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03-05-2009, 09:16 AM
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you know how things go.sometimes good,sometimes bad.in Memphis,since the King died,it's often bad.and since the grizzlies walked away in here from Vancouver in 2001,it's always bad.
at the time,i'll give one million dollars to everyone who is able to find a single bear in Memphis,not even a grizzly.
me i was born and grown up with rock'n'roll and basketball.they say i've good taste for music and young players.also,they say i know how to manage troubled talented guys.so,when the crazy supernova oj mayo has been drafted directly by team owner mr.Heisley,the former gm Chris Wallace resigned.
so i was be-bop-a-luling around when the phone began to ring.
"It's Michael Heisley here.I'm the owner of the Memphis Grizzlies."
"Oh,hello mr.Heisley.how can i help you? (and by the way,how do you know my phone number?)"
"Have you read the newspapers?my gm,mr.Wallace it's gone and i need a young talented person to manage my basketball team this year.lots of people talked about you here in town and so i would like to know if you're interested in the job.are you busy at the moment?"
"Great!So let's have a dinner tomorrow at Elvis' Plaza.you'll be my guest."
"(I'm surely not going to pay for dinner with you multimillionaire so..)..Ok."
"8 o'clock.we'll have a table for two in a separe.see you there.have a nice day."
"You too sir."
So here i am.waiting for tomorrow.surfing the net to look how in bad shape this team is.beginning to think about a strategy.beginning to think how carry this team out of mud.how i will handle OJ?that name sounds bad.but i know he's potentially one of the best five guys in the nba.he should be our cornerstone.have to talk with him.have to explain how he have to become the cornerstone of a young (and very weak) team projected into a bright future.
it's gonna be very hard.
i feel so lonesome tonight..

so here we are.it's 7.48pm and i'm in the hall of the Elvis' Plaza.the headwaiter is dressed like..well,you know.i say that i have a table booked by mr.Heisley and he shows me the separe and makes me seat.no mr.Heisley yet.so i spend this few minutes thinking about what to say and how to say it,about the strategy,the financials,expectations and all the stuff.don't be cruel is aired on the radio.well,maybe i'm not going to be cruel,but surely i will be honest.or at least i hope so.
then,my future boss arrives.
"Hello mr.Vendoli!are you comfortable?"
"Yes sir.everything's ok."
"Good!so let's order some drinks and the on with business."
"Waiter?a bottle of Moet&Chandon.the best one you have.we have to celebrate this new partnership!"
"so here we are.straight to the point.where do you think we can arrive this year?"
"(south..a very deep south..) Well sir,considering the guys we have on roster,considering their age and experience and all the rest,i don't think it's gonna be a great year.you know,we went in lottery last year and i don't think that the only OJ Mayo could transform us in a playoff team."
"You won't even give a try for the playoff?"
"(are...you...f***in...crazy?) Ehm..no sir,i'm afraid we can't reach playoffs (we would need a miracle for the playoffs.not if we were the only team in the league we would be good for playoffs).but i assure you that we can build a young and hungry team which will spit blood on the court every single night (winning games is another different thing).I can't promise anything,so you have to take this one as a rebuild year."
"Rebuilding hm?and how do you want to rebuild?"
"Well,of course OJ will be our cornerstone.I really love you picked him (bullsh**s!bullsh**s!i love gallinari,he's a very promising player and a great smart guy.OJ is trouble.) and i'm going to try to build the team around him,rudy gay and marc gasol.but i need time.we've got plenty of guys who aren't simply good enough to play in this league,and we'have to get rid of them.by the way,i don't know how to acquire young talented players from other teams without moving ours.i would love to see russell westbrook and danilo gallinari playing for us,but we cannot reach them apart from moving mayo or gasol or first round future picks or knicks and thunders gm are completely nuts.so i think that we need another lottery pick,this is why i'm talking about a rebuilding year.let's try to add more young talent from the draft."
"Mmmmhhhh...i have to be ok with that.i'm not so happy but..well,ok,rebuild this team.but i wanna see this guys eating the field every day in practice and every night in games.and then we will see what will come out from the draft."
"(pheeeeeeew) Ok sir."
"And what about financials?i hope you will stay under the cap,a lot under the cap for doing this."
"Yes sir.i've studied the situation.there are no chances you will pay some extra dollars.we're 18millions bucks under and maybe we're going to end with 10millions under.but this will happen only if it makes sense to you try to get rid of some ridiculous contracts we have to maybe more expensive contracts which are expiring."
"Yes,i'm okay with that"
"Ok,so i've prepared a small list of players and contracts i will try to move out.if there will be the chance to get some good players (yeah..let's dream..) i will take it,otherwise i will focus on expiring to have plenty of space for the next free agency (yeah,great idea..but who are we gonna to sign in FA?von wafer?..).the guys i will try to move are Darko&Marko,and Greg Buckner (which will be impossible to do..).if no worthy players will arrive,i would love to begin next season with mike conley,oj mayo,rudy gay,hakim warrick,darrell arthur and marc gasol.young guys,good cheap long contracts.then we will pick some great guys and some good FAs and the next year we are going to roam around the league."
"I like this plan.sounds really good.i love your ambition and ideas.so,now let's talk about you.what are your economical requests?"
"Well sir (money!money!money!tons of bucks!!),i think that would be honest considering our partnership year by year,to see what the results are and decide at the end of the season if is good for the both of us to continue.talking about money..let's say one point five million dollars?"
"I'm okay with that mr.Vendoli.so welcome on board!let's have a great season together and good luck for everything.by the way..what the hell of a name is Straccy Vendoli?"
"It's a long story sir,i'll explain you the night we will win a championship (so i'm pretty safe for this life).good luck to you.now i would like to go home to prepare my strategies and start calling on the phone the coaching staff.have a good night sir."
"Good night to you mr.Vendoli."

