Operating System : Windows 2000
     CPU : Pentium II 800 mHz
     Memory : 128 MB RAM
     Hard Disk : 250 MB
     Video Display : 1024x768

Game Stooge (4/5)
"Perhaps the best of these simulations is Shaun Sullivan’s PureSim Baseball 3."
"PureSim 3 is easy to use, fun to play, relatively accurate and has enough options to keep things interesting, whether you’re into historical replays, fictional universes or a combination of both"

NEW TRU-Life Transaction Mode. Think you can do better than your favorite manager? Try Tru-Life Transactions mode, where player transactions happen just as they did in real life! All seasons from 1946-2009 are supported. You'll have to manage with the cards you are dealt.
NEW Manager Tendencies Editor. On each team's menu there is now an option to edit manager tendencies based on the situation, such as inning score etc. Over 200 tendencies can be editd.
NEW 2 unique career modes available when doing historical replays: "TRU-Life" for replaying history with the most accurate career replay sim on the market without the need for expensive season disks or "Organic" to start back in history and allow players to take different career paths.
NEW New resolution support PureSim now supports 2 display modes
NEW Totally re-built GM AI engine
NEW Over 75 new enhancements! Click here to see them all!

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