We are back this week with our #FeatureFriday segment (I guess the excitement of the Sweet 16 is to blame for missing last week). We know with the Final Four coming up this weekend college basketball is still on everyone’s mind and if you missed our last #FeatureFriday on recruiting in Draft Day Sports: College Basketball we definitely invite you to check that out.

But as much as I love college hoops after spending what seems like an eternity in another lovely Michigan winter I’m itching to hit the golf course. We are fortunate that our Studio HQ is not too far from what I consider to be one of the greatest business ideas ever, TopGolf. A brand new TopGolf opened in Auburn Hills this winter and their heated hitting bays have been a welcomed respite even on the dreariest of winter days. But as much fun as that is nothing beats the feeling of being out on the course.

I’ve often thought about what my dream job would be and while running Wolverine Studios is up there on the list, just after NBA General Manager or head coach of a college basketball team trying to get to the big dance, I think my ultimate dream job would be pro golfer.

First, think of the money. This article from golf.com says the average top 125 tour guy nets over 2 million a year after expenses (but before taxes). I don’t know about you but 2 million to be a guy nobody but the hardcore golf fan probably knows or recognizes would be pretty sweet. I wouldn’t even have to be the next Rory McIlroy – I’d be happy to be guy #125.

Second, your job is to be outside at the world’s most beautiful courses playing golf. There’s a ton of work that goes into getting to the course on Thursday but how can you beat the office? Best of all, your view changes every week as you go to new locations and courses and it’s warm (mostly anyways). Maybe it’s the cabin fever talking but Hawaii in January doesn’t sound so bad. Here’s where golf has a leg up on the other pro sports – all of them have cold weather cities to travel to – even if the games are indoors – but you can be pretty sure that you’re not going to see snow when you land for a tournament. Plus think of the longevity – when the young guns are too much for you to handle there’s a senior tour to play on!

Sadly I don’t think the life of a pro golfer will be in the cards for me (I would be amazed if I ever shoot one round under par) but the journey has always intrigued me – in fact it’s the reason why I developed Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf. I love the game of golf and there’s always been good golf games. I remember Mean 18 way back in the day. I’ve played Links, Front Page Sports: Golf and the EA offerings over the years. They all had fun gameplay and amazing graphics for their time but they all required a decent time investment to play out even one round and they all lacked something that I wanted – career play.

Who doesn’t remember the gopher from Mean 18?

I decided to do what I did when I couldn’t find a basketball sim to my liking – I just made my own game. Back then it was called Total Pro Golf and the two most important concepts to me were that it was a career game and that you could play rounds quickly (because you had a whole career of them to play!). I wanted the experience of starting on the junior circuit – having to be selective with training and entering tournaments because failure loomed around every corner while I struggled to gain enough experience and victories to qualify for the pro tour. From there the challenge of staying on tour, earning sponsorships and hopefully winning a tournament or two. I wanted the chase of not only a season long championship but of getting my name atop the all time leaderboard in wins and money won. I wanted the honor of being chosen to represent the United States in a special team match play event against the best Europe or the world had to offer.

Florida Bay in Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf

Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf offers all of that and more. You won’t find the beautiful 3D worlds most golf games focus on but you’ll be hard pressed to find better looking 2D displays and I love the fact that I can play a round that challenges me, offers me strategic options and the excitement of a tournament all in 15 minutes. So I guess I largely created Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf for myself and I am glad I did (even if it still hasn’t found a wide audience) – it’s as close as I will ever be able to get to the pro tour! And even though it is not one of the titles I develop on an annual basis it’s always a game I think about. What can I add to make it better down the line? What would help it find a wider audience? There are other golf simulation games out there – what do those players enjoy?

I want to share the fun with you though. As a thank you for reading our blog I want to offer you a special offer if you want to try your hand at the life of a pro golfer. Visit our webstore and put the Deluxe Edition of Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf in your cart (I want you to get all our beautiful extra courses) and use code FFGOLF and you will save 50% off now through 4/30/19.

If you’re a fan of the series I would love for you to comment below and let me know what your favorite features of the game are and if you’re just a golf fan in general I would love to know what your favorite courses are and if you have played any of them. What I wouldn’t give for a round at Pebble, Augusta, Harbour Town or even a chance to tackle the Monster at Oakland Hills right here in my own home state. Hopefully I’ll be able to hit the course soon. Thanks for reading and see you next week!