target we saw, as well as bombing the entrances to every cave that appeared to be inhabited, or inhabitable. Ground troops are on the way via bus and 18 wheeler. All vehicles are sealed off from outside contamination.

8/28: We have a body count of 59 adults and 11 children in Montana. We don’t know whether the other 3 escaped, or whether they were bombed into unrecognizable form. 300 troops are staying in the area of the settlement, and 25 planes will overfly every day for a while.

8/30: We found the other 3 bodies deep in a cave. We’re out of here. The toxicity levels are through the sky. We had our people in top level containment suits, had an entry area for decontamination of the suits and showering.

No one got sick but we can’t get out fast enough.

8/31: Everyone will sleep in their own beds tomorrow night.

9/2: Big protests in all 8 communities; dozens in some communities, hundreds in others. The largest numbers are in the communities farthest away; the ones that were never attacked. Okay, we went in and killed everyone, including babies. In the Council’s view, and in mine, there was no other way. Every day that the rebels existed increased the chance of them wiping all of us out, and no mistake, that was their intention.

Still, we have always tried our best to be peaceful; this is a major departure. And, of course, nearly all of the rebels have parents living in the communities. We notified all of them, as the raid was beginning, of what we were doing, and of the likely outcome. All of them were upset but most understood that we really had no choice.

9/9: Protests are continuing. People are really upset about this. I get that but, all in all, I’d rather they were upset than dead, which they would have been if we had not acted.

9/14: Some of the protests have turned violent. Our soldiers have been told to not use violence on the protesters under any circumstances except immediate danger to people.

9/18: We got 3, a PG and the 2 bigs, and lost the iffy one. Going for another guard.

Coaches Classic vs. St. Joe’s. Mostly ranked teams in the pre-conf. schedule.

9/21: People are still protesting. Many are out every day during their time off of work. Some isolated violence, but this is more about decrying our actions and mourning the dead.

9/25: We got the 2nd PG. 3 of the 4 seem like a lock to hit our SAT score. One PG, the better one, is a little iffy, but we feel he should be okay.

9/28: The protests seem to be running out of steam, but there is a petition calling for no military action without approval of a referendum. It will come to a meeting of the Joint Council in a week. The problem is, of course, if
we’re attacked. If that happens there’s no way to wait for approval without risking lots of lives.

10/2: 1st day of practice. We are LOADED inside. We have 2 guards who look very good, but not much to back them up. Best bet is probably the guy starting at SF, but there’s another guy who may develop. We’ll see.

10/5: Petitions with 29,000+ signatures were presented to the Joint Council. They “demanded” that no military action be taken without approval at referendum. I immediately jumped up and brought up the point of an attack upon one of our communities, or an expedition from a community. A long debate followed. With a question as important to the people of our communities as this one, eventually the decision is made at referendum. The Council voted to bring a proposal back to next week’s Joint Council meeting.

10/12: The Joint Council announced a resolution that had two parts: 1. In ordinary circumstances no military action may be taken without approval of the people at referendum. 2. If any community is attacked military action “to defend our people, our communities, and our way of life” would be taken. As soon as possible a referendum would be held to determine further action.

Again, there was long debate. In the end the second part mandated a referendum within 72 hours. That part was wrestled with for some time. Some people argued for 24 hours, some for a week, and we got everything in between.

The referendum will be held two weeks from today, 10/26.

10/26: The referendum passed with 63% voting yes. We like to be more united than that but this is a controversial issue.

Weekel use seems to be down somewhat. Of course we don’t really know that, but use in the Weekel Project is down. Hard to say how many are using somewhere else. Breakthroughs continue, but so do harmful side effects.

Eventually every effect is countered by a discovery by Weekel users, but there’s danger here.

11/6: We have a lineup:

Junior juco Sid Sith and frosh Dil Anes at guard. Frosh Coy Peng and walk on returning junior Kit Earl will back up.

Frosh Kyle Wams will start at SF and back up inside. Junior juco Rob Mack and soph Jay Holt will back up at SF.