so here we are again.

03-05-2009, 11:13 AM
sitting in my comfortable sofa,i take the my new iphone (courtesy of mr.Heisley) and call Marc Iavaroni to talk about the season.
"Good morning Marc,here's your new gm."
"Oh,hello mr.Vendoli.how do you do?"
"I'm fine,thanks.i don't want to waste your time,this call is for talking about the upcoming season."
"I'm all ears."
"Well,first of all i want to assure you and your staff that,anyway the things develop this year,you will stay on the bench.your job is safe so you will be able to work hard but quiet.there will be absolutely no changing(also because a dumb hippopotamus could would be able to bring this team to the bottom of the league..)."
"This is great news!thanks mr.Vendoli."
"C'mon Marc,call me Straccy."
"Ok Straccy."
"So,here's the current situation.we are a lousy team.we have no chances to get a playoff spot so nevermind about losing games.my only request is that the guys work hard and serious and i don't want to hear about complaints about playing time or fuss between players.we have to grow together,this team is young and talented but we lack lots of things and i only would like to notice some improvements.i don't care ending the season with only ten or twenty wins,and so mr.Heinsley.but you all have to put everything on the court.this town have to fall in love with the team and we want to give fun to the people who spend their money for the tickets."
"I understand and i completely agree with that."
"Good.there are other things you should know.i'm looking out for various trades,so don't assume the actual roster as the one you will coach during the season.some guys will not play for us and what can i tell you now for sure is that Darko and Marko aren't going to be part of the team.and i explain you why.Darko,you know,is a crazy head,and we have also OJ to deal with.two no-brainers could be disruptive for the locker room so darko will leave.considering this,i'm going to ask you to play our new rookie Darrell Arthur the more you can,give him all the avalaible minutes and maybe more.i still have no idea who will come to us for Darko,and i'm not asking you to put Darrell in the starting five,but we believe in him and we would like to see how he develops.he will stay with us for probably at least five years so work with him and teach him and give him the chance to gain experience."
"All right Straccy."
"Next.Marko Jaric is a great guy,i know.he has experience but not so much to guide this team and i think he won't be able to give us the upgrade we need in the upcoming years.plus,he has an expensive three-years contract so i will try to trade him.anyway,another PG will arrive to backup Mike Conley who's gonna be our starter in the spot."
"Ok.i'm sorry for Marko but if this has to be done,then do it."
"Yeah.other thing you should know,and maybe this is a thing that you already know and understand.we don't believe in Greg Buckner,but he has a contract that i suppose no one will take.anyway i will try to trade him but it's gonna be hard.so don't count on him,even if he will stay.i will talk to him to explain his situation,he's gonna sit on the bench for all the season and i want to see him on court only if an atomical desaster kills all the other guys."
"Never mind,as you said i've already considered to not play him."
"Very well.so..i can assure you that Mike,OJ,Rudy,Hakim,Darrell and Marc are going to stay with us for years unless some big and convenient deals are coming involving them.but they're gonna be the spinal back of the team.so focus on them,make them understand that they're important for us and we need them to improve and work to become competitive."
"I will surely do this.I have one question about Marc."
"Tell me."
"You know,his big brother Pau was a star here,the people loved him and he carried the Grizzlies to playoffs.then the trade and everything,but he's still in the heart of the fans.i'm afraid Marc will feel pressurized by this,you know,in the mind of people he has to follow the path his brother signed."
"I understand."
"So it's gonna be hard work with him.he's got potential,lots of,and he really has possibilities to become another fan favourite.but he doesn't have to feel forced to do it in the immediate future.he has to work hard and upgrade little step by little step.so my idea was to not put him in the starting five.i don't want him to feel the weight of being the starting C of our team and i don't want him to think about Pau as the rookie of year seasons ago.he has to think about himself as Marc Gasol and stop and not think 'i'm in the starting five only because i'm Pau's little bro'.beside i hope it's clear to you that we can't start with Adonal or Chris,and in fact i was thinkin about starting Darko in the spot of C and play slowball with Hakim Warrick in PF.but,considering that Darko is not going to play with us.."
"Ok Marc,i understand.i will bring you a decent C to start with,maybe a veteran to teach something to Marc and help him to leave the pressure behind his back.The first name i can think of it's Raef LaFrentz,who is closed by Oden and Przybilla in Portland and also has a great expiring contract."
"LaFrentz would be ok i think.sure,it's not so good anymore,but as you said we don't have to win all the games this season."
"Good.by the way i will give as soon as possible the complete list of the guys who will play with us.now i'm headed towards talking with the GMs around the league to discuss some trades.oh,there's one last thing i would like to discuss with you.."
"What it is?"
"OJ Mayo.."
"OJ Mayo.."
"I know,OJ isn't the most lovable guy around here and,by myself,i would have loved more someone like Gallinari,or Westbrook.but OJ is here,and what's for sure he has the talent to be a franchise player.and i'm not going to trade him,i don't want to go against mr.Heinsley decision.so let's go on with Mayo.what i ask you is to take him always under control.i don't want to see Mike or Rudy or Hakim come to me and complaining about OJ behaviours.he's gonna win some games for us,many he will loose.but i don't want see him feeling like the superstar,the next Kobe Bryant or the new Elvis in Memphis.he has to be one guy of the team,as Mike and Rudy and Greg Buckner.so,this is your most important task this year.keep OJ in control."
"All right Straccy.me and my staff we will do the best we can to keep the situation comfortable in the locker."
"Splendid.so back to work.tell the guys of the team that i will call them in the future,before the season opens,to tell them our expectations and all the rest."
"Ok,Straccy.see you soon and good work."
"So to you Marc.Goodbye."

