Operating System : Windows 2000
     CPU : Pentium II 800 mHz
     Memory : 128 MB RAM
     Hard Disk : 250 MB
     Video Display : 1024x768

DEPTH Browsable, automatically generated reference almanac containing thousands of pages of detail and stats for every player and team in league history
DEPTH Full career and aging model with no limit on the number of seasons that can be played out in your universe
DEPTH Tons of reports with almost every stat imaginable, including a full range of sabermetric reports for true Baseball stats geeks!
REPLAY history starting in any season since 1900 with the included and fully licensed Lahman Database. Relive or change history!
EDIT everything! Ratings, stats, association settings and much more. A modders dream!
NEW UI Overhaul - New look front end UI.  More screen real estate, reduced and more consistent color palette
NEW Season Browserl - a web-like navigation experience for copious amounts of stats for the current season

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