Inside are returning senior Lou Herr and frosh Sol Pry. Junior juco Ryan Jam is waiting in the wings for minutes inside.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:16 am

11/13: 78-62 over #13 seed St. Joe’s in the 1st round of the Coaches Classic. 23, 7, 4 for SF/PF Kyle Wams, 18, 2, 4 for SG Sid Sith, 16, 3 for PG Dil Anes, 6, 11, 6, 3, 4 for C Lou Herr. 41 RBs (+14).

#12 seed Utah won in an upset so they’re next.

11/15: 71-64. We owned the 2nd half. 22 for Sith, 15, 4, 3 for Anes, 11 for Wams, 4, 10, 3, 4, 2 for Herr. We have actual guards this season!

#8 seed, #17 ranked Pitt knocked off #1 seed, #2 ranked KY. They’re next.

11/17: 63-60. We were down 14 at one point. 19, 15, 2, 2, 3 for Sol Pry in his first really good game, 15 for Anes, 13, 6, 3 for Wams, 7, 12 for first big off the bench Rob Mack. +24 RBs (49), but 19 TOs.

#3 seed, #8 ranked UNLV for the title.

11/19: Champs! 91-79. Down 12 in the 1st half. 19, 2, 3 for Sith, 15, 10 for Herr, 16, 5, 2 for Wams, 12, 7 for Pry.+7 RBs, +7 TOs.

11/20: 4-0, #1 in the nation! Okay, that’s not going to last, but it’s the first time ever for me so it’s exciting.

All 4 recruits sign.

11/22: 79-46 over #22 Gonzaga here. Total domination. 23, 5, 3 for Sith, 14 for Peng, 10, 6 for Herr, 10, 3, 2 for Anes. 44 RBs, 4 TOs.

11/25: 52-60 at Syracuse. We shot 27.9%. 15.2% on threes. 4 RBs and 10 TOs but you need to make shots. 16, 6 for Pry.

11/29: 79-78 at Seton Hall. 15 lead changes, 14 ties. Dil Anes hit a three with less than a second to go for the win. 17, 7, 3, 2 for Wams, 15 for Sith, 12, 7 for Herr, 11 for Anes.

12/2: 85-60 over #19 Texas here. 50-25 at the half. 22, 2, 6 for Anes, 14, 12, 3 for Pry, 18, 6 for Wams, 12, 7, 3 for Herr. +14 RBs.

12/6: 79-93 to #3 UNLV here. We let their SG score 50; couldn’t stop him. 27, 10 for Herr. Can’t win if you don’t play D.

12/9: 79-67 at #9 Arizona. Great win! We took an early lead and stretched it to 24. They never got it to single digits. 22, 3, 3 for Sith, 17, 9, 2 for Anes, 12, 6, 5, 4 for Wams. 38 RBs.

12/11: 8-2, #5, RPI #3.

Everything is calm in the 8 communities. Weekel use seems to be way down, medical gains have made us a really healthy society, the grid is running seamlessly at ultra high speed, and the weather satellites are giving us early warning of storms. Seismic activity has been very calm but we know that we can expect warnings of any quakes.

The Weekel project gave us a great many ideas to develop. We are develop these, and they will lead to improvements in all areas.

12/13: 86-54 over New Mexico ST. 20, 2, 5 for Anes, 17, 3, 4 for Sith. +23 RBs, 10 TOs.

12/20: 71-67 at Virginia. Down 13 at the half then 15 early in the 2nd. We finally started hitting shots, mostly because we worked harder to get open. Good games for all 5 starters plus Rob Mack from the bench. 41 RBs, 9 TOs.

12/25: At the end of pre-conf. play we’re 10-2, #3, RPI #3. +10.3 PPG, ++9.2 RBs, +2.6 TOs (12.7 which is not quite as low as we’d like it but WAY better than last season).
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:54 pm

12/27: 89-80 at SMU to begin conf. play. 22, 2, 4 for Sith, 16, 4, 3 for Herr, 15, 6 for Pry, 10, 6, 2 for Anes. Herr and Anes fouled out. +13 RBs.

