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Re: Fun and Games

Postby Wayne23 » Thu Jun 13, 2019 7:47 pm

1/1/1973: A 1 game week and we won it. 9-3, 1-0, RPI #169. My 6th man and 7th man both played well. That’s encouraging.

#2 assistant Grant Holland continues to be a negative presence. I’ve spoken to my A. D., and he’s no help at all. I need to think about this. As I said before, he has a long term contract.

1/15: 12-4, 4-1. RPI #173. Ric Sims is consistently excellent, averaging 22.5, 9.4, and doing a great job day after day. Given how few big guys we have we’re playing a three guard offense just about all the time. That’s hurting our RBs some but it’s not really helping our TOs.

1/29: 15-5, 7-2, RPI #116. One game lead in the Summit.

2/12: 17-6, 9-3. Tied for 1st with South Dakota, 2 ahead of 3rd place. We play them there in 9 days. Ric Sims leads the Summit in scoring with
21.7, and RBs with 9.7.

2/26: 21-6, 13-3, RPI #107. We win the Summit by 3 games. +8.9 PPG (#26, #115), +5.3 RBs (#37), +3.2 TOs (#56).

As a teenager I looked older than I was. They tell me I’m good looking and I suppose I was then too, not that I care, but it helps to attract women and gays, so that’s good. I’m getting the hunger again. It’s been a while, about 14 or 15 months. The Summit tournament is in Tulsa this year, we rotate it around the conference. Maybe I can manage something there…
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Re: Fun and Games

Postby PointGuard » Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:12 pm

Wayne23 wrote:I'll just let you wonder about that. Oh, I know where you live...

OK, now you have me worried.
But I've gone out and got protective custody from Crown Prince Incumbent Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. He's even sending me a meat grinder as a house warming gift.
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Re: Fun and Games

Postby Wayne23 » Fri Jun 14, 2019 6:11 am

... ... ...

There are ways...
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Re: Fun and Games

Postby blazertaz13 » Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:00 am

The side story creeps me out a little. :-) But for some reason I am still reading.
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Re: Fun and Games

Postby PointGuard » Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:40 pm

blazertaz13 wrote:creeps me out

it IS written by WAYNE after all!

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Re: Fun and Games

Postby Wayne23 » Mon Jun 17, 2019 9:09 am

2/28: We play #8 seed North Dakota, 7-20, 6-10. Beat them by 15 and 14. If their threes are falling…

3/1: 89-82. They hit 14 threes, which kept it close. They were up by 16 near the end of the 1st half, and 13 at the half. We went mostly 3-2, with some man in the 2nd and were able to turn it around. 22, 14 for Sims, 24, 4 for SG Dan Mill. +8 TOs.

#5 seed North Dakota ST, 11-17, 7-9, in the semis. WE won by 14 at home but lost by 11 there. They beat us by doubling Sims and getting him in foul trouble. They actually beat us inside, which is not easy to do. We don’t think they can do it again but we need to play well.

3/2: 73-63. They led by 4 at the half. Sims got 2 quick fouls and sat for a good part of the first half. He didn’t pick up #3 until there were 3 ½ minutes left in the game, and didn’t get #4 until the final minute. He led us with 18 and 8. Mill had 18, 3, 2.

#2 seed Denver, 16-13, 10-6, for the title. They won by 11 there, then we won by 16 at home. They beat us with threes and with outside shots but both Sims and Bail fouled out. We think if we show some discipline we’ll be okay. We’ll use a lot of 3-2 on D.

3/3: 81-60 and the title. We scored the first 13 points and never looked back. 33, 10 for tourney MOP Ric Sims, 16, 13 for Bail, 13, 7, 7 for PG Day Syls.

We slept over in Tulsa on the 3rd, which gave me the chance to pursue my hobby. I had brought my blow gun in hopes that I’d get to use it, and I did. There was this house of prostitution on a back street in the seamy part of town. I’d been watching it on previous trips and again on both 3/1 and 3/2 on the current trip. I went there after all the hoopla died down after we won the title. I sat on a bench across the street from the “house” and down the way a bit. At about 1:45 a.m. a priest drove up, parked not far from my bench and went in. When he came back out at about 2:30, I called him over. He got within about 20 feet of me and I got him with a blow dart, right in the left eye. He had time to react with a grunt, clutch the eye, and then the poison had enough of his brain that he just keeled over. That poison is FAST! I walked back to the hotel where we were staying. I was stopped by a cop a few blocks from the scene of the crime. I was wearing a false beard and a wig and had a false ID, and was wearing clear glasses- I don’t wear glasses in normal life but usually do when I’m out pursuing my … hobby. I told the cop I was in town for a convention (I had done my homework and knew of a convention that was meeting in town), couldn’t sleep, and had just gone for a walk hoping that it would relax me. I gave him the name of a hotel I was not staying at, but not far from where I was staying. He let me go. I have no doubt that later, when they discovered the body, that cop woke everyone up in the hotel I gave him, That gave me a good laugh.

