The Last Man

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Postby Wayne23 » Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:09 pm

5/1: National gold.

Preseason #2.

6/5: No one in the transfer pool.

6/26: Since this is my last season the CPU will handle recruiting.

Brad and Will went #1, #2 in the draft.

8/7: 3 on the Norton list: C Toe Jarr is #6, PG Cay Roll is #9, and PG Dan John is #27.

9/18: Coaches Classic vs. Florida ST.

10/2: 1st day of practice. We’re not as good as we were last year but we’re very deep.

11/6: The lineup:

Senior Dan John and soph Cay Roll start at guard, backed by juco junior Al Pepp, and soph Eric Hart.

Soph Will Grif is at SF.

Junior Rod Mart and frosh Toe Jarr start inside. Subbing inside are senior Bol Hull, and junior Greg Hand.

We start as the #1 seed at the Coaches Classic vs. FL ST.
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:06 am

11/13: 78-71. 22 for PG Cay Roll. 5 others had 8 or more. 6 TOs (+11).

#9 seed, #25 ranked St. Joe’s in the 2nd round. Lots of good teams in this tourney.

11/15: 77-62. We led all the way. 27, 3, 9 for Roll, 15, 16 for C Toe Jarr, 13 for SG Dan John. +12 RBs, +7 TOs.

#12 Temple in the semis.

11/17: 75-70. It wasn’t that close. 17, 11 for Jarr, 17, 5, 5 for Roll. +8 RBs.

#10 seed St. John’s for the title.

11/19: 81-74. 18, 5, 5 for Jarr, 16, 5, 3 for John, 13, 6 for SF Will Grif, 14 RBs for PF Rod Mart.

11/20: 4-0, #1 ranked.

12/4: 8-0, #1, RPI #3. PG Cay Roll is leading us with 20.9, and 5.3 assists. Toe Jarr is getting 13.0 and 9.1 RBs. 5 others are making significant contributions on O.

5 of our next 6 are on the road.

12/18: Win #1500 over Ohio, by 8 there.

12/25: 13-1, #1, RPI #1. +9.9 PPG, +5.3 RBs, +5.2 TOs. Roll and Jarr continue to lead the way.

Our only loss came at Marquette, by 1, in OT. We lost because we went 18-33 from the line.

We put Greg Hand in the starting lineup and in his 3rd game there he broke his ankle. He’ll be back for the post season.
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:15 am

February, 2177: We’re locked in. The ocean has frozen solid. Our plan was to build a support platform to hold the boat in place when that happened, and that’s what we’ve been doing in the months since this happened.
It’s nearly finished. The idea is for us to remain on the ship, with the back up boat not all that far away. It seems to make more sense than building some sort of shelter on land. We have this. It has everything we need, and it’s easy to heat. So we’re staying here.

The girls plan to stay in the HC 99% of the time. I need to come out briefly twice a day to check on things, but I won’t stay any longer than I need to. It is brutally cold, and the wind goes right through me.

Lacy is 24, and Amy is 20. Where does the time go! They’re both adults, hard working and sensible. I’ve decided to go along with the artificial insemination things with both of them, since testing showed that there’s no reason Amy and I should not have a child together. We’ll see what happens.

Next: Frozen, baby report
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:06 am

1/1/2078: 14-1, 1-0, #1, RPI #1.

Everything is falling apart. It feels crazy to try to finish this season. I’m seriously considering just bolting, like today, but there’s no personal danger yet, and there’s food here so I’ll stay for a bit longer.

1/15: 18-1, 5-0, #1, RPI #1. 3 of the next 4 are against ranked teams, and 2 of those are on the road.

1/29: 21-2, 8-1, #1, RPI #1. +12.5 PPG, +5.3 RBs, +6.0 TOs. Tied for 1st with Texas. They beat us by 8 there. 2 up on 3rd place.

Cay Roll is #6, Toe Jarr #11, and Dan John #24 on the Norton list.

2/12: 25-2, 12-1, #1, RPI #1. 1 up on #4 Texas, 2 on Oregon, 4 or more on the rest.

Cay Roll is #8, Toe Jarr #10 on Norton.

Things have settled down a bit but we’re right on the edge of a breakdown. It has already happened in some parts of the country and some NCAA teams have stopped playing. No one seems sure how many. Teams miss games, then come back, play a game, contact teams to try to make up games they missed. Other teams don’t come back.

As far as leaving, I’m 100% ready at all times.

2/26: 27-3, 14-2, #1, RPI #1. +13.6 PPG, +5.2 RBs, +7.3 TOs. We win the Big 12 by 1 over #6 Texas, 3 over #23 Kansas, 4 or more over the rest.

Roll and Jarr continue to lead us, with 6 other major contributors.

3/5: Some guys declare for the draft but there’s no wayn there will be an NBA next season.

Toe Jarr is #10 on the Norton list.
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:12 am

February, 2178: After a year of trying neither Lacy nor Amy is pregnant. The holoexperts have no explanation. Everyone is fertile, there’s no reason why nothing has happened.

The deep freeze continues. Average daytime high temps for the past year have been 7 above zero F, and average night time lows have been -17 F. There are no seasons. It’s dry. There is some occasional snow, but it is never heavy, and it never lasts long. The winds are calm or low.

The braces and platforms holding both vessels in place are sturdy, and they are holding up well.