We are developing small passenger planes. We’re not looking for anything to hold more than about 20-25 people but there could be benefits to having 1 or 2 in each community. As with all of our fuels we want the plane fuel to be environmentally friendly. We have a Weekel inspired plan.

12/30: 94-75 over South FL here. 18, 3, 7 for Anes, 13, 11, 3 for Herr. 6 in double figures. +22 RBs.

1/3/2591: 100-97 in OT at our #1 conf. rival, #18 Houston. 20, 11 for Pry, who fouled out, 18, 9 for Herr, who fouled out, 16, 3, 4 for Sith, 14, 7, 2 for Ryan Jam from the bench, and 12, 2, 5 for Anes. Mack had 10 RBs. Good bench play saved us in OT when 2 starters were gone. +24 RBs (56!).

Rebounding and general inside play is our strength, #1 in the nation in RBs, #2 in Blocks. But we’re much better outside than we were last season.

1/6: 71-51 over Memphis here. 19, 9 for Wams, 17, 5, 6 for Sith. 46 RBs, 11 TOs.

1/8: 14-2, 4-0, #3, RPI #3. Alone in 1st in conf.

1/9: 73-66 at Central FL. 20, 3 for Sith, 15 for Anes, 10, 10 for Herr, 10, 8 for Pry. 44 RBs, but a season high 21 TOs.

Starting guard Sid Sith sprained his big toe and he’s out for 2 weeks. Coy Peng will start. Kit Earl will back up.

1/13: 74-60 at Temple. 46-27 at the half and we never trailed. 20, 3, 2 for Herr, 20, 5, 2 for Coy Peng in his first start. +7 RBs, +7 TOs.

1/17: 72-48 over Tulsa here. 26, 5 for Pry, 14, 6, 5, 4 for Peng. +9 RBs, +5 TOs.

One of the earliest and most promising things to come out of the Weekel Project was a wide variety of ideas related to robotics. The issue has been a clean, renewable power source. Yes, solar batteries, but getting it to work efficiently, and finding a way to make the batteries out of common materials- all of that has hung us up for a long time. We managed a breakthrough recently.

We now have a prototype for a robot that can drive a farm tractor and do planting, plowing and related tasks. The tractors we are using are of very limited utility because the solar powered ones were truly awful. A lot of farming tasks have been done by hand. This is big.

We are close with robotic surgeons, factory machine operators… Actually, we are fairly close to the point where most, nearly all, types of work will be done by robots. We are educating our children for a future in which work will play a very small part. We want our young people to develop intellectual curiosity, and a love for learning, as well as a passion for the arts, and an interest in personal development in whatever directions that may lead.

1/20: 68-57 over Tulane here. Great game for Lou Herr, 18 and 18. 15, 6 for Wams, 14, 5, 3, 2 for Anes. 48 RBs, 12 TOs.

Peng had another good game, 10, 2, 2. Now I need to decide whether to keep him in the starting spot.

I decided to give Peng some of Anes’ minutes. Sith is a terrific defender and a good ball handler.

It is already pretty much a 2 team race in conf. Houston has one loss, we have none, everyone else has 4 or more.

1/27: a 70-43 blowout over Central FL here. 13, 9 for Pry, 14, 4, 4, 3 for Sith, 11, 8, 3 for Anes, 11, 3 for Peng. 40 RBs, 14 TOs.

Houston lost, so 2 up in the loss column.

1/29: 19-2, 9-0, #3, RPI #3. 1 ½ game lead. +12.2 PPG, +11.2 RBs, +2.8 TOs.

Lou Herr is #26, Kyle Wams #30 on the Norton list.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Nov 26, 2016 11:33 am

1/30: 72-48 over SMU here. 7 players scored between 8 and 13. 6 TOs (+14).

Robots are driving our farm tractors on every farm in the eight communities. We are ready to go with robotic surgery, and most other jobs that humans do will be done by robots before year’s end. We will use robots in child care and teaching but only in supplementary roles and under the direct observation and supervision of humans. No robots will be left alone with kids.

2/3: 85-70 at South FL. Another team effort with balanced scoring. +13 RBs- we’re #1 in the nation.

