DDS: College Basketball In The Press

Digital Entertainment News - (9.4/10)
"The end result is a game that is at the top of its class. Whether compared to competing text management sims or the company’s own released in the past year, Draft Day Sports: College Basketball is the best game of its kind on the market today."
- Craig Hansen

Total Sports World - (4.7/5.0)
"Overall, DDS:CB is one of the best looking Text Based Simulations I've ever seen. The game screens are easy on the eyes, and logically organized. There are even more features that I haven?t covered in depth, including the coach "family tree" which allows you to see how your coaches are connected to other coaches in the league, which gives another dimension to the history in your league."
- Robby Ruggles

Gameshark - (B+)
"As March Madness approaches, the excitement for the upcoming NCAA college basketball tournament ramps up. Wolverine Sports' developer, Gary Gorski, has recently released its latest text-sim Draft Day Sports: College Basketball, which offers the opportunity to live out the dream of being a college basketball head coach. It is a deep game with a wide range of gameplay elements to enjoy"
- Jesse Leimkuehler

Total Pro Golf 2 In The Press - (3.5/5)
"Delightful, engaging gameply for simmers looking for a deeper golf simulation than what is usually available on store shelves."
- Courtney Marchelletta

Dubious Quality - ()
"Forget everything you thought you knew about sports text sims. This is not that game. It's bright and colorful, and it stretches the boundaries of what a sports sim can be and do. Designer Gary Gorski, after a promising start last year with the initial edition of Total Pro Golf, has refined the game, added features, and made it compulsively playable."
- Bill Harris

Digital Entertainment News - (8.9/10)
"Total Pro Golf 2 is a must-have for fans of the original, and is the only version those new to the series should even consider buying."
- Craig Hansen

Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball In The Press - (4/5)
"There's no reason not to try "Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball." It has the depth and options that'll keep you going back to try something different."
- Courtney Marchelletta

Operation Sports - (8/10)
"Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball offers depth like no other pro basketball game on the market, in terms of simulating pro basketball in all its depth and detail."
- Clay Shaver

Digital Entertainment News - (8.7/10)
"Not only does it do almost everything right that Gorski has been putting in basketball sims for years, it is pushing the envelope of text-based sims in terms of graphical interfaces."
- Craig Hansen