Goodbye Marc,i know your job is gonna be hard.now i will try to make it more comfortable.so on to discuss deals..

03-05-2009, 12:39 PM
"Hello?it's Kevin Pritchard?"
"Yes i am.who's speaking?"
"Hi,i'm Straccy Vendoli and i'm the new Memphis Grizzlies GM."
"Good for you!good luck for your work."
"Thanks,mr Pritchard."
"Why are you calling me?"
"Well,to be honest the situation in Memphis is terrible.we have to rebuild the team and we are looking with interest to some players of your organization.so i would like to know if they're avalaible and if there are chances to discuss deals."
"and what are the players you're interested in?"
"Well..ehm..Nicolas Bat.."
"Nonsense.Batum doesn't leave from here."
"I was pretty sure,you have the nose for talent."
"Ahahahah thanks!and Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy Fernandez are going to stay with us too."
"All right.so what about Travis Outlaw?"
"Well,Travis has some chances to play in the starters with us at SF.i know he already talked about with our coach McMillan,so i don't think they want to discuss his trade."
"But,i was wondering..how do you manage to find playing time for him and Martell Webster and Nicolas and Rudy and Brandon Roy?are you going to move Roy?"
"No,Roy and Greg Oden are our untouchable franchise players.i think McMillan knows what he's doing so i'm sorry but Outlaw is going to stay with us."
"I understand."
"By the way,we're probably going to move out Steve Blake.are you interested?"
"Why are you going to move him?"
"Well,let's say that McMillan loves Sergio Rodriguez.so Steve noticed that his playing time is in danger and at the point of his career he wants to play as a starter.Considering that the next year we hope that Bayless will be a consistent factor for us,you see why we would trade Blake."
"I understand.but i'm afraid we can't take him.we're going to ride Mike Conley this and the future years,so Blake won't be our starter.anyway,considering that you're moving out Blake,do you need a good backup PG?"
"Well..maybe..who do you have in mind?"
"Marko Jaric."
"Marko Jaric?he's good..yes..got experience and all the rest but..his contract it's too long and expensive.and who do you want back for Jaric?"
"I was thinking about LaFrentz."
"Weeeell...Raef LaFrentz has an expiring contract,so we maybe would move him for something better than Marko Jaric.plus,we risk to fall short at C if Greg Oden doesn't recover quick from his injury."
"I can add one of your choice between Chris Mihm and Adonal Foyle,they're also expiring"
"Yeah,that would be better..but still i don't think that this would be good for us.how about picks?"
"Our first round picks are untouchables.we need to rebuild."
"I understand.well,let me think about it.i will call you later."
"All right,goodbye!"
"Goodbye Straccy!"