2/5: 21-2, 11-0, #3, RPI #3. 3 game lead in conf. 5 over 3rd place team.

2/7: 75-62 over 2nd place, #17 ranked Houston. 16, 2, 3 for Peng, 14, 9 for Herr, 15, 5, 2, 2 for Pry, 10 each for Wams and Anes.

2/10: 68-78 at Memphis for our first conf. loss. Couldn’t make shots in the 2nd half. 16, 5 for Anes, 10, 13 for Mack, 10 for Peng, but no one else had more than 6. +10 RBs.

Houston lost, too, so still 4 up in the loss column, with 5 to play.

2/13: 69-45 over East Carolina here. Balanced scoring and +17 RBs.

We have now had a few robotic surgeries performed, with a human surgeon right there at the table. Flawless. The robot can get into tight spots and make cuts far more delicate and precise than any human surgeon ever could. This kind of surgery was done everywhere before everything fell apart 500 years ago.

2/15: 84-81 at Tulane. Back and forth all the way. We seemed less than fully focused. 18 for Herr, 17 each for Pry and Sith. +9 RBs.

Peng hurt his calf. Out about a week.

We’ve clinched the regular season conf. title.

2/17: 72-43 over 2nd place Temple here. 15, 8 for Wams, 13, 6, 7 for Anes, 10, 10 for Herr, 6, 10 for Pry. 53 RBs (!).

2/19: 25-3, 15-1, #4, RPI #4.

2/21: 85-70 at Tulsa. 18, 3, 2 for Peng, 14, 7 for Wams, 15, 4, 3 for Herr, 10, 5, 11 for Sith.

Major earthquake hit New York, 6.8. It was predicted, and people evacuated, but there were still injuries, and there are people missing. Some didn’t go far enough away, others ignored the warnings.

It occurs to us that we never thought of using robots for rescue. We will begin work on that immediately.

2/24: 73-74 at Cincy to end the regular season. 25, 4, 2, 2 for Peng, 19, 4, 9 for Sith, but we got beat up inside. It came down to one possession, and they got a good look and hit the shot. 25 TOs did us in.

3/5: 26-4, 16-2, #4, RPI #4. We finished 3 ahead of Houston, 4 on Temple, 6 or more on the rest. +12.3 PPG, +11.0 RBs (#1 in the nation), +2.5 TOs (13.8- too high but WAY better than last year!).

Kyle Wams goes pro. No one else, thankfully.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Nov 26, 2016 11:34 am

3/9: #8 seed Tulane, 10-18, 7-11, won the play in. We have them in the quarter finals.

3/10: 81-59. Never a game. 22, 6 for Peng, 13, 6, 10, 3 for Sith. +11 TOs.

#4 seed Memphis, 18-10, 11-7, in the semis.

3/11: 85-72. Close for 32 minutes. Then a 14-3 run put them away. 6 in double figures.

#6 seed East Carolina, 16-14, 8-10, upset #3 Temple, and then #2 Houston, so we play them for the title. Beat them by 24 here.

3/12: 70-49 and the title. We were never challenged in the entire tournament. Great guard play- lots of points, only 7 TOs.

Can’t imagine we won’t get a #1 seed. I’d say in the right hand bracket.

#1 Midwest, which is #2 overall. We’ll take it! We play 17-13 Wagner first.

Robotics is taking over everything from the cafeteria to farming to fishing to trash pickup and street cleaning to- well, everything. Work schedules have been cut in half. We want to transition so that people have time to develop interests, hobbies, areas they’d like to study… Soon, work will be a very small part of people’s lives in most cases.

3/16: 85-65. 21, 5 for Herr. 6 in double figures. 42 RBs, 10 TOs.

#8 seed Texas A & M, 19-13, in round two.

3/18: 87-63. 20, 5, 3, 2 for Sith, 15, 7, 6, 3, 4 for Herr. All 5 starters in double figures. 12 TOs.

#1 overall FL went down in the 2nd round.

#4 seed, #17 ranked OK ST, 27-5, in the Sweet Sixteen.

3/23: 82-73. We led most of the way, but never by more than 10. The issue was in doubt until the final 2 minutes. 28, 2, 5 for Sith, 17, 15 for Herr, 19 for Peng. +15 RBs.

