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Postby regenerator » Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:43 am

AKH wrote:Ok finally got home. Sorry for the delay.

The start command is really simple should just be:

<Action Type="Start" DeltaX="0" DeltaY="0" Delay="0"></Action>

Where you fill in X and Y to get the position you want.

as the first action of a player on a play.

I would love to be able to do this but maybe I missed something - how can I fill in the X and Y to get a certain position when we have not been provided these positions?coordinates?
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Re: Play Creation Guide

Postby ZootMurph » Tue May 28, 2019 10:05 pm

Can someone post what each slot ID corresponds to in each formation? I can test it now, but for future people that read this, it would make it easier for them to already know what position each slot ID corresponds to.

Edit: OK, I found them:

0 is always the QB
1 is always the halfback/running back
4 is always the WR on the far left side of the formation.
5 is always the WR on the right side of the formation.

Here's the tricky part...
2 is the TE in Spread and Shotgun. In Pro and IFormation, 2 is the FB. In TwoTE, 2 is the TE on the left side of the formation.
3 is the TE (right side in TwoTE) in Pro, IFormation, and TwoTE. 3 is the slot receiver in Spread and Shotgun.

I didn't test the linemen, but looking through a few plays I believe:

6 is Left Tackle
7 is Left Guard
8 is Center
9 is Right Guard
10 is Right Tackle.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong somewhere. I'm creating plays now and if I find I'm wrong, I'll certainly let you know :)
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