The Last Man

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Postby Wayne23 » Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:57 pm

11/13: 90-66 over Arizona ST. 21, 6, 5 for Purk, 22, 8, 4 for Carn. +12 RBs, +9 TOs.

#6 seed, #16 ranked Pitt in the 2nd round.

11/15: 67-59. They led by 15 early, 13 at the half. We chipped away in the 2nd, finally took the lead. The final score was our biggest lead. 18, 8, 6 for Purk, 18 for Carn. This is our 1, 2 punch, but SF Val Jons has scored 11, then 10. +11 TOs. Our 2nd half D was excellent.

#2 seed, #10 ranked Michigan in the semifinal round. We’ll need to be sharp.

11/17: 76-66. Purk had 35 and 7 to lead the way. Seemed like every time we needed a basket he got one. 5 TOs, we’re averaging 6.

#9 seed Gonzaga for the title.

11/19: 93-80. 25, 4, 7 with 4 blocks for Purk, 22, 8, 4 for Center Rash Webb, 15 for Carn, 14 for Jons. +9 TOs.

11/20: 4-0, #1 in the new poll.

All 5 recruits sign.

12/4: 7-1, #2, RPI #4. We lost at Florida on a night when our O was poor and our D worse.

UConn is the only team still undefeated.

12/25: 10-2, #3, RPI #1. +11.5 PPG, +2.3 RBs, +6.4 TOs. Purk averages 25.1 per game.
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:15 am

January, 2171: Repairs and printing new robots took a very long time after the last tidal wave. All of that is now completed.

Lacy is now able to work for up to two hours most days without getting a headache. That’s great news. She wants to get back to the spacecraft and finish her research. The holodoctors are suggesting she wait a little longer, but she’s fighting me on that.

She wants to take Amy with her. Amy can be a huge help by doing a lot of transcription work, running errands, and even doing some observations when Lacy needs to rest in order to avoid a headache.

I gave in and told Lacy she could leave in two weeks.

The holoexperts worked out a way for the robots to build a back up boat. To me it sounded kind of unbelievable that they could do that, but a 65 footer is under construction on a platform. In three months, if things go as expected, the boat will be completed and ready for launch.

Next: Lacy and Amy in space, a change in the weather
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:32 am

1/1/2071: 12-2, 2-0, #2, RPI #1. Purk is #4 in the nation in scoring.

International rescue organizations estimate that half of the population has died within the past 5-7 years. The population is estimated to be about 4.3 billion. That is a very rough estimate. Most of the deaths have happened in Asia and Africa. The death toll in both China and India has been overwhelming.

Civilization is falling apart throughout Asia and Africa, and it is struggling in large parts of South America.

Rising waters have imperiled large areas of Australia and New Zealand.

Coastal regions of Europe and the British Isles are threatened, as are coastal areas of the U. S. Potable water is a problem everywhere.

I watch the news reports very closely, checking them first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and every chance I get throughout the day.

I have sent the conversion van to the hidden area I plan to escape to in Wyoming, and the robot driver messaged that the van was successfully hidden and it was turning itself off until my arrival, when I will turn it back on.

1/15: 16-2, 6-0, #2, RPI #1. 2 game lead in the Big 10.

UConn remains undefeated.

1/29: 20-2, 10-0, #2, RPI #1. +11.7 PPG, +1.6 RBs, +8.3 TOs. 4 game lead in the Big 10.

Spin Purk is #2 and Neil Carn #25 on the Norton list.

2/12: 23-3, 13-1, #2, RPI #1. We lost at Indiana. Still a 4 game lead in conf.

Purk remains #2 on the Norton list.

2/26: 27-3, 17-1, #2, RPI #1. +12.4 PPG, +3.5 RBs, +7.9 TOs. We win the Big 10 by 6 games. Purk leads us in everything.

3/5: We lose 3, 2 starters, to the draft: Neil Carn, Rash Webb, and little used Cap Bayn.

