Elite Football League

Elite Football League

Postby Kendrick™ » Wed Nov 29, 2017 5:13 pm


TLDR - Free football simulation game. Create a player, sign to a college, win the national championship, get drafted, win the super bowl, and a lot more!

The Elite Football League is an online Player & GM Simulation League in the niche of simulating a real life pro football league like the NFL. We're entering its third season of action next week. Unlike the handful of football games available on PC and Console, the EFL takes the idea of creating a player or managing a team to the next level by building an entire simulation universe where everyone's careers are intertwined. It's like Maddens connected franchise, only with real people behind every player, coach and league official in the league. We believe that if it's done in real life, you should be able to simulate it in our league.

In EFL, you'll have the opportunity to create players whose careers begin at the end of their high school senior season. From there, you will be recruited to one of our eight NCAA programs (Alabama Crimson Tide, Miami Hurricanes, Michigan Wolverines, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Ohio State Buckeyes, Oregon Ducks, Texas Longhorns and USC Trojans). Once in college, you'll be tasked with helping your team compete in our 15-game NCAA season all the while improving your player's core ratings with the goal to eventually be drafted to the EFL.

On your way to the EFL, you can improve your player by being active in the community. Participating in a few different areas grants you points that you can use to raise the ratings that most impact your player. Once you've decided your NCAA career has run its course, you can enter the EFL draft where one of our six EFL franchises will select you and help you start your next journey.

As you play in the NCAA and EFL, you'll have the opportunity to partake in a number of ways that we encourage our members to fully immerse themselves into their career. At creation, you'll be able to select a player type for your position that will impact some of the bonuses available to you on the teams you play for. We have a high-school All-American game, the NCAA signing day, draft declarations, spring training, training camp, the scouting combine, the EFL draft, player trades and free agency that should keep your player active both on and off the field. This is all in addition to the endless different storylines you can create for yourself with the point tasks you create throughout your career.

Be it a pocket passing quarterback, a run stuffing linebacker, a man cover corner or even an aspiring Athletic Director or General Manager, we've built a league that we believe allows you to step into any role you desire. At the end of that career, maybe you will have accomplished enough to be entered into our NCAA or EFL Hall of Fame.

Some of the features our league offers are:

It's Free! - Everyone who partakes does it for fun, because it is fun. No pay to play here.
The Community - Our players range from the early twenties to mid-forties. We come from all walks of life. We have a very welcoming, interactive community to be a part of who LOVE football.
Our Reddit Community - Several of our members, including myself, found leagues like ours and this league, through Reddit. Community members just like you, from NFL and NCAA subreddits, have found that we offer a fun addition to their weekly entertainment.
Hardcore or Casual - You can post once a week or 100 times a day. There is a place for every level of activity in our league.
Full NCAA Career - Get Recruited, sign on Signing Day, play in the NCAA, compete for a Heisman, compete for a National Title and raise your draft stock. Scouting Combine - Take your player to the Scouting Combine to prove you have what it takes to be drafted early.
The EFL Draft - Talk with teams in pre-draft interviews, hold a few workouts and watch your name get selected in the EFL Draft!
Full Coaching System - Your coaches in the NCAA and EFL make you better. They change, they improve you and they impact your career.
EFL Training Camp - Get a boost in points to add to your player the week before the season starts at Training Camp.
Player Archetypes - Every position has 3-4 styles. Which style of player are you? You also improve your player each week, meaning if you're having a rough year, you can turn it around right away!
League Index - Our league report tracks every game, every stat for your players career
High-Quality Forum - We spent our money to run our league on the most up to date IPB Forum, where we can present our league to the best of our ability.
Major Presentations - Just take a look at some of the graphics we make for players, our team logos, our team content. We take our look and presentation seriously.
Experience - We are entering our third season, our staff includes some seasoned and experienced members with a ton of history using our simulator(Draft Day Pro Football 16) and running long-lasting sim leagues.
and much, much more
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Re: Elite Football League

Postby Robmeister89 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 5:57 pm

Very interesting league but you posted on the wrong forum. You use PF16 (as stated in your post) and this is the forum for PF18 online leagues.
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Re: Elite Football League

Postby AKH » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:45 pm

rob is correct.

league looks neat though, are you using DDSCF for the college parts?
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