Bowl Modding/Logic help

Bowl Modding/Logic help

Postby prader89 » Thu Aug 29, 2019 10:49 pm

I'm planning to get DDSCF19 tonight with the intention of tweaking the real world mod to create my "dream" association. Changing teams around conferences and replacing some of them with FCS schools that I like. I will need to change the "Bowls" and I've looked through the stock and real world bowls file in an XML editor but some of the numbers I see don't make sense... even though it appears to work perfectly in the actual game. Which leads me to suspect a lack of understanding on my part.

Basically what I would like to do is have the Blockbuster Bowl for the 2 vs 3 team and Hall of Fame Bowl for 1 vs 4 in the semi-finals leading to the Nat'l Championship.

Then bring back the more or less "Historical" bowl tie in system for the rest and have them in "tiers" but I don't understand how the logic works. For instance... I would like:

Rose: B10 #1 vs. PAC 12 #1
Sugar: SEC #1 vs. ACC #1
Orange: B12 #1 vs. At large from remaining Conf winners/Independents
Fiesta: WAC (aka MWST) #1 vs At large from remaining Conf winners/Independents
Cotton: Sun Belt #1 (yes, I know, but my "dream" league has members from the former SWC like Texas/Texas A&M/Baylor to make it a "meatier" conference) vs. At large from remaining Conf winners/Independents

That would be the first "Tier"

Now- how does the logic work when the winners from the B10, P10, SEC and B12 get pulled up for the playoff? Are their spots opened up to "At Large" bids from lower Tier 2 bowls?

For instance- Let's say I have the Big 12 #1 going to the Orange Bowl and its #2 team (say Oklahoma State) going to the Holiday Bowl. Conference winner Oklahoma is ranked #3 nationally so it goes to the playoffs instead of the Orange Bowl. Does the Orange Bowl go with the Big 12's 2nd place team (Oklahoma State) then, pulling them up from the Holiday Bowl (and kind of a Domino effect from there)? Or is the Big 12's spot in the Orange Bowl opened up to a pool of At large teams with good records?

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Re: Bowl Modding/Logic help

Postby Brooks_Piggott » Sat Aug 31, 2019 1:02 pm

The bowls are evaluated in order of rank. The semifinal bowls are the top 4. The rest of the bowls take a slotted team from an associated conference. If the #1 team is in the semifinal it will take the next best and so on. If it runs out of teams or if there is no affiliation it will take a valid at-large team.
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