#3 seed, #14 ranked Stanford, 27-7, in the Elite Eight.

3/25: 82-73, same score as our last game. We never led by more than the final score, and that was only once. 18, 7, 2, 3, 5 for Herr, 14, 1, 6 for Sith. 29 for the bench, which was the difference- that and +17 RBs.

In the Final Four again! We play #9 ranked Indiana, 29-6. On the other side it’s #8 Kentucky, 28-6, vs. #4 UCLA, 33-3.

3/30: South FL, from our conf., won the CHI.

4/1: 70-63! We led for the last 36 minutes, by as many as 15. 13, 11 for Herr, 15, 3 for Sith, 11, 6, 3, 3, 2 for Mack.

Sid Sith hurt his wrist and will miss the title game.

It’s #2 seed, #8 ranked Kentucky, 29-6, for the title. They are a very good team, and their PF is a scoring machine. This won’t be easy.

4/3: 71-84. They exploded out of the gate and built an early 25 point lead. We never got closer than 7. 17, 11 for Wams, 18, 4, 2 for Anes, 8, 13 for Pry. 48 RBs (+15), but 19 TOs (-13).

4/4: Awards: Lou Herr made conf. 1st team. Junior Sid Sith, and frosh Kyle Wams and Sol Pry made 2nd. I got conf. COY.

Everyone in the 8 communities is working ½ time, including those working with children. The latter is true because many people have been shifted from their former jobs to working with children in either education or child care. Only volunteers were accepted, and they all went through a training program and are now in internships. All are being closely supervised.

Again, hobbies, interest, and areas of education are all encouraged. To date the greatest interest areas are drama and music, intramural sports like volleyball, basketball, ping pong… Chess and bridge have some support. There are LOTS of book clubs, many of which specialize in a literary genre, but not all. Areas people seem to want to learn about include physics, medicine, fitness, literature…

4/23: We ask for money again. And we get it again! $24,000.

34-5, got all the way to the title game. Great season. Overall, I’m 442-107, .805 for 16 seasons. Team Prestige is 95. National title next season? 2 Top 10 bigs and 2 good looking PGs coming in, and lots coming back. Could be.

Plans continue regarding how to deal with leisure time. It is a vitally important educational process as we move to a post-work society.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Nov 26, 2016 11:07 pm

5/1: Preseason #3. We’re in the hunt!

6/5: No one in the transfer pool.

6/26: 5 scholarships. We hope to get 3 bigs, 2 guards. Looking at 12.

6/28: Gigantic storm system headed straight at us, and consequently at Milwaukee, Detroit, Toronto, and very likely Montreal, New Philly, and New York. It’s 2 days away from us.

7/1: Nearly midnight, and 21 hours of storm are about finished. Still some moderately heavy rains. We battened everything down and the storm hit with full force. It was one of those modern hurricane/tornado storms. Winds
approaching 200 mph with gusts to 225 and higher. Torrential rains.

Extensive damage to many buildings. No casualties. We all took to the storm cellars and stayed there, letting robots and instruments monitor what was going on. We did lose a couple dozen robots, but they’re replacable.

We will be a long time rebuilding, and the storm is heading for Milwaukee next.

7/8: Milwaukee, Detroit, and Toronto all hit at least as badly as we were. Then the storm veered north and missed the other 4 communities.

All 8 communities will be involved in restoration here and in the other three affected communities. A great deal of the work will be done by robots under human supervision, but lots of humans are also working.

Best estimate is that everything will be back to normal by about Oct. 1.

8/7: 7 on the Norton list: PF Ad Sear #8, C Sol Pry #12, PG Will Mars #23, C Rob Mack #38, C Hal Ford #42, C Jay Holt #46, and PG Sid Sith #50.

8/21: We offer to a PG, an SG, an SF, and 2 PFs. All have us high on their lists.

Lots of people in the 4 communities are in temp housing. Grid is back up everywhere.

9/3: Clean up is progressing rapidly. Hundreds of robots working 24/7 speeds the process up. We need only a few human supervisors working each location and each shift so a lot gets done in the course of a day.

