Our company recently celebrated our 14th anniversary and we held an online celebration! As part of the festivities we decided to try a new venue and started on Twitch. So what happened when basketball strategy game met live stream sharing?

Well, in one word, fun! We had a great time interacting with our friends and customers as we showed off Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020! We started our first ever online dynasty. When we set out to make the best basketball sim game over a decade ago we had no idea one day we would be live streaming a dynasty.

Setting up the simulation…

We setup a fictional league to make use of our awesome in-game team names and logos and choose the Orlando Mystics as our team. The league was built to play in the game’s “local mode” meaning we would only control the decisions of the general manager and not any coaching decisions. We found ourselves with a solid big three and not much else in terms of depth. Our roster building skills would be put to the test and with a savvy mid-season trade we landed some key role players on our way to a 50+ win season. Unfortunately our season ended quickly as a long playoff run was not in the cards in year one.

The dynasty continues…

Since then we have continued on with the dynasty. In fact we went through the highs and lows of another 50+ win season with little playoff success. Now we are preparing for our third season. We had an excellent free agency and the team is looking strong. Our big three are back and we have a new coaching staff. Can we finally get to the finals? You have to tune in to see!

How can you join in the fun?

Currently we are streaming every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM EST and looking to add more streams along the way. Make sure you give us a follow on our Twitch account and enable notifications so that you don’t ever miss out when we go live. Being a part of our streams is a great way for you to interact with the game’s developer, see the game in action, toss in some ideas for future improvements and maybe pick up some strategy tips for the deepest and most accurate basketball strategy game available today for Win-PC.

If you’ve been a regular at our streams we can’t wait to see you again and if you haven’t checked us out please do so. We look forward to sharing our basketball sim experiences with you! Do you have ideas on how to make the streams better? Drop a comment below.