looks like it will be very hard.i go to the kitchen to take something to drink.then the phone rings..
"Hello,mr.Straccy Vendoli?"
"Hello,it's Steve Kerr here from the Phoenix Suns organization."
"Hello mr.Kerr,how can i help you?"
"Well..you coul help me by giving us Rudy Gay."
"Ahahahahahah you're funny man!seriously,what do you need?"
"I've already told you Straccy..Rudy Gay.we can offer Grant Hill and Goran Dragic."
"Forget it,Steve.."
"Oh,okay..goodbye then."

what a..

better to prepare myself a double drink.
i search between my sheets the number of Geoff Petrie.i know that also him and the Kings are in trouble and looking for rebuild.so why not try to talk with him?
"Hello,mr.Petrie?this is Straccy Vendoli from the Grizzlies."
"Oh Mister Vendoli,it's nice to hear you for the first time.how are the things going there?"
"We're trying to upgrade,step by step.hope everything is fine there in Sac'to."
"Well,you know..the Maloof are willing to move to Vegas,so things are a bit unclear at the moment.we don't know how kind of team we should try to build."
"I see.by the way,i was calling to know if Drew Gooden is available for trade."
"Well,this depends by what are you offering back.."
"Mmmhhh..Darko Milicic?"
"Mmmhhh..it would be good,but it would be a gamble for us.but i'm definitively interested with it."
"Good! (c'mon..c'mooooon..)"
"Well,but you know..Darko has a two-year deal while Drew is expiring (damn!)..how about adding someone?how about Quinton Ross and Mike Wilks?"
"Quinton Ross or Mike Wilks?"
"No.Ross AND Wilks."
"Oh..well,i have to talk with coach Iavaroni (yes!yes!yes!) and i will let you know.call you back in a couple of minutes,allright?"
"Allright,i'll be waiting."

search number..Iavaroni..
"Hello Straccy,what's up?"
"Listen Marc,do you mind if i send away Quinton Ross and Mike Wilks?"
"Well..i would be sorry for Quinton..but i suppose i can't say no,right?"
"Ahahahahah well..right!i'm moving them with Darko to Sacramento.are you interested in Drew Gooden?"
"Well,yes!it could be our starter PF and his skills at rebounding could help Darrell to improve..yes,i like it!"
"All right,consider Gooden as part of the team.see you."
"Bye Straccy."


"Hello mr.Petrie.Milicic and Ross and Wilks for Drew Gooden.do we have a deal?"
"Yes,i think we have a deal!"
"Great!hear you soon mr.Petrie!"
"Goodbye mr.Vendoli."

Darko Milicic
Quinton Ross
Mike Wilks

Drew Gooden

what this means for the Kings:
Milicic is a younger player than Gooden in the spot of PF,also if with a year longer contract.Ross and Wilks are two honest bench guys who could support with small things.

what this means for the Grizzlies:
substantially nothing.it's all about contracts,Gooden isn't an upgrade at PF and Wilks and Ross probably weren't much consider in the rotation.so it's a 7.5million dollars gain for the next year salary cap.

winner: Draw

step one:complete!lots of million gained for the next year and Drew Gooden could give a little help to us.now i take a look to the rosters and what i notice is that Orlando has lots of PG.maybe they could give us one.so back on the phone.

"Mr.Smith?Straccy Vendoli of the Grizzlies here."
"Hello mr.Vendoli."
"Listen.i've noticed you're short at C and long at PG.on the contrary,we're short at PG considering we're about moving out Jaric and long at PG.do you need a backup C?you can choose among Chris Mihm and Adonal Foyle.we are looking for Tyronne Lue."
"Well,why not?it's not a great move but it's useful to the both of us.i have to listen coach Van Gundy to know who would he prefer.may i call you later?"
"Sure.let's hear again later."

step two:nearly complete.not so much to be satisfied here,but hey,we need another PG if the Jaric trade gets done.Tyronne Lue has an expiring contract too,so i think it would be fine.