9/18: Got 3, a PG, an SG, and an SF, all top 10. Lost a PF.

In the NIT vs. Weber ST. String schedule.

Everyone is back in their home, and almost everything is back to 100%. The robots really got it done.

9/25: WE get a C, lose a PF.

10/2: We get the C. We should be all set with recruiting now.

1st day of practice.

11/6: We have a lineup:

Senior Sid Sith and frosh Will Mars start at guard. Sophs Coy Peng and Dil Anes will get time as well.

Frosh Ad Sear starts at SF with Rob Mack backing up both there and at PF.

Inside it’s soph Sol Pry and frosh Hal Ford.

I think we can make a strong run at the national title this year.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Nov 27, 2016 11:41 am

11/14: 81-69 over #15 seed Weber ST in the 1st round of the NIT. 25, 8 for Center Sol Pry, 12, 5, 2 for guard Sid Sith. Good bench play. +16 RBs.

#7 seed, #24 ranked Virginia in the 2nd round.

11/16: 85-68. 26, 11 for Pry, 18, 4 for PF Hal Ford, and again, good bench play. 40 RBs, +8 TOs.

#14 seed St. Joe’s beat #3 seed then #6 seed to get to the semis.

11/18: 72-51. 3rd straight double double for Pry, 19, 10, 2, 3. 14, 3, 5 for Sith, 13, 3, 3 for Mars. 41 RBs, 12 TOs.

Backup guard Coy Peng hurt his Calf. Out about 10 days. Dil Anes will get his minutes.

#13 seed, #7 ranked USC, on the strength of 3 straight upsets, faces us in the title game.

11/20: 84-71 and the title. 17, 12, 4, 2 for Pry, 22, 5, 4 for Mars, 12, 4, 6 for Sith. 41 RBs, 9 TOs.

All 5 recruits sign so we’re finished with recruiting.

11/23: 87-50 over #5 Texas here. 16, 7 for Pry to break the string of double doubles. 14, 5, 6 for Mars, 14, 3 for Anes. $6 RBs, 6 TOs. Our bench has been terrific in every game.

11/26: 82-73 at Missouri. 23, 11, 4 for Pry, 18, 3, 4 for Mars. 43 RBs.

6-0, #1 in the nation!

11/30: 85-71 at Virginia. 18, 11, 3, 3, 2 for Pry, 16, 5, 4, 3 for Mars, 15, 1, 7 for Sith. 39 RBs, 12 TOs.

12/3: 68-58 over #10 Stanford here. 17, 11 for Ford, 20, 4, 3 for Mars, 11, 8 for Sear. Pry had only 8 and 6 because (1) he was doubled all night, and (2) he played only 16 minutes due to fouls. +13 RBs, +7 TOs.

12/7: 81-52 over #13 Michigan ST here. 23, 16 for Pry, 4 others in double figures. 44 RBs, 6 TOs.

Little used big guy Ryan Jam hurt his shoulder. Out about a week.

12/10: 61-47 over Syracuse here. 18, 8 for Sith, 13, 7, 2 for Mack, 15 for Anes. Great D and excellent bench play own this one. 43 RBs, 7 TOs.

12/13: 83-72 at #24 New Mexico ST. 20, 6, 4, 3 for Mars, 14, 6, 2 for Ford, 15, 2, 2 for Anes. 40 RBs, 13 TOs.

12/21: 61-43 at Syracuse. 24 for Sith, 10, 15, 4, 2, 4 for Pry. 47 RBs.

12/25: We end pre-conf. play at 12-0, #1, RPI #2. +17.1 PPG, +9.9 RBs, +5.1 TOs (11.3!).

