Fun/Interesting things in Your Saves

Fun/Interesting things in Your Saves

Postby ValiantJoey » Tue May 26, 2020 10:22 pm

I thought a thread where we share fun/interesting moments of our saves could be fun.

My current save is playing as Ali Farokhmanesh who hit the gutsy three against kU in a NCAA game several years ago playing for Northern Iowa and is currently an assistant at Colorado State in real life. I made UNI his dream job at the beginning of my save.

I started at CSU as the second assistant, then worked my way up taking the Purdue Fort Wayne job, moving on to Tulane, then reluctantly taking the Nebraska job as I turned down Mizzou (my real life favorite team) (and my Tulane contract ended, even though they had won 30 games and had an elite eight run).

Ali led Nebraska to the Final Four in his second season on the back of a Swedish transfer big man from UConn who averaged a double double all season.

During job offers I was disappointed that UNI's Head position didn't open up. I had skipped all rounds until no head coaching openings happened, accidentally skipped again and UNI opened up, their Head Coach took the job at UNC after a decade at UNI.

I took the opening immediately and what makes it even better UNI then moved up to the Big 12 the next season, now the hope is to make UNI a perennial tournament team with deep runs, right now in season two at UNI Ali has them 11-0 and ranked #5, though I had a cupcake schedule due to wanting to get a good record as I build the team with my own recruits.
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