Champion Sim League Openings

Champion Sim League Openings

Postby emplep7 » Wed Feb 12, 2020 9:26 am


I'm involved with an online sim league called the Champion Sim League (CSL), which has been around for around 6 real life years now and just concluded our 11th season. We have been running on DDS3 for all these years, but are transitioning to DDS19 this off-season. Our league uses only REAL players as we find that more interesting and our draft classes that are generated by our draft team are second to none. We are a strong and active community who are looking for GMs who can contribute to that community.

We currently have a handful of openings, which is rare for how long we have been running and are opening it up to the larger forum.

The website is here: so feel free to look around.

The open teams are below:
- Chicago Bulls (The most talented team in the league who just lost Game 7 of the Finals)
- Portland Trailblazers (Another top contender in the West with cornerstone pieces)
- Oklahoma City Thunder (The perfect rebuild. Young, cheap players, picks, and a lot of potential cap space to play around with)

If interested in joining, please register on the forums and send an email to to apply.

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