Let’s go through a work breakdown. The Joint Council finally decided that everyone would work a 20 hour week, full time students included. The reason was simple enough. Everything we knew and saw told us that people need structure, and this is the best way to give it to them. The 20 hour thing may eventually go up or down, but the idea of working probably will not. Robots, with minimal supervision, could do all of the work for us. As it is they will do most of it. Humans will supervise, or simply be on site in case something unexpected happens. Robots will guard our perimeters, including drones flying beyond our borders to do surveillance. They will do most of the work on fishing boats, on farms, in factories. They will keep our statistics (under my supervision). They will correct the schoolwork that does not require humans to correct it, and they will tutor/assist students when that does not require human intervention. Day care for the children of workers will remain mostly a human task, but robots will do what they can in this area as well. In order to provide work for humans, all robotic work, again, will be supervised or overseen by humans on a 24/7/365 basis. Robots do not need rest and will only very rarely need repair. When they do need repair, other robots will do that work as well.

Humans, for the first time in human history, will have the leisure time to improve their minds, pursue their hobbies, interests, and passions, learn as much as they can in areas of interest…
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Nov 27, 2016 5:54 pm

12/27: 54-66 at #22 Temple. NOT a good way to start conf. play! We shot 33.9% and were called for 9 more fouls. Pry and Mars played little, and were in foul trouble all night long. It felt like we never had a chance.

16, 6, 4 for Sith, but he had 10 TOs. We had 19 as a team. Maybe we need to call it an off night and move on.

12/30: 98-57 over SMU here. 23, 3, 3 for Mars, 18, 8 for Ford, 14, 8, 4 for Pry, 8, 3, 10 for Sith. 36 RBs, 10 TOs.

1/1/2592: 78-56 at Memphis. 13, 13, 4, 3 for Pry, 14, 10 for Mack. 48 RBs, but 20 TOs.

1/3: 75-55 over East Carolina here. 21, 13, 3 for Pry, 5 others in doubles. 39 RBs, 9 TOs.

Sub guard Coy Peng hurt his wrist. He’s out about a week.

Someone vandalized a robot in Detroit. It was found in a wooded area with an arm missing and lots of damage, done with a blunt object.

1/10: 69-49 at Central FL. 19, 11 for Pry, 16, 10 for Ford, 16, 5 for Mars. 49 RBs, 11 TOs.

2 more robots found vandalized, one in Cleveland, one in Toronto. Wondering what’s going on.

1/13: 80-43 over Tulane here. 25, 9 for Pry. 51 RBs, 11 TOs.

1/15: 17-1, 5-1, #2, RPI #2. Tied with Cincy for 1st. 3 teams 1 back in the loss column.

1/17: 66-75 at #16 Cincy. We blew an 11 point lead. Pry played 11 minutes due to fouls. 13, 10 for Ford, 13 for Mars. Threes were the difference, we hit 2-17, they hit 10 for 31.

1/19: Robot storage facilities here, in New York, and in Montreal were bombed with home made devices. Hundreds of robots were destroyed.

1/20: 87-69 over Houston here. 16, 11, 3 for Sear, 19, 5 for Pry. We led all the way.

The Joint Council met. We now have security, robot and human, at all robot storage facilities. We are working on “body cams” for all robots that will transmit to a central computer bank. In the event that something happens we will have video and audio of it. This will take about 2-3 weeks to put in place. In the meantime we are really beefing up security. Everyone is temporarily on a 25 hour work week.

1/22: 88-82 at Houston. 5 in double figures. We led all the way but they got it to 3 with the ball 3 times. We stopped them each time.

1/23: A gigantic fire at a robot storage facility in Milwaukee. It completely destroyed the building, everything in it, and there was a loss of lives. We’re not sure how many yet.

1/24: 87-79 at Tulsa. 26, 3, 6, 4 for Sith. We led all the way. 6 TOs. We’re #3 in the nation with 11.3 per game.

The first theory on the fire is that whoever is behind this infiltrated the security force at the facility, killed the other human guards, and then doing the rest. That doesn’t make a lot of sense though. The first video cams were already installed, and they were placed on storage facility guard robots. They were in place in Milwaukee. They have been viewed. They show everything as normal until a giant fireball erupted, at which point the cameras ceased to function. 33 deaths in the fire.

We are working as rapidly as possible to manufacture the “body cams,” and working equally quickly to manufacture robots to replace the more than 1000 that have been destroyed.

