Coaches getting feedback after timeouts

Coaches getting feedback after timeouts

Postby CoachC » Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:01 am

This is an awesome improvement in the game! And it's causing to me rethink how I've approached my coach creations in the past. Picking a milquetoast approach to temperament seems to lead to a milquetoast response from the team. I'm thinking now that changing my temperament attribute can affect how my team reacts to me in game, I used to think it mainly affected my relationships with the refs...outside of game, I still think that discipline is more important, but it just goes to show you, that no matter how long you have played this game, there are still many interactions of variables that Gary has never revealed, and quite rightly doesn't want to reveal. It also tells me that how you create your coach is important, every aspect of it! I have always said, no matter how you build your coach, roleplay it to the hilt! Through recruiting (don't promise a recruit high discipline if you aren't willing to follow through...a good way to get kids to transfer out), through practice, and in your coach as you designed him to be exactly that way..every personality attribute has an effect! This game is a lot more complex than you probably think it is!
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