I should talk a little more about the blow gun. The gun itself is easy, just a tube. You put a poisoned dart in it, aim and blow. I did a lot of research on the poison. I couldn't use what the natives who use blow darts use but I was able to find an excellent substitute that is extremely powerful and that works extremely quickly. I make it myself. The dart itself is very small, made of a plant substance that is very hard to find, but I found it, and now I grow it myself. It dissolves in minutes. When the police find the body there's nothing for them to see, and when the medical examiner or the person performing the autopsy get to the body there's no way to determine cause of death. It's about perfect.

24-6, Summit champs, RPI #86. Again this year we won’t get a great seed but we’re in the big one!

3/12: #14 South. We play #3 seed, #12 ranked Alabama, 24-9. Very good team with a long bench. This is going to be a huge challenge.

3/17: 67-86. We kept it close for 30 minutes. Then they hit a three, got a steal, made a layup, got a steal, hit another three, rebounded a miss of our shot, hit an 8 footer, and that 10-0 run seemed to take the wind out of our sails. I called a TO, but I should have called it a little sooner. Might not have helped, but I was a little slow. I’m not usually reluctant to call a TO when we need to stop the momentum, but it seemed to happen with lightning speed. No real regrets. They were the better team. I’m proud of my players.

4/3: The title game featured a #7 seed vs. a #9 seed. #25 ranked vs. unranked. VERY unusual. #25 ranked Florida beat LSU for the title.

4/4: Awards: Senior Ric Sims is Summit POY, Def. POY, and 1st team with junior C Ken Bail and senior guard Rasa Jamo. Soph guard Dan Mill made the 2nd team. I was Summit COY again.

4/9: Wondering if I’ll get any calls. After three years I would leave for the right situation.

Prairie View wants me. No.

UC- Riverside and Winthrop. No and no.

Army. Hm… No, their recruiting class is awful and they’re losing too many key guys.

Northern Illinois- No. Losing 6 guys, 4 starters.

UC- Santa Barbara. Much better TP, better Conf. Prestige. Better facilities, better academics. Only losing one starter on a team that went 20-12… I’m going to visit… Taking the job with the UC-Santa Barbara Gauchos!

4/23: All of the assistants are staying.

I ask for a budget increase. We get $7,750. I’ll take it.

It occurred to me that my #2 at Omaha, Grant Holland, will never know how lucky he was that I took another job…

I feel I did very well at Omaha. Time for the next challenge.

Overall, I’m 66-27, .710, for three seasons.
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Re: Fun and Games

Postby Wayne23 » Mon Jun 17, 2019 12:29 pm

5/1: #278 recruiting class. Yikes! We buy the national basic.

We lose a Forward.

6/5: Looking at transfers. There are a few I like.

6/12: No luck.

6/26: 5 scholarships. We need at least 3 guards, maybe 4.

8/21: We offer to 3 PGs, an SG, and a PF.

9/11: We lose 2.

9/18: Lost another one.

Weak pre-conf. schedule.

9/25: We lose two more.

10/2: We get two, lose one. We get an SG, #93, a PG, #417. We lose a PG.

1st day of practice. We’re picked 6th in the Big West. Considering we won it last year and only lost one starter, I expect top 3 at least. We’re really thin at guard though.

10/16: Got a PF, #147. Hoping for 2 more guards but we NEED to get one of them.

11/6: 8 man rotation:

Soph Rob Moby is at PG. enior Bo Foye starts at SG subs at PG. Junior Art Brad and frosh Fred Shep sub at SG.

Senior Aud Gain is at SF. Junior Bill Howe subs at SF and PF.

Junior Cory Thon starts at PF, subs at C.

Senior Sal Miel is at C. Expect some changes.

No chance to pursue my hobby in my new location but with L. A. just south of here it should be pretty easy. I’ll need to learn about the other cities in the conference so it may be a while before I can act.

