Golden Age Hoops

Golden Age Hoops

Postby manu_81 » Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:19 pm

The Golden Age Hoops has switched to DDSPB2018. The 1996-97 regular season starts next Sunday, November 4th.

We are probably the oldest league still active, as we started in 2010. We started in the 1976-77 season and we are still running. We were using the very first version of the series until last season, which resulted in a half-empty league as the game could not be purchased anymore. Therefore, we decided to change to the new engine in order to attract new GM's.

This is the link to our forum:

And this link for the available teams:

Below is a brief description of the available teams,with last season record between brackets and the main players with their age between brackets.

Boston Celtics (16-66): Clyde Drexler (34), Xavier McDaniel (33), Derek Fisher (22), Blair Rasmussen (34), A.C. Green (33).

Charlotte Hornets (29-53): Shawn Kemp (27), Dikembe Mutombo (30), Terrell Brandon (26), Dejan Bodiroga (23), Richard Dumas (27).

Cleveland Cavaliers (45-37, 1st round exit): Roy Tarpley (32), John Stockton (34), Nick Anderson (29), Detlef Schrempf (34), Ron Harper (33).

Dallas Mavericks (24-58): Latrell Sprewell (26), Glenn Robinson (24), Ervin Johnson (29), Greg Anthony (29), Victor Alexander (27).

Golden State Warriors (25-57): Karl Malone (33), Jalen Rose (24), Manute Bol (34), Rex Chapman (29), Dominique Wilkins (37).

Houston Rockets (30-52): Larry Johnson (27), Jason Kidd (23), Sam Cassell (27), Elden Campbell (28), Stacey Augmon (28).

Indiana Pacers (53-29, 1st round exit): Hakeem Olajuwon (34), Alonzo Mourning (26), Glen Rice (29), Toni Kukoc (28), Robert Pack (27).

Miami Heat (52-30, 2nd round exit): Tim Hardaway (30), Vlade Divac (28), Loy Vaught (28), Sarunas Marciulionis (32), Vernon Maxwell (31).

Milwaukee Bucks (41-41, 1st round exit): Chris Webber (23), Dana Barros (29), Chris Mullin (33), Brian Williams (27), Tom Gugliotta (27).

New York Knicks (54-28, 1st round exit): Derrick Coleman (29), Kevin Johnson (30), Mitch Richmond (31), Duane Causwell (28), Vinny Del Negro (30).

Philadelphia 76ers (53-29, Eastern Conference Finalists): Mahmoud Abdul Rauf (27), Arvydas Sabonis (32), Pervis Ellison (29), Rod Strickland (30), Clark Kellogg (35).

Phoenix Suns (34-48): Patrick Ewing (34), Eric Murdock (28), Dan Majerle (31), Kevin Gamble (31), Othella Harrington (23).

Sacramento Kings (47-35, 2nd round exit): Shaquille O'Neal (24), Cedric Ceballos (27), Kenny Anderson (26), Robert Horry (26), Donyell Marshall (23).

Seattle Supersonics (54-28, 1st round exit): Scottie Pippen (31), Charles Smith (31), Mark Jackson (31), Juwan Howard (23), Brian Grant (24).

Utah Jazz (47-35, Western Conference Finalists): David Robinson (31), Allan Houston (25), Steve Smith (27), Sherman Douglas (30), Clarence Weatherspoon (26).

Washington Bullets (27-55): Reggie Miller (31), Steve Nash (22), Danny Manning (30), Stanley Roberts (26), Tyrone Hill (28).

As you can see, there are all kind of teams available, from contenders to rebuilding teams. If interested, visit our forum and let us know.
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Re: Golden Age Hoops

Postby manu_81 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 11:50 am

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Re: Golden Age Hoops

Postby manu_81 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 11:50 am

27 questions for the 1996-97 season:

1. Can the Hawks be the first team to win back-to-back titles since the Pacers at the end of the 80's?

2. Will the Celtics veteran signings help the team to come out of the bottom?

3. With Shawn Kemp and Dikembe Mutombo inside and Terrell Brandon running the point, are the Hornets wings good enough to turn Charlotte into a playoff team?

4. Have the Bulls added enough quality role players in their chase of a fourth title?

5. Can Oliver Miller help the Cavs take the next step?

6. Latrell Sprewell and Glenn Robinson together ... will it work for the Mavs?

7. After a quiet offseason, are the Nuggets still contenders?

8. Are the Pistons the most improved team this season after acquiring Mookie Blaylock and Antonio Davis?

9. With Terry Porter as the only true point guard on the roster, how far can the Warriors go?

10. Jason Kidd and Sam Cassell will form a very interesting backcourt for the Rockets ... but will Larry Johnson have enough shots?

11. Will a weak point guard rotation prevent the Pacers from contending?

12. Will the additions of Drazen Petrovic and Dennis Rodman finally bring a title to LA?

13. Does Tim Hardaway have enough help to win a second GAH title?

14. Will the arrival of Chris Mullin and his championship experience transform the Bucks?

15. Can the TWolves improve their defense enough to make the playoffs?

16. Will Bryant Reeves become the player the Nets need him to become?

17. Is David Benoit the solution for the Knicks at the small forward spot?

18. Can the 76ers stay healthy and win it all?

19. After bringing back Patrick Ewing and signing Kevin Gamble, is this the year the Suns finally make a deep post-season run?

20. With age starting to catch some key players, can the Blazers finally make the Finals?

21. Does Shaquille O'Neal, who is on a contract year, have enough shooters around for the Kings to actually contend?

22. With the addition of Haywoode Workman, will the Spurs search for a point guard be finally over?

23. Can the Clippers build on last season's momentum and take another step in the right direction?

24. Were Isiah Thomas and Larry Bird the additions that the Sonics needed?

25. Will Steve Smith play this season for the Jazz?

26. Will the Grizzlies defense be enough to make the team competitive?

27. Will we see the Bullets again raining threes all game?
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Re: Golden Age Hoops

Postby manu_81 » Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:55 am

Standings link added to the first post. We're past the All-Star break, season 1996-97. Players entering the 1997 draft will be announced soon.
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