Purk is #1 on the Norton list.
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:14 am

3/7: #8 seed Iowa, 14-14, 8-10, won the play in. We beat them by 15 here.

3/8: 75-62. 23, 7, 5, 3 for Purk, 18, 9 for Webb. +8 TOs.

#5 seed Indiana, 17-12, 10-8, in the semis. They beat us by 8 there, in Feb. We didn’t play well that night. We feel like if we play our game we should beat them.

3/9: 85-74. 25 for Purk, 12, 11 for Webb, 13 for Griz. +16 TOs.

#2 seed Illinois, 21-9, 11-7, for the title. Their starting PF is out with a broken elbow. We won there in OT, here by 5, so it could be close.

3/10: 77-66. 36, 6 for Purk, 15, 14 for Webb. +13 RBs, 8 TOs.

3/12: 30-3, 17-1, #2, RPI #1.

We’re a #1 seed, and #1 in RPI, but UConn is undefeated. #1 overall?

#1 overall. We play Presbyterian, 15-16.

3/16: 73-44. 20, 8, 4 for Webb, 18, 8, 7, 3, 3 for Purk, 13, 9 for Griz. +15 RBs, +8 TOs.

#9 seed Alabama, 20-10, in the 2nd round. We beat them by 16 there.

3/18: 64-57. 21 for Purk. Too close. +21 TOs did it for us but we didn’t shoot or rebound well. Good D.

#12 seed New Mexico, 23-12, beat #5 then #4. We play them in the Sweet Sixteen.

3/23: 83-60. 31 for Purk, 21, 10 for Carn, 12, 4, 5 for Jons. +14 RBs, +8 TOs.

#2 seed, #6 ranked Louisville, 27-7, in the Elite Eight. They have a very good SG, and they’re strong inside. This will be a tough one.

3/25: 101-97, in OT. 18 lead changes, 11 ties. They got it to OT with a last second three. It was one of those games where the whistles never stopped, 58 fouls called. 22, 7, 3 for Purk, 20 each for Webb and Carn. Purk scored 8 of our 11 in OT.

We’re in the Final Four against undefeated UConn, 37-0. We lost to them in the finals last season. They’re just as tough this year. We’ll need to play a great game.

On the other side it’s #5 Duke, 30-5, vs. #25 Brigham Young, 26-9.

4/1: 78-56! Never, ever thought we’d beat them by 22! 43-28 at the half. 29, 8, 3 for Purk, 24, 12 for Webb. We held them to 28.6% shooting, 21.2% on threes.

#5 ranked Duke, 31-5, for the title. We think we have an edge outside, and we think our bench is better.

4/3: 86-84. What a game! We led by as many as 15, they led by as many as 12. With 59 seconds left they were up 4. We came down and Purk was doubled so we got it to Jons, who banged a three. Down 1 with 39 ticks to go. They held the ball, shot with 13 seconds left missed, Webb got the rebound. I don’t call a TO in that situation. We’ve practiced what to do, and I don’t want the other coach to be able to set his D. We worked it around, couldn’t get Purk open, couldn’t get anyone else open. Finally, Carn got it to Jons who banged another three at the buzzer. 5 guys with 10 or more, but Jons was MOP. +11 TOs.

My 13th title, first here. I now have national titles at 5 different schools.

4/4: Awards: Senior Spin Purk won the Norton Award, the WS POY, Final Four MOP, 1st team All American. In the Big 10 Purk won POY, Def. POY, 1st team, along with Rash Webb. Neil Carn made 2nd team. I got Conf. COY.

4/23: I ask for a facilities upgrade. The email said I got it. When I checked it’s at A, which it was before. WTF?

36-3 and the title. Overall I’m 1287-230, .848.
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:39 am

July, 2171: I let Lacy and Amy go back to the spacecraft shortly after my last report. I try to visit twice a week. Lacy says she’ll be finished with the data gathering in a month or two. At that point she’ll come back home to write the Ph. D. thesis. My only concern is another earthquake/tsunami. There is simply no way to warn them if that happens. But I understand that Lacy has to do this, and I support her in that. Still, I hate the thought of something happening.

