Newbie: Trades and Contracts...?

Newbie: Trades and Contracts...?

Postby teddyg33 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:19 am

Brand new to this game (like 3 days), very cool game though!

I downloaded the NFL 2017 mod and began to play, taking control of the Browns (all of the other teams are set to CPU run). When I request a trade the other team does not approve or counter or reject, the only button that I have an option of pressing is "execute trade" and then it just goes through. Is there a setting somewhere so that AI will be an autonomous trade partner? Also free agents, I signed Jas Piere Paul and T. Suggs, and Jordy Nelson, all for the league minimum immediately. Along the same lines, is there a way to make it more realistic where the player accepts offers and then chooses a team rather than me just getting whoever I want? Please let me know if there is a way to change these things so that it is more realistic and challenging.


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