"Hi Straccy,it's Kevin from the Blazers."
"Oh,hi mr.Pritchard.any news?"
"Yes Straccy,i think that we would consider seriously your proposal if you would add your 2nd round picks for the next three years."
"All of them?"
"Yes,all of them."
"Well..i think it would be ok.so it's our second round picks,one among Mihm and Foyle and Jaric for LaFrentz?"
"Yes,this would be good."
"All right,but i have to ask you to wait a couple of days.we're moving Mihm or Foyle to Orlando and have to wait Otis Smith to decide.the other one will join you.are you okay with that?"
"Wonderful.so i will call you in the next days."
"Good.hear you soon."

step three:well..all our second round picks..yeah,i know that's really hard to find some talented guys at the second round,but i don't know if mr.Heisley would agree with giving them all away.nevermind,i will know this later.

03-05-2009, 01:00 PM
so i'm near to dump Marko Jaric's three years contract.then i will begin to try to dump Greg Buckner but i don't have much hope about that.
the phone rings again,it's Marc Iavaroni.

"Hello Marc,what's the matter?"
"Listen Straccy,i've talked with Bonzi Wells and Danny Fortson who are actually free agents.they would love to come here and give us help with their experience.i know what you're thinking:Bonzi is crazy,but don't worry,i've talked a lot with him and he assured me he's fine to play a little role from the bench this year and will never complain or something else.i trust him,and i'm assuming responsabilities for this.plus he's still a good player and we need him."
"Ok Marc,if you're sure we will take the risk.but i warn you.if Bonzi upsets the locker room or creates fusses or something like that,he will be immediately cut..and then your position won't be so safe as it is now."
"All right Straccy!"
"Well,then i'm talking with their agents and have them sign the contract.seeya."
"Goodbye boss!"

Memphis Grizzlies sign Bonzi Wells from the FA
Memphis Grizzlies sign Danny Fortson from the FA

well,apart from the risks they're two good veterans who can give us really big help.in my wettest dreams Bonzi Wells explains to OJ Mayo what the NBA is every single practice by guarding him.i hope it will go this way..

the season is about to open and i'm feeling pretty excited,things are going in the right direction and a bright future is waiting for us.i see the guys they're working hard and become to like with each others.OJ is quiet and i have to say i can't complain with his work ethic by now.the coaching staff is doing a good job,Marc Gasol is always smiling and nothing seems to worry him.and the telephone rings again.it's Otis Smith from Orlando..

03-05-2009, 03:07 PM
"Hi Straccy,it's Otis.our choice would be Chris Mihm."
"All right.so it's Mihm for Tyronne Lue?"
"Yeah,we accept.have a good day Straccy."
"So to you Otis,and good luck!"

Chris Mihm

Tyronne Lue

what this means for the Magic:
one more big man to put on bench rotation

what this means for the Grizzlies:
one more tiny man to put on bench rotation

winner: Draw

nothing big here,but both the magic and us have filled a spot which was empty,and both the contracts were expiring.but this trade is strictly linked to the one with the blazers,so now i can calll Pritchard on the phone.
"Hello Straccy,so who is him?"
"Hi Kevin,it's Adonal Foyle."
"All right,we have a deal!"
"Wonderful,have a nice day."

Marko Jaric
Adonal Foyle
2008,2009,2010 Memphis 2nd round picks

Raef LaFrentz

what this means for the Blazers:
if they want to trade blake,they've acquired a veteran back up PG,and Foyle is replacing LaFrentz in case there are minutes left at C.three 2nd round picks (which will be probably very high) could give to portland some talentend and underrated guy from the draft

what this means for the Grizzlies:
only one thing: dumping.

winner: Trail Blazers

step two and step three: completed!
now the roster is complete,after a small talks with some of the GMs i understand that no one would like to see Greg Buckner,not even in photo.so the trading work is over for the moment,it's time to have a little conversation with the guys.

03-05-2009, 03:46 PM
conversation with Mike Conley.

"Hi Mike,how do you feel?"
"Good morning mr.Vendoli.i feel great,thanks."
"Glad to hear it.listen Mike,there are just a few things i would like to say.the first is that you are our present starting PG and we hope that you will be our starting PG for years,and that we have full confidence in you.the second is that all the organization believes in you to guide this team across and out the problems we will find on our road.we trust your intelligence,inside and outside the court,and we would like to see you becoming the leader of this team."
"I will do everything i can to repay your confidence mr.Vendoli,i'm ready!"

conversation with Tyronne Lue.

