Database labels in mdb

Database labels in mdb

Postby icikle » Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:52 am


I love the game but I wanted to see if somebody can help me solve a problem.

I was doing a historical replay of the 1987 season. Jordan has been avg 14ppg because he has been shooting 3 out of 4 shots from the 3pt line! He has taken like 320fgs and 230 of those came from the 3pt line. His fg% is 20% since his outside shot rating is 11 despite having 100 scoring rating (my scale is 0-100).

I have exported the db. I can see ranking and labels for all the players. What do these labels mean, is there a guide somewhere to translate those? I would like to lower his tendency to take that 3pt shot. How to do that?

DriveKick (tendency or effectiveness)?
DriveShot (same question)?
Pass (same question)?
FG_RA (I am guessing these FGs are ratings) - is this one under the basket?
FG_ITP? (Jordan has 0 here)
FG_Mid? (Jordan has 0 here)
FG_COR? (Jordan has 13 here)
FG_ATB? (Jordan has 12 here)

Love the game. Thank you for bringing it to us every year!

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