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There have been a number of posts recently that are either duplicates of support tickets being sent in or posts with no detail whatsoever other than that something is not working.

1. Use the support ticket system for help - posting here is just creating additional work because it is just more stuff to go through and to be honest sometimes I am not able to be in the forums so you will get much quicker service through the support ticket system.

2. Use the support ticket system for help and provide us the details and files right away. I have no idea why something isn't working in 90% of the cases if all I get is it stopped working during X. Provide the error message, provide details on what you were doing, if you are using a mod or modded it yourself and provide the game files as HELP in the game instructs you to do.

3. Use the support ticket system for help - these forums are primarily for discussing the game and asking about strategies or how to play or how to do something better or sharing mods etc and we have community members frequently here who can answer those things quickly...if you need technical support you are going to end up going through the support ticket system anyway in almost all cases so just start there.

4. Use the support ticket system for help....please :)

The support ticket system can be accessed at
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