Coach's Pictures and Clothes Overlay

Coach's Pictures and Clothes Overlay

Postby damoore46 » Sun May 19, 2019 8:48 pm

I know that I am new to the board and to the game, but I have seen some posts in this area and others game areas about players and coaches pictures. I thought that I would share what I have found in Pro Basketball 2019 concerning coach pictures.

Even if you use the recommended mod of historical players, it does not import any of the real coaches names, and real pictures are not provided. So, I decided that I
didn't want to use fictional names and faces for my game, and that I would try and scour the internet for pictures of the coaches I wanted to use.

For my game, I decided to play the Atlanta Hawks, and start with the 1977 season. However, I am deviating from that 1977 year, and choosing current coaches for the
team. In my example, I have changed the name that was originally assigned to my 3rd Assistant Coach to Greg Foster as he is a real coach in this year's Atlanta team. So, I changed the name, and age to reflect real world.

Next, I found a picture of Coach Foster on the internet, downloaded it, and cut it down to the required 135x98 pixels. I use a very old version of Microsoft's Photodraw
(Not supported since about 2003 I think) to modify the graphic. You can use any graphics program that will enable you to save the file in a .jpg format.

Place the newly made Coach Foster's picture in the directory where the game was intstalled. Usually it will be something like:

C:\Wolverine Studios\DDSPB2019\graphics\nonplayers\fac

The file name should be the firstname_lastname.jpg. So in my case, its greg_foster.jpg.

Start and load your game. Let's check to see what we have:


In the picture above, you will notice that there is a double image of the suit or clothes for the coach. That is because there is always one defaulted in the game. So,
no matter what one you selected, it will be there superimposed over your coach's picture. You can get around this, however.

Save any changes that you made, and exit out of the game.

I looked where those coach's clothes templates are kept, and noticed the total number of them. They are located here in my system:

C:\Wolverine Studios\DDSPB2019\graphics\nonplayers\clothes

There were many files, but they were numbered from 1 to 55. These files are in a .png format which allows transparency in the pictures. I used my graphics program and made a completely empty "picture" that was 135x98 pixels, and copied it into the clothes directory above. I used the same naming convention, and named the new file 56.png.

I restarted and loaded my game again.


Call up the staff screen again, and go edit your coach. Using the Style selection, pull up the new file that you placed in the clothes folder. Again, in my case it is number 56. (Kudos to Wolverine Studios for scanning this directory upon startup to capture any new files!!) Once you select the tranparent clothes that you made, the
double image will be gone!

I used this for all the rest of the coaches that I changed, but the great part is that if you do use a fictious coach, you can still use the other clothes templates.

Hope this helps anyone interested.

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