My 6th, 7th, and 8th victims were all prostitutes, 2 male, 1 female. I did them all the same way as the first prostitute, got them naked, on hands and knees facing away from me, knife through the back and into the heart. I got no feeling at all with the last one. The method had become too regular and it bored me. The killings happened over the course of about a year and a half. I was in college for the last one. It occurred to me that a college campus was a pretty easy place to get someone. Lots of male students out late at night, often drunk. I started thinking about the how, where, and when.
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Re: Fun and Games

Postby Wayne23 » Mon Jun 17, 2019 5:58 pm

11/20: 2-0 start, one at home, one away. C Sal Miel looks like our go to, so far. PF Cory Thon and SG Bo Foye also scored lots of points in both games.

Our #1 recruit is not going to hit our SAT score. Crap! Still hoping to land 2 guards and a forward.

12/4: 6-0. Close one at Grand Canyon. Sal Miel got in early foul trouble and stayed in it throughout. We won by 4 though.

The night custodian at our UCSB Events Center is driving me crazy. He’s one of those people who can’t shut up and doesn’t get it when you tell him you need to get back to work. I’m working on a “solution.”

12/14: 9-0, RPI #64. We’re not playing great teams but we’re playing really well.

12/25: 11-1, RPI #99 going to Big West play. We got beat at Northwestern ST. Sal Miel leads us with 17.8 PPG and gets 7.6 RBs.

The custodian’s name is Joey Gleason. He’s a little guy, can’t weigh much more than 110, maybe 120 pounds. The only thing not small about him is his mouth. He works
4:00-midnight and is often the only person other than me who’s here that late.

But I can’t kill him in the Events Center or in the parking lot. That would tie it too closely to where I work.

He lives with his wife and his grown daughter. They’re always home late at night, and he has a dog that barks at everything.

I’ll figure out a way but I’m still working on it.
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Re: Fun and Games

Postby Wayne23 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 10:14 am

1/1/1974: 12-2, 1-1, RPI #89. We got embarrassed at Long Beach ST but then won at home. Long Beach ST is picked to win the Big West. I think that if we play well we can beat them at our place. We’ll find out in late January.

1/15: 14-3, 3-2. Won on the road then spoiled it by losing at home. Then won on the road again. That home loss is very frustrating, but when you let the other team shoot 54% you’re probably going to lose.

On January 10 I slipped a slow acting poison into Joey Gleason’s coffee. He is always far away from his office from about 11:00-11:45, so I got in there at about 11:30. Only took a minute. The poison takes a few hours to work and is extremely difficult to detect in the body at an autopsy. Joey drank the coffee- I didn't see him do it but I know he always finishes his coffee at the end of his shift, rinses the cup, and puts in on a shelf, finished his shift, went home, and died in his sleep. The autopsy results just came back. They listed it as “death by natural causes.” That pain in the butt won’t bother me anymore. Good riddance. Interestingly enough a person can live a long time if he keeps his mouth shut and minds his own business.

1/29: 17-4, 6-3, RPI #82. In a 2 way tie for 2nd in the Big West. +6.7 PPG (#53, #130), +7.2 RBs (#32), +0.7 TOs (#122).

As expected one of our recruits didn’t hit our SAT score. We offer to another guy.

2/12: 18-6, 7-5, RPI #89. Alone in 3rd. We could finish anywhere from 2nd to 5th, maybe 6th, but not likely. A. D. set a goal of winning the Big West tournament, but that’s going to be really difficult. We’ll see.

2/26: We end the regular season at 21-7, 10-6, RPI #73. Tied for 2nd, #3 seed. +4.7 PPG (#49, #189), +6.3 RBs (#36), +0.3 TOs (#98). Happy with PPG, RBs, not so happy with PPG Allowed, TOs. Oh well, we’re growing a program here. Sal Miel is our leading scorer, #2 in RBs, 18.6, 7.5.

Still finding my way around L. A. but I’ve found some places where I could definitely pursue my hobby. But it’s too soon.
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Re: Fun and Games

Postby Wayne23 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 4:09 pm

3/2: We play #6 seed, Hawaii, 12-16, 7-9, in the quarter finals. We beat them by 19 at home, lost by 8 there. The game is rated a toss up.

3/3: 79-75. We led by 13 with 1:58 to play. They scored the last 9 points of the game but the final score was as close as they got. Miel played only 11 minutes due to fouls, including one terrible call and one bad one. PF Cory Thon picked up the slack, getting 22 and 10. PG Rob Moby had 18, 4, 6, and SG Bo Foye had 13.

