FaceOff Hockey 2017

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Game Description

The number one single season replay hockey simulation is back for 2017 and has been upgraded for unprecedented realism thanks to a host of new changes! Play against the computer or join one of the long-running FaceOff multiplayer online leagues for a new level of challenge.

New Features For 2017
New player ratings for even strength, power play, and short handed situations. Individual player performance is more predictable and realistic than ever before.

Special teams play rewritten from the ground up to go with new situational stats.

Improvements to the game play screen to put more information in your hands as you are playing.

Interface improvements to support the new split stats.

An all-new slider system allows you to configure AI coaching decisions! You tell the coach which of 15 ratings to value and how much to value them. Set the values differently for every team, position, and situation.

A new import/export feature which will allow leagues to quickly set up and modify historical injury data for their leagues.

Smarter AI coaching to allow more frequent line changes to better reflect the reality of play.

The AI is smarter than ever about avoiding overuse when generating default strats.

New enhanced reports to show goalie ice time and star player points

File Downloads
Game Files
You can download the game and open it as a demo – once you purchase a license simply restart the game, enter the key and continue playing

FaceOff Hockey 2017 – Full Installation

System Requirements
System Requirements
Windows PC Only
1024 x 768 minimum display resolution required
128MB RAM minimum
250MB Hard Drive space minimum