I’m alone most of the time. I know, I was alone for decades, and I expect to be alone forever. But these two girls have changed my life. I feel so close to them. Still, I’m making the best of it. I hike, I write, I read, I go back to the programs I enjoyed in the past. I have even re-established contact with my holographic girl friends.

A big concern is the weather. We haven’t had any bad storms, but it’s turning colder. It was warm for a very long time, but gradually, the daytime highs have fallen into the low 60s, and at night it gets into the low 40s. As always, I have no idea what is causing the change. We’re not in a tropical location right now, if that even means anything anymore, but we’re in what used to be a temperate zone, about level with Maryland or Virginia, so it should be warm. I’ll just need to see what happens.

Next: The girls are back, Lacy is writing and consulting with her advisors, Amy is painting, it’s still getting colder.
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:28 pm

5/1: The usual reports.

Preseason #1.

6/5: No one of interest in the transfer pool.

6/26: 2 scholarships. We want 1 and 1. Looking at 9.

8/7: 9 on the Norton list: PG Art Hamm is #1, PG Win Bell is #7, PG Jan Holt is #16, PF Zach Wood is #19, PG Mick Onta is #21, PG Sha Toma is #24, C Marv Griz is #36, SG Gar Bone is #43, and C Cris Arri is #46.

Given the incredible depth at guard we may go with a 3 guard set up, as we did last season.

8/21: We offer to an SG and a PF. Both are blue chip, and both have us at #1.

9/18: Got ‘em both. The SG is #1, the PF #6.

Coaches Classic vs. Wake Forest. Tough schedule.

10/2: 1st day of practice. We’re loaded.

11/6: Here’s the lineup. We went with 3 guards:

Senior Jan Holt abd frosh Art Hamm start at guard, with juco junior Mike Onda and frosh Sha Toma backing up.

Frosh PG Win Bell starts at SF.

Junior Marv Griz and frosh Zach Wood start inside. Juco junior Marc Cray and frosh Ban Mihm back up, and there are three good bigs hoping for minutes.

We’re the #1 seed in the Coaches Classic. We play #16 Wake Forest.
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:27 pm

11/13: 92-56. 32, 7, 6 for SG Art Hamm. 17 for SF Win Bell, 15 for sub guard Mick Onda. +11 RBs, +10 TOs.

#9 seed, #8 ranked (How does that even happen?) Oregon in the 2nd round.

11/15: 75-65. 18, 6, 5 for PG Jan Holt, 16, 4 for Hamm, 15, 4, 5 for Onda.

#13 seed New Mexico ST in the semis.

11/17: 92-64. 39 for Hamm. +20 RBs, 10 TOs.

#10 seed UNLV for the title.

11/19: 74-40. 23, 5 for Bell, 20, 8, 4 for Hamm. +17 RBs, 4 TOs (+11).

Both recruits sign.

12/4: 8-0, #1, RPI #2. Just beat #4 Fresno ST by 24 there. Hamm is averaging 29.1.

12/25: 12-0, #1, RPI #1. +22.6 PPG, +12.1 RBs, +4.7 TOs. Hamm is #1 on the Norton list, getting 29.4 per game.
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:34 pm

1/1/2072: 14-0, 2-0, #1, RPI #1.

First close game of the season, 72-68 at Illinois.

1/15: 18-0, 6-0, #1, RPI #1. 1 game up on #5 Michigan and Nebraska.

1/29: 22-0, 10-0, #1, RPI #1. +22.5 PPG, +10.9 RBs, +5.4 TOs. 3 game lead in the Big 10.

Hamm is #1, Bell #20, Griz #22 on the Norton list.

2/12: 26-0, 14-0, #1, RPI #1. 4 up on #12 Indiana, 5 or more on the rest.

Hamm is still #1 on the Norton list, getting 29.2 per game.

