Priority Skills for Draft?

Priority Skills for Draft?

Postby Buddhabrot » Fri Sep 27, 2019 9:12 am

Hello all,

i was wondering, how i should evaluate Draftprospects. Can intelligence improve for example?

I have a few solid QBs coming in the Draft. I am playing a Spread Offense and really am struggling with making a choice.

All have 75+ Arm and Accuracy, but they really drift apart in Intelligence and Work Ethic.

They are all 23-24yrs old. One guy is 20, who can hang in terms of Arm, has the second best Accuracy, tops the others in Work Ethic but is dropping the ball with intelligence(62) and competitveness (60).

Can those things improve or is he an immediate No go?

If anyone feels like doing a deep dive, these are the stats pulled from the game: ... =631530855


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