"Hi Tyronne,what's up?"
"Nothing new sir,i'm beginning to find my spaces here in this new town for me."
"Hope you will be ok here.Listen,i don't want to cheat you.you are here to support Mike,and maybe help him out of problems and struggles.talk to him as much as you can.explain him everything,show him his mistakes.you won't have so much of playing time this year,but we're considering the idea of resigning you the next year if we both feel well together."
"Sure sir,i knew i came here to be a backup,so it's not a problem.i still don't know Mike Conley so much but i've already understood he's a great,lovable guy.so i will help any way i can."

conversation with Greg Buckner.

"Hi Greg,everything's ok?"
"Yes mr.Vendoli,thanks for asking."
"Listen Greg.you're a veteran,so i don't want to fool you.we're trying to trade you.you know,we have nothing against you as a person,everyone here respects you so much,but we are rebuilding this team and your contract doesn't really fits with our plans.but you know,it will be hard for us to trade you this year,so i have to say that maybe you will not find any minute of play in this season."
"Ok mr.Vendoli,i could feel this myself.trade me if you can and everyone will be happy.otherwise i will work hard for coach Iavaroni and all the guys to try to gain also a single second of play."

conversation with OJ Mayo.

"Hello OJ,how are you?"
"Hi boss!wazzup?"
"Listen OJ,there are some things that i would like to say you before the season starts.First of all,we consider you as our franchise player.our plan is to build this team around you and we need your help.we aren't asking you of winning 50 games this season,and maybe nor in the next season.what we are asking you is to work hard,is to shut up all the voices that come from the press like 'OJ Mayo is a crazy guy without work ethic'.we don't want you to not commit any mistake on court,you will have lots of shots and lots of decisions to take and we've already talk to Mike Conley about this.But you will have to learn from your mistakes,and become a better and better player every single day,every single game.you will become an All-Star,you know this,we all know this.maybe you're an All-Star right now.but look at Kobe Bryant.he's an All-Star from years,he already won 3 NBA titles and a gold medal at the Olympics but he's still learning and learning from his mistakes and improve his game everyday.we hope you could become our Kobe Bryant,or even better."
"Yay boss,no problem man!"

conversation with Bonzi Wells.

"Hi Bonzi."
"Hello Straccy."
"Listen,there's only one thing i would like to say you.we believe in you and in the help you are going to give us.but don't mess with your teammates or with something outside your career.stay focused on basketball and maybe we can sign a multi-year deal for the next seasons,all right?"
"All right Straccy."

conversation with Rudy Gay.

"Hi Rudy."
"Hello GM."
"I want to make it clear:you and Mike are the new breed of the Memphis Grizzlies.we know you lack of experience and all the rest,that's why nobody here is expecting the playoffs or 40 victory.we only want that you and Mike will help OJ and Marc Gasol to improve their game and to feel like a real strong part of the puzzle.you will have lot of shots and minutes,so feel free to play and don't worry about how the things will go next year.we're rebuilding and we want to rebuild on you and OJ.so have a nice season and don't worry about anything!"
"Ok mr.Vendoli!"

conversation with Hakim Warrick.

"Hi Hakim."
"Hey man,cool to hear you man!"
"Listen.you know we're rebuilding this team,and we think you're an important piece of this organization.so we would like to resign you for four years more.what do you think about this?"
"Hey,it would be great!i love this team and the guys playing here,Marc Gasol it's a true joker.i really love him!"
"All right Hakim,so we want you to put all your energy on the court,you're our dynamite man coming from the bench replacing the forwards,and maybe you will start some games.we trust in you,and we want to trust you at least for other six years."
"I'm with you guys!"

03-05-2009, 04:14 PM
conversation with Darrell Arthur.

