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Old 01-30-2012, 09:09 PM
Antuan Johnson Antuan Johnson is offline
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Default Faq

So I thought I would start this thread to answer frequently asked questions and to eventually serve as a guide for the game once it’s complete.

a. Recording

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a. Beginning in Beta 7 and similar to MWR1, players will have the option of selecting specific producers, songwriters, and producers for their new albums. To have a band began working on a new record you should go to “Activities” and select New Record. In “New Record” you will find options to select the working title, songwriters, producers, theme, recording studio, projection, and start date for the project. For the working title you may wish to enter the name you’d like title final record or you may wish to leave it untitled. Don’t worry too much about this aspect because you will have the chance to change the title of the record before it’s released. Similar to MWR1, you now have the option to select songwriters and producers to aid your bands on their record. However, because of the added depth to MWR2 there are many more factors to consider when selecting producers and songwriters. Both producers’ and songwriters’ ability are judged upon the following attributes and skills: Composing or Production, Mainstream, Urban, Creativity, Controversy. They’re both also rated for their popularities across the seven music markets. Producers and songwriters will produce better songs when they’re skills and attributes are higher, thus a very mainstream songwriter will produce high quality mainstream songs for their artists. Costs are determined by the popularity of the producers and songwriters, average costs will be around $100,000 to $200,000 for well-known talents in popular regions, and less than 100,000 for popular talents in less marketable locations. The popularity of the producers and songwriters also affect the ratings and sales of the final product, thus hiring a low cost/unpopular songwriter to save money might not be the best idea if you’re seeking to increase profit even if they’re songwriting ability is high. Expanded upon in MWR2, the theme feature offers players a creative to experiment with new trends in the music market. Similar to the popularity of producers and songwriters, themes play a significant role on the impact of record sales. To start a new project, you must also set a projection or production schedule for the record: Blitzkrieg, RUSH, Standard, Free Range, Laissez-faire. A Blitzkrieg (or lightning war in German) production timeline completes the record in two weeks (Consider the recording of Joss Stone’s LP1 or Beyoncé’s B-day, which were both recorded under two weeks. ) However you should note that although you receive quick turnaround from this option, you often sacrifice quality. A RUSH production, is one step above Blitzkrieg and should be completed in about four weeks. Standard production should take a couple of months to complete and is the normal timeline for bands in the game. Free Range gives bands a greater freedom to explore their musical palate and subsequently a greater chance for high quality productions, this is a good option to choose if you have patience and want to help this particular band make the best record possible. Finally, Laissez -Faire (or let it be in French) gives artists an even broader range of freedom which might prove beneficial in the long run.
+ serial/license question? contact support@wolverinestudios.com
+ all other inquiries contact antuan@wolverinestudios.com
+ follow the development of the game on twitter @mwrebirth

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