Crazy expectations

Crazy expectations

Postby cbraddy » Sun Oct 20, 2019 10:37 pm

So I played this game non stop when it first came out. Took a long break and back in it now. I’m doing the same thing as I always do, which is start as a 3rd assistant and work my way up. I’ve been fired twice as a head coach. Never been fired before so it was cool at first. But I’m about to be fired for the third time. I took a head coaching job at Kent State. They finished with like 9 wins the season before. First year there expectations are insane. Qualify for NIT, finish top 3 in conference, finish above .500. They are a 30 prestige school and pre season prediction was finishing 9th in conference. So if I finish behind 3rd. Which will happen, my team is not good. I’ll get fired. First year for the 3rd time.
If there was a way expectations could be a little more realistic or a team like Kent State to give a little more time to rebuild, OR even before accepting job offer tell me what expectations are.
Sorry for the rant. I do love this game.
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Re: Crazy expectations

Postby PointGuard » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:22 pm

I haven't coached at Kent State, so don't know if there is some abnormality specific to that team in the data base. I suggest you send your info to Gary (by creating a Support Ticket on so he can check it out and/or advise.

Also I've not been fired since a long-distant version of DDSCB, but experiencing 2 or 3 rapid firings seems extremely unusual. Again, it's worth reporting that to Gary with as many specifics as you can provide.

In general, I feel the goals are, if anything, a little low...but that's just my subjective impression.
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