"Hello Darrell,how do you do?"
"Hello mr.Vendoli.i'm fine,thank you."
"Listen Darrell,you have to know that all the organisation has lot of confidence in you.we acquired Drew Gooden not to make you play less minutes,but to make you play better minutes.we are very excited about your potential and we don't want to see great things tomorrow.we would love to see you develop and become little by little a factor in this young team.learn from Drew anything you can,and stay calm.we don't want to put any pressure on you,ok?"
"Ok mr.Vendoli,thanks mister."

conversation with Drew Gooden

"Hi Drew!"
"Hi Straccy!"
"Don't want to waste our time.you know the NBA and know this situations very well.we're young and we're rebuilding.so just help the young guys to develop and keep the situation in the locker under control.everyone here respects you,so let this respect work.allright?"
"Allright Straccy."

conversation with Danny Fortson

"Hey big Dan!"
"Hey boss!"
"Listen,i will say you the same things i said to Drew.You know this league,so use your experience and voice in the locker to help this guys becoming a good team.in exchange for this service we will give you one million dollars!"
"I will do anything you want for one million bucks man,even cut Drew's beard with my teeth!"

conversation with Marc Gasol

"Hola Marc!"
"Hola hermano!"
"Listen Marc,and listen carefully.we want to tell you that everyone here considers you as Marc.for us,you are Marc.we don't give a **** who your brother is,you're not here because you're brother was here.you are here because we wanted you,and no one but you.so play your game and work hard,we acquired Raef LaFrentz to play the starting C and to teach you some things and maybe a little jump shot.but i can tell you that at half season the starting spot could be yours.what we already know is that spot is gonna be yours for long long time.just be yourself and enjoy.all right?"
"no es un problema hermano!"

conversation with Hamed Haddadi

"Listen Hamed,you're not NBA ready and i think you know this by yourself.so we will send you to the d-league.work hard and play the right way,learn from all the guys you will find there and maybe later in the season there will be minutes for you,all right?"

conversation with Raef LaFrentz

"Hello Raef."
"Hello mister!"
"So,you're arrived at the last year of the contract of your life.big bucks,now you're done for yourself and your children and your granchildren.we just wanted to know if you are hungry enough to sign another big contract next season."
"Yes mr.Vendoli.i'm still here to play the game and work hard everyday."
"That's what i wanted to hear.you will start at C,if coach Iavaroni didn't already told you,but your main task this year will be to protect Marc Gasol from external pressure.you know,his brother was a star here and so on.Help him to become himself and we will forever thank you."
"Ok mister,I would love to help Marc,he's adorable!"

chatting time is over.we're ready for the beginning of the season!

03-05-2009, 05:37 PM
vs.Washington, 115-111 W
our season opens with probably one of the easiest games among all the 82 against the wizards missing haywood and gilbert arenas.but we have a close win thanks to Rudy Gay's 32points and five rebounds&assists for a total of six man in double figures including Gasol with 10.13/23 from the field and 13/14 from the line for Butler's exploit with 39 is useless to the Wizards.it's gonna be a hard season for them.

vs.Houston, 93-77 L
this is what we are and what we will be for a long time.a young team struggling against defensive teams.Rudy Gay has only 13points against Artest and OJ Mayo puts on 16points with 22 shots but adding 7 rebounds and four assist.McGrady is the player of the game with 24points+7assists.

@Dallas, 107-102 W
incredible W on the road in a back to back.OJ and Rudy combine for 61 points (31 Mayo,30 Gay) with 50%+ from the field.Mike Conley supports with a double digit at 13 in points and assists.Gooden adds 19+11,Darrell Arthur has to play a single minute yet.

@Houston, 104-78 L
there's nothing to do,we're condemned to struggle against the Rockets.Rudy Gay had only 9points this time,while OJ scores 20 with 14 shots and 4 TO.the only other Grizzlies in double figure is Gooden with 12.again T-Mac is the player of the game with 32 points.

vs.Lakers, 102-89 L
Rudy Gay has 20 but 6/17 from the field,while Mike Conley connects for 17points dishing 9assists.but nothing to do against Kobe's 27 and Lamar Odom's 21+7rebounds.Pau Gasol has 13points with 4/12 from the field while Marc has only 2 in 14minutes in this challenge between brothers.

vs.Golden State, 102-97 W
we're still at .500 with this close win against the Warriors.Gay exploits with 32 points+6rebounds+4assists while Drew Gooden adds tons of consistency in the paint with 14points and 22rebounds.worthless are Steph Jackson 34 with 12/29 from the field.

@Oklahoma City, 102-85 L
a trip to Oklahoma City begins a series of 4 consecutives games on the road.OJ is struggling with 13points and 14shots while Rudy Gay is not so better with 25points and 22shots..Superstar Kevin Durant puzzles us with 23points and 7rebounds.