Interestingly enough we’ve only had a single one possession game all season, which we won over CS-Fullerton by 3.

#7 seed UC-Riverside, 13-15, 6-10, was an upset winner. We play them in the semis. We won by 18 at home, lost by 11 there. They’re favored by 1 ½.

3/4: 84-81. The closest, most competitive game I’ve ever coached. 28 lead changes, 13 ties, never more than 7 points difference. Sal Miel was immense with 37 and 10.

At the end he scored on a layup, blocked a shot, came down and hit two free throws with 1.1 left. 12, 5, 6 for SG Bo Foye. +16 RBs. 22 TOs but they also had 22.

#4 seed UC-Irvine, 16-13, 8-8, for the title. Cal Poly6 absolutely ruled the conference in the regular season but they got blown out in the quarters. We split with UC-Irvine, each of us winning on the other’s court. They’re favored by 5 ½. I feel like if we play really well we can beat them, maybe should beat them.

3/5: 59-79. We were awful, and never in it. 16, 9 for Miel, 15, 7 for Thon, but no one else did anything.

23-8, RPI #71. We’ll be invited somewhere, I think.

3/12: NIT #5 West. We play #4 Butler, 18-13. Tough matchup for us, especially outside.

3/14: 61-85. As in our last game we just weren’t in the game. 19, 7 for Sal Miel, 18, 9 for Cory Thon, not much from anyone else.

Pretty good first season until the last two games.

4/3: #1 Duke is the champ.

4/4: Awards: Senior Sal Miel is Big West POY and 1st team along with junior C Cory Thon and soph PG Rob Moby. Senior Guard Bo Foye makes the 2nd team and I am named Conf. COY.

4/9: A couple of teams that would be a step up offer, but neither is really a good situation. I’m staying another year.

4/16: We get 3 late signees, a PF, #135, an SG, #168, a PG, #217. Whew!

4/23: I ask for money. WE get $8,000. That should allow us to buy the West Gold report.

23-9. Not a bad first season here. Overall, I’m 89-36, .712, for 4 seasons.

On 7/11/1964, after a hiatus of almost 26 months, I got my first “2 for 1.” I was 21 years old and a junior at Omaha. I was working in the school’s basketball program’s summer camp. During the summer there weren’t a lot of people on campus, just those running or taking part in things like sports camps, science camps, and things like that, and some summer school students, and the adults involved with all of that as well as all of the other adults working through the summer.

During orientation week and during my first week of my freshman year here, some fraternity boys had given me a hard time on a few occasions. Hazing freshmen was a big thing in those days. I didn’t like it and I felt humiliated by it. I was never able to get back at the people who did that to me, didn’t know who they were, but in the summer evenings of 1964, as I wandered the campus, I noticed that there were frat boys around. I determined to get one. I got lucky and got two of them. There was a small wooded area on the edge of campus and the two frat idiots went for walks there. It was very secluded at this time of year. I managed to follow them a few times without being seen. I soon found out they were headed in there to have sex with each other. I didn’t and don’t care about that- gay, straight, whatever, I simply have no interest. But after they finished, they fell asleep in each other’s arms. I snuck up and managed to slash both of their throats. The second one started to wake while I was doing the first, but he never got fully awake or was able to do anything before his blood was running down his neck as his eyes turned vacant and glassy.

I wiped the knife carefully on their clothes and casually walked out of the woods. It was dusk, and there was no one around to see me. The next day I dropped the very carefully cleaned knife into a trash can in downtown Omaha. The double murder got a lot of headlines, but right up until this day no one has ever been charged with anything related to the killings.

I always feel good after I kill someone, but sometimes I feel really good. Killing some random stranger is cool but killing someone I know or know of somehow is way better. When I read about how people feel around sexual activity, I think it must be something like this, a delicious feeling that makes me all tingly. As I’ve said I don’t feel much emotionally, but at these times I do feel things and I love the feeling. These two little shits were probably planning how to make some freshmen’s lives hell.
Well, if it exists, now they’re there, where they belong.

I kind of do believe in a God and in heaven and hell; I have no idea what they’re really like, but I guess I think they exist. I know I’m going to hell, and I accept that. This is the way I am and the way I was made. The only way I will ever stop killing is if I’m put in jail or when I die. I couldn’t stop any other way. So, when I die, it’s hell for me. Nothing I can do about it, so I don’t worry about it.
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