12/26: At the end of the regular season we’re 29-1, 17-1, #1, RPI #1. +20.4 PPG, +10.8 RBs, +5.7 TOs. We lost the regular season finale at Rutgers.

3/5: We lose Art Hamm, Win Bell, and little used Sha Toma to the draft.

Hamm is #1 on the Norton list.
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:44 pm

November, 2171: Lacy’s research is finished and the girls are back. Now begins Lacy’s thesis writing. She really likes her advisor, which helps, because this is a long process, and the amount of revision usually involved can be very frustrating.

Amy will not be able to do much to help Lacy with this part of the project and I worry that she may feel rejected. Lacy will need massive amounts of time alone, to organize, to write, to revise, to run tests on her research question. Amy will feel left out.

On the other hand, Amy has not had a lot of time to pursue her own work, and she may well get lost in her painting and sculpting. All of that remains to be seen.

The temperature continues to drop. Daytime highs are now in the low 50s to high 40s, and it dips as low as the 20s at night. Snow is not unusual. I have no idea what caused the drop in temp. Last time this happened it was due to a massive volcanic eruption which blocked out the sun for a very long time. That’s not the case this time; the sun is shining through. But it seems to have lost a lot of strength, and again, I have no idea why.

Next: Thesis writing continues, an art exhibit, freezing temps and constant snow
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:16 am

3/7: #8 seed Nebraska, 15-13, 8-10, in the quarters.

3/8: 80-58. 36, 12 for Hamm. +9 RBs, 10 mTOs.

#4 seed, #25 ranked Indiana, 19-11, 11-7, in the semis. We won by 19 there.

3/9: 85-76. 38, 5, 3 for Hamm. +7 TOs. Hamm is carrying us in this tournament so far.

#2 seed, #12 ranked Michigan, 24-7, 12-6. We won by 14 there.

3/10: 90-57. 34, 7 for Hamm, who was tourney MOP, averaging 36 per game. +13 RBs, 8 TOs.

32-1, #1, RPI #1.

#1 overall. We play 17-16 East Tennessee ST.

3/16: 90-55. 43, 10, 4 for Hamm, who has been on fire. +14 TOs, +9 RBs.

#9 seed Florida, 21-11. They have very good guards.

3/18: 90-67. 42, 12, 6 for Hamm. He’s averaging 38.6 for his last 5 games. +17 RBs.

#4 seed, #15 ranked Providence, 26-7, in the Sweet Sixteen.

3/23: 100-69. 61,8 for Hamm. I don’t think I’ve ever had a player get 61. +20 RBs.

#10 seed Fresno ST, 24-9, in the Elite Eight.

3/25: 83-66. 32, 10, 5 for Hamm. Least amount of points in the last 7 games. 21, 9 for Bell. +15 RBs, 10 TOs.

We’ll play #2 ranked Brigham Young, 34-1, in the national semifinal. Their SG is the #2 player in the country behind Hamm. Overall, we look like a much better team, but you need to do it on the court.

On the other side it’s #5 ranked Texas-Arlington, 33-2, vs. #10 Oklahoma, 26-10.

4/1: 94-77. 30 for Hamm, 15, 8 for Bell, great bench play. We were down as many as 17 early, then Hamm and Bell started hitting, and we started to play some D. 7 TOs.

It’s #10 Oklahoma, 27-10, for the title. Their SF is their best player. Looking for back to back titles, and #14 overall.

4/3: 96-59. 29, 8, 4 for MOP Art Hamm. 11 each for Cray and Holt, 12 for sub Zach Wood. +18 RBs, 10 TOs.

4/4: Awards: Art Hamm won the Norton, the WS POY, Frosh OY, the Final Four MOP, 1st team All American. I got National COY. In the Big 10 Hamm was POY, Frosh OY, 1st team, along with Marv Griz. Win Bell made 2nd team.

4/23: I ask for a facilities upgrade. As happened last year the email said “Approved” but the rating remained at “A.”

38-1, and back to back titles. #14. Overall, I’m 1325-231, .852, for 44 seasons.
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