View Full Version : Does the roster file import work properly?

12-01-2010, 05:18 PM
Ok folks, I've converted the original 07-08 roster file from DDS PB1 into the PB2 format and added a couple of injuries (e.g. Greg Oden missed his rookie season etc.).

Everytime I'm trying to import the file while creating a new league I get an error message and can't continue.
Does the file import actually work?

Here is the roster file:


Feel free to load it and check it for errors. I didn't find any errors as of now.
A shame, I would like to play with the Sonics (rookie Durant) then keep the Sonics in Seattle and draft Westbrook in 09 (yes original rookie file from 09).

Here it is (the 2009 rookie file):


Please check the file 07-08 roster file for errors and report if you find any.

And for the Wolverine crew: Please try to create a new league with the roster file and check if the file import actually works. Maybe you can get some info from the error message.

Oh and btw: I've already done a file conversion from PB1 to PB2, so I know what I'm doing :)
I converted the 09-10 opening night rosters to PB2. So just in case you want it, here it is:


and as a bonus (while we're on it), the 2010 draft file:


cheers folks