DDS: Pro Football 2019 First Access program

DDS: Pro Football 2019 First Access program

Postby Gary Gorski » Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:17 am

We have decided to bring back the FirstAccess program for our upcoming launches. What that means is that we will be offering a discount for you to pre-order and along with that pre-order discount you will not only receive a complementary Steam key but also will be able to download and help us beta test the game. Rather than put together a small team of testers we want a larger group who are really involved and invested in the game so that's why we decided to give this route another shot this year.

This forum will be exclusively for all beta issues to be posted in and will disappear once the game is officially launched. I appreciate all of you who are willing to spend some time in the next couple weeks to hunt down any remaining issues and make the game as good as it possibly can be.

A quick note about FirstAccess builds - remember this is a BETA. You will encounter bugs and crashes and you may be forced to restart save games if something comes up. If you wish to pre-order only for the discount by all means that's fine but we certainly will appreciate those who help us out hunt down the remaining issues to get the game in its final release state as quickly as possible.

The football dev team is also going to be setting up a Slack channel just for the open beta here - for the fastest response and most interaction they would prefer you use that channel before the forum here but the forum is also here for reports in case you do not wish to join Slack.

Our slack space can be joined at ... TdiMGJlMWM

More details including the discount codes can be found at ... ease-news/
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