There is some strain on robots and on equipment, but repairs have been minimal and minor so far. Again, when I venture out I bundle up, and I do what I need to do quickly. Otherwise we all stay in the HCs.

Next: Final report
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:51 am

3/9: #8 seed West Virginia, 13-16, 6-10, won the play in. We won by only 8 at our place but then by 25 there in the regular season finale.

3/10: 67-44. 24, 12 for Jarr, 4 others had 9 or more. +19 TOs.

#5 seed, #18 ranked Oklahoma, 18-11, 6-10, in the semis.

3/11: 78-71. We were up 16 at the half, got it to 20. The final was as close as it got in the 2nd half. 20, 5, 4 for Roll, 19, 7 for Jarr, 16, 5 for Hand. +13 TOs.

#6 seed Oklahoma ST, 19-11, 6-10, upset Texas. Beat them by 21 there.

3/12: 88-74 and the title. 28, 2, 7 for Roll, 14 for Hull, 14, 6, 4 for sub Al Pepp, 11, 5, 3 for Grif. They doubled Jarr all night but we found the open man regularly. +12 TOs.

30-3, #1, RPI #1.

#1 overall. We play 15-17 New Orleans first.

3/16: 68-42. 14 for Roll, 10, 11 for Jarr. +13 RBs, +10 TOs.

#8 seed Syracuse, 19-10, in the 2nd round.

3/18: 80-69. 25, 4, 4 for Roll, 15, 10 for Jarr. +11 TOs.

#4 seed, #12 ranked UCLA, 23-7, in the Sweet Sixteen. Very strong inside team, esp. at PF.

3/23: 57-67. They owned us inside, -12 RBs, and their PF got 32 and 11. We shot 30.8%. I’d hoped to end my career with a title, but it was not to be.

We flew home and I got in the pickup and headed for Wyoming.

4/3: We lost to the champs. #12 UCLA won the national title.

4/4: Awards: Toe Jarr made 2nd team All American and I got the national COY. In conf., and 1st team. Cay Roll made 2nd team, and I got Conf. COY.

I found out about the title and the awards from my hideaway in Wyoming. I got there with no difficulties and I was not followed. Believe me, I kept a close watch!

I wound up my 50 year career at 1520-256, .856. Most wins, highest pct. In NCAA Div. I history. 16 national titles is also a record. National COY 20 times, Conf. COY 24 times, both records. I went to the NCAA 47 times, NIT twice. Only missed one season of going to a post season tourney.

It was a great career!

Final post coming up.
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Re: The Last Man

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:08 am

May 1, 3000: This is my 1000th birthday. It has been more than 800 years since I’ve looked at this journal, and I just found it, reread it, and decided that I wanted to put some closure on the part of the story I told so long ago, as well as report on how I’m doing now.

The ice stayed for a very long time. Finally, about 250 years ago it began to melt. I immediately consulted the holoexperts and made plans to refloat both vessels. When the time came that went off without a hitch, and I’m back to living on the water. The weather has been delightful all this time. Highs in the 60s to low 70s, lows in the 50s. We get occasional rain but never any serious storms.

Lacy and Amy were both unsuccessful in their attempts to get pregnant. By the time society collapsed there were LOTS of ways for babies to be conceived. None of them worked. This was a great disappointment to both women but they both threw themselves into their work to compensate.

Lacy died at age 87. She went on many long missions in space, and learned a great deal about cosmology.

Amy lived to the ripe old age of 103, and she was mentally alert until the last few months, and painted almost to the very end.

When Amy died that left me alone again, this time for good. I can’t imagine there is even the slightest chance that anyone else is alive.

How do I spend my time? Well, the ship and the backup boat are both really old at this point, so upkeep and repair are daily duties. The robots do the work but I need to do inspections, and then supervise. Aside from that I read and write, and I use the program disks for the HC and the computers.

I’ve seen every place on earth, most of them more than once, so travel doesn’t much tempt me, but there are places so beautiful that I have HC homes there- the Scottish hills, the English Lake District, London, the French Riviera, New Zealand, Vermont, South Africa, Vancouver Island- maybe a dozen more. I still hike in the countryside, and some places remain beautiful no matter how many times I’ve hiked through them.

I still cook, and still find new recipes to try.

Every couple of hundred years I go back to coaching basketball, and coach a few seasons or sometimes lots of seasons.

I never tire of space travel, or of exploring the ocean bottom.

I play pool and ping pong, and I race cars, mostly Grand Prix.

Occasionally I find a program I’ve never tried and go on a new adventure or learn a new skill or play a new game.

I am never bored. There’s always something to capture my interest. When I need people, there are plenty of them in the HC.

As to my health, I still look and feel like a 35 year old man. The HC doctors are at a loss to explain this. They say that whatever was in those treatments Dr. Worth gave me nearly a thousand years ago must have caused mutations, and must have found some way to rejuvenate or replace everything inside me as it aged or broke down. Why it worked on me, and why it didn’t work on anyone else is a mystery that will never be solved.

Will the effects diminish at some point? Will I begin to age, and then die, as every other human and animal in history has? Will I never die? There’s simply no way to know.

I guess that’s my story. I’ll just see what tomorrow brings, and what all of the tomorrows bring.

(Author's Note: This ends my involvement with DDS:CB 2016. On to 2017!)
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