Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2017

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Take control as head coach of your favorite college basketball team. Build your coaching profile and settle in on the long road to tournament glory. In addition to winning games and piling up trophies you’re responsible for hiring your staff, researching players, recruiting new talent and of course coaching your team. Look to further your career by improving your coaching resume and prestige to land better jobs or even take on the role of an assistant coach for a totally different way of playing the game. Get immersed in the incredibly detailed simulated game world which sports one of the best recruiting engines in any collegiate video game.

New In DDS:CB 2017 

  • New User Interface
  • Tournament Maker exhibition mode
  • New in-game tournaments
  • Quick Recruiting feature
  • Prestige tracking over the history of the association
  • Lineup tracking
  • More in-game news
  • Upgraded AI for recruiting players
  • New sliders for coach firing and injuries
  • Read about all these and more in our blog post


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DDS: College Basketball 2017 


DDS: College Basketball 2017 Reviews

Sports Gamers Online – 8/10 “But for all the fans of the most complicated sports simulation games, all these options are a godsend

System Requirements
System Requirements
Windows PC Only
1280 x 768 minimum display resolution required
128MB RAM minimum
250MB Hard Drive space minimum