Games freezes up!!!

Games freezes up!!!

Postby cloudstryfe » Sun Apr 28, 2019 3:08 pm

I originally started a coaching career for the college basketball game, and during the start of my 2nd year with the same team, right after the 6th transfer student phase, I advance the game and a walk-on recruit box comes up. When the box gets about 75% completed(downloaded), the game itself freezes up and I have to close out the game and try to get back into it without any progress. I ended up deleting the coaching career and started a different one. I completed the first year of my second coaching career without any issues, but, during the start of the second year with the same team, the same thing happened to me(the game freezes up during the walk-on recruit download phase. I did issue a ticket to have the issue looked at and hopefully resolved, and am reaching out to the other users to see if they are experiencing the same issue as I currently am. And, what they did to correct the issue.
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