Improvements I’d Like To See...

Improvements I’d Like To See...

Postby jaymc2007 » Thu May 21, 2020 2:12 pm

First off, let me just say this is a wonderful game. I play for a couple hours every night! So bravo Wolverine Studios for giving us this.

Second, I have played sports/college games all my life. I used to play college basketball and football from EA Sports as a kid and loved the Dynasty portion of it. I also play WhatIfSports where this is the same type of game as Wolverine Studios as I’m sure some of you know. So expert? No. Seasoned college basketball dynasty game player? Yes.

Third, these are just my thoughts. Please agree, disagree, and add your own suggestions!! Let’s really get this thread going to add to an already great game!!

1) When recruiting and finding a players preferences... have a separate spot with how well MY school fits his preferences. Is location close enough? Does he think he’ll get that playing time? Conference prestige is important but is my mid major conference prestige good enough for him? Etc

2) interaction with players on your team... so they got in a fight, I can’t really address is the way it is set up. Give us more options or take this part out completely.

3) a trophy room... I’d love a tab to go into a trophy room to see your national titles, your conference championship both regular season and tournament, a list of your All-Americans on a plaque, retired jerseys, etc

That’s where I’ll start. Let’s get this thread going!
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Re: Improvements I’d Like To See...

Postby PointGuard » Thu May 21, 2020 4:04 pm

OK, I added these to the list but please add future suggestions to the pinned thread "Suggestion List for DDSCB2021". Otherwise it's very possible I won't see it and it won't get added to the list.
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