1/27: 93-67 over South FL here. 20, 11 for Pry, 17, 12 for Holt. 45 RBs, 7 TOs.

And another gigantic fire, this one in New Philly. Again, it destroyed the facility and everything in it, and again, there was loss of lives, lots of them.

1/28: Emergency session of the Joint Council. Frankly, we’re at a loss. There’s nothing to tell who is behind all of this, and no evidence to follow to lead us to the perps. 41 killed in New Philly.

We are redoubling the guard, having armed human and robotic foot patrols in as many locations as possible in all communities, flying drones whenever possible, again as many as we can. Everyone is now on a 35 hour week.

1/29: 21-2, 9-2, #2, RPI #2. +16.6 PPG, +11.8 RBs, +5.0 TOs.

Sol Pry is #2, Will Mars #13, and Sid Sith #18 on the Norton list.

Everyone easily hit our SAT score. So we have the #1, 3, 10, 19, and 32 recruits coming in. I wonder who will go pro.

We’re living in an armed camp, but we need to be right now.
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Re: After Dystopia

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Nov 27, 2016 8:49 pm

1/30: 70-57 at SMU. Pry and Ford led the way and we had our usual very good bench play.

2/1: 69-45 over #23 Temple here. Didn’t expect a blowout! 24, 3, 3, 2 for Mars, 16, 2, 5 for Sith, 15, 2, 6 for Anes. Our guards dominated theirs. 12 RBs for Pry, and 10, 8, 2, 1, 5 for Mack.11 TOs (+10).

It’s a 2 team race. Everyone except for Cincy is 3 or more back in the loss column.

2/2: And somehow, despite levels of security that are unbelievably tight, it happened again. A warehouse in New York went up in flames, with total destruction and multiple deaths. We are at a complete loss to explain how this keeps happening and we are utterly without suspects.

2/3: 85-49 over Memphis here. It was never a game.

Rob Mack, our 6th man, strained abdominals. He’s out for about 10 days. Jay Holt will get his minutes. Jay has looked very good in limited minutes. This is his big chance!

A dusk to dawn curfew is now in place in all 8 communities. 37 deaths in New York.

“Body cams” are now installed in every robot we have, and everyone on guard duty also wears one. Drones are flying everywhere, at all times except when the weather will not permit it.

2/7: 75-58 at East Carolina. 22, 10 for Pry, 15, 8, 5, 5 for Mars. The big guys won this one for us. Holt played decent ball, but just that.

Everything has been quiet since the attack on 2/2.

2/10: 92-56 over #11 Cincy here to break the 1st place tie. Never expected to bury them like this. A real team effort, 8 guys had between 5 and 17. We shot 51.5% and held them to 37.5%. Jay Holt had 7 blocks. 41 RBs, 10 TOs.

2/12: 26-2, 14-2, #1, RPI #1. Kentucky is undefeated but we’ve played a stronger schedule.

Pry is #3, Mars #14, Sith #19 on the Norton list.

2/13: 97-68 over Central FL here. 7 in double figures and another guy had 8. 41 RBs, 11 TOs.

Jay Holt hurt a hip. Out for a week. Sub Art Tash suffered a mild concussion; day to day. Fortunately, Rob Mack is back.

2/17: 85-71 at Tulane to clinch and conclude the regular season. 19, 7, 2 for Pry. 5 in doubles. 9 TOs (+15). And we’re off for about three weeks. Not sure that’s a good thing.

2/18: Horrible night. Here, Montreal, New Boston, and Milwaukee all had fire bombings of robot storage facilities, factories, and crop storage facilities. The damage is huge.

It is a complete mystery how these attacks are happening. Body cams and location cams are showing nothing until the explosion, and nothing after that. Eyewitnesses see and hear nothing until the explosion. It defies explanation.

2/25: Still nothing to go on.

3/2: No new incidents but still nothing, still no idea how to protect ourselves.

3/5: 28-2, 16-2, #1, RPI #1. +18.4 PPG, +12.1 RBs, +6.0 TOs. #4 in PPG, #2 in both RBs and TOs.

Starting PF Hal Ford and little used SF Art Tash declare for the NBA draft.
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