@Portland, 100-91 W
against my friend Kevin Pritchard an unexpected W.Rudy Gay has 20points,14 for Mayo and Conley and a consistent Gasol coming off the bench with 9points and 10 rebounds in 14 minutes.horrible day for Portland,only 10points from their scoring leader Brandon Roy and an infamous 1/12 from the field for Greg Oden.

@Sacramento, 112-96 L
for one unexpected W there is one lousy L against the crappy Kings.Rudy Gay with 23+6+5 is the only one who saves dignity together with Mike Conley's 18+7assists.Kevin Martin is the player of the game with 25.OJ Mayo is still struggling.and now the Warriors in a back to back..

@Golden State, 109-93 L
OJ comes out from his crisis with 32points,and Rudy Gay adds 17+5+6 but is not enough against the monstre game from Jamal Crawford with 20points 7rebounds and 14assists.Drew Gooden is the other Grizzlies with 10+ points,as he scores 13.

vs.San Antonio, 108-101 L
close game,close loss.this time i've nothing to complain with my guys.all my starters score 13+ points with a best of 24 by Rudy Gay.anyway no one could stop Tony Parker and his 36points plus 7assists.

vs.Oklahoma City, 103-90 L
Rudy Gay is destroyed by Durant,playing only 20minutes due to foul problems and scoring only 8.OJ Mayo tries to carry the team on his back but his 20points with 7/25 aren't enough.Mike Conley has to play all the 48minuts due to a little ankle problem for Tyronne Lue and consists with 19+11assist and 5 rebounds too.Durant has 32 and he's the player of the game.

@Minnesota, 106-92 L
very very bad L in Minneapolis against the worst team around the league.another 48minutes whole game for Mike Conley,who closes 23points and 15assists.Gay and Gooden are in double figures for point and rebounds (22+11 and 13+14) but rookie Kevin Love exploits with 29points+15rebounds in addition to 15points+14assist from Bassie Telfair and 25points from Mike Miller.

vs.Dallas, 112-84 L
another L in back to back,WunderDirk gives us no hope with a 40points game.48 minutes again for Mike Conley and still good numbers,14points and 13assists.OJ Mayo has 9 points,15shots and 7 turnovers.oh my goodness!

vs.Sacramento, 99-92 L
Terrible L at home against the Kings.well,we have to wait and have patience.Mike Conley is the only one who deserves the money he gets with 23points and 7assist,together with Danny Fortson coming from the bench with 17+7.Mayo's 16points are horrible,since they're coming from 17shots..

@New York, 105-80 L
another ugly L to end this horrible month.we're on a run of 8 consecutive games lost.our 38.8% total from the field explains everything and shadows another double double from Mike Conley (10+13).nothing to say,let's hope december brings good news to us.and maybe some W..

Lebron James 31.1
Kobe Bryant 29.4
Dwyane Wade 27.6
OJ Mayo 16.1
Derrick Rose 15.8
Eric Gordon,Rudy Fernandez 13.9

Steve Nash 15.6
Chris Paul 12.4
Deron Williams, Jason Kidd 11.7
Derrick Rose 7.0
Mario Chalmers 5.9
Russell Westbrook 5.5

Dwight Howard 16.5
Marcus Camby 12.9
Andris Biedrins 11.2
Kevin Love 8.7
Brook Lopez 7.3
JaVale McGee 5.1

Dwight Howard 3.6
Pau Gasol 3.3
Marcus Camby 2.9
Brook Lopez 0.8
Michael Beasley 0.7
Kevin Love,Jerry Bayless 0.6

Manu Ginobili 2.3
Kobe Bryant 2.1
Caron Butler, Lebron James 2.0
Rudy Fernandez 1.5
Michael Beasley 1.2
Eric Gordon 1.1


Boston 10-4
Philadelphia 7-7
New Jersey 7-8
New York 6-8
Toronto 6-11

Cleveland 11-4
Detroit 9-5
Indiana 7-8
Milwaukee 4-9
Chicago 3-9

Miami 12-4
Atlanta 7-7
Orlando 7-7
Charlotte 6-7
Washington 5-8

San Antonio 13-3
Houston 12-4
New Orleans 8-6
Dallas 8-8
Memphis 4-12

Utah 10-6
Denver 8-6
Oklahoma City 8-9
Portland 5-9
Minnesota 3-11

Golden State 10-4
LA Lakers 11-5
Phoenix 7-8
LA Clippers 4-12
Sacramento 3-12

C.Billups (DEN) a broken leg, 52days
B.Cook (HOU) a broken hand, 42days
J.Nelson (ORL) a broken toe, 55days

no transactions.