Plays, Penalties, & Injuries Mods

Plays, Penalties, & Injuries Mods

Postby francua4 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:28 am

I went ahead and played around in the plays.xml and with some help from Brooks & AKH was able to adjust what was already there and create some new plays with new player movement. The sim engine works very well with the new plays and as far as I can tell nothing is over powered.

Before I get into the details MAKE SURE YOU SAVE A COPY OF THE DEFAULT XML FILES IN YOUR DATA FOLDER. Reason for this is because if you don't like the mods you can always reinsert your original xml files and all is not lost.

Plays Mod Info
Overall, I've added 143 new running plays, 241 passing plays, (most of which are variations across formations) and I've added blitzes as part of the default defensive playbook. A couple of pieces of info you should be aware of:

1. All of the offensive and defensive plays will show up as plays to select when creating playbooks. Furthermore, the game's AI will call these plays as well so these players are not just available to the user.
2. The defensive blitzes that will show up in the customize playbook section will have play art available.
3. The offensive plays is a bit less transparent. Some of the plays will have play art and some will not. The ones that don't have play art are because I've created custom movement for the players that the game doesn't currently have a play art route mapped to. That being said the movement works perfectly on the 2D so no worries that the game isn't reading it. In the drive there is a play/route tree guide for the passing plays, I'd suggest downloading that so you know which plays do what.
4. I've renamed and edited the distribution for all plays to reflect who the play was designed for ie "QB Zone Right", now means when you call this play only your QB will run the ball, "RB Toss Crack Right" now means that only your RB will run the ball for that play etc.. For passing plays, the play name will start with the receiver who it is intended for based on that formation positional outline. Example: If you call "Shotgun LWR Dagger" then the QBs main read is going to be the player in the LWR slot of the depth chart for Shotgun. This is not to say that he will always throw to this player, but your QB will almost always look in that direction first.

This part is optional, but I tend to play with the sim engine and the ratings some to try and get as close to real NCAA stats as I possibly can. I set the Run/Pass Ratio Base to 14 and the Run/Pass Ratio Modifier to 58. Then for the Yardage Settings I move the Rushing Yards Modifier to the right one tick and the passing yards modifier one tick to the left.

Ratings Adjustments I make are as follows. (Note I make adjustments to each upcoming recruiting class before the players officially sign with their teams.)
TE - bump up 5-10 points but usually no higher than 85 speed for the top player.
TE - bump up 5 points to Agility
DE - bump up 5-10 points to speed
DE - bump up 10 points to endurance
DT - bump up 10 points to endurance
LB - bump up 10 points to strength

All other ratings I leave alone for the most part. If I see statistics shifting one way to far left or to far right I make adjustments where I think its necessary. Again you do not have to do this, this is purely something I choose to do.

Injuries Mod Info
Added quite a bit of injuries and removed some of the ones I didn't particularly care for. The injuries mod has tons of new ones but most notably is off the field "injuries or incidents" that can occur. Unfortunately due to how injuries work in-game I'm unable to create an exact # of weeks that a player will miss, so for things like Team Rules Violations, NCAA violations, etc... you'll still get players at a point who are questionable/probable/doubtful etc..

Penalties Mod
No drastic changes, but I added a Leverage penalty for FGs and a few other ones. Nothing removed here.

Click the link below and download whichever files in the drive you'd like to use to your Desktop.

To install the mods, copy the mods on your desktop and paste them into the following directory of your computer: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolverine Studios\Draft Day Sports - College Football 2018\Data

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Re: Plays, Penalties, & Injuries Mods

Postby C-Bailey24 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:45 pm

Great stuff. Huge Thanks.
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Re: Plays, Penalties, & Injuries Mods

Postby Muhney2 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 3:32 am

Wow this sounds absolutely amazing, huge thanks for this
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Re: Plays, Penalties, & Injuries Mods

Postby francua4 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:36 am

Also looking for feedback on this so anything you're seeing or finding that you think may need updating please let me know. The plan is eventually to add some custom defensive movement as well, defensive line stunts and such.
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