Postby blkshrt3410 » Mon Mar 18, 2019 8:55 pm

Couple ideas for improvement:

--Mentioned this in another thread, but player stats seem to be really messed up. Have yet to see a single DE among league leaders in sacks. Yet to see a LB lead the league in tackles.

--Depth chart woes continue. Auto-sort is just a mess.

--Create a school. I have no idea how hard this would be to add

--Manual and dynamic conference realignment. Invites and dismissals from various conferences

--I still have no idea what bearing coaching stats actually have on the game, season results, development, recruiting, etc. Seems like negligibly important window dressing. Formula weighting issue in the code?

Other thoughts?
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Re: Wishlist

Postby Xavier » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:01 pm

I agree that auto sorting is just awful. It is strange that the game process itself is perfectly worked out, but such nuances as sorting pull the finished product down. Just like in my game, there are too many statistics that most users don’t need and not everyone understands what they influence. Such indicators are about 30 - 40%. It would also be nice to diversify in-game gameplay moments. In some similar simulators, there is the possibility of full-fledged internal management of the team as well as an in-game exchange like this one https://1xbet.ci/fr/. I think these little things could significantly transform the process of the game.
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Re: Wishlist

Postby MattP598 » Wed May 15, 2019 10:41 pm

Some things I would like.... more control over my team in gameplanning for sims. For instance setting a certain yardage for FG attempts or a certain yardline and distance you would go for a 4th and 1. I shouldn't run my same 2 minute strategy for the end of the game when it's the end of the first half. I could be winning 7-6 and driving to end the first half and all of a sudden I start running out the clock. More than just a 2nd and long and 2nd and short..... There is a big difference between 3rd and 5 and 3rd and 1, or 3rd and 6 and 3rd and 15.

More formations and plays.... Currently there are no 5 man fronts or 5 wide plays, and very little running option plays and zero pass/run options. There are no hailmarys, QB kneels, or prevent plays as well. I know there is a dime prevent formation and a cover 4 play but it's not really implementing correctly. For example in one of our league games I lost a game on a last play 80 yard bubble screen. My entire team, except maybe 3 down lineman, should have been standing right in front of the goaline. This kind of ties in to just having more control over your teams in general I mentioned earlier. It was a first down play I believe so my first and 10 playbook was being used and I don't normally keep dime prevent formations in my first down playbook. Maybe a 2 min. defensive strategy as well.

Training..... how does it work exactly? Do my players update week to week? It's impossible to tell with the current graph. Maybe a (+1) beside a rating that improves for the week or something. I've just started screenshoting my entire roster so I can tell what's going on here.

Recruiting.... Several things I would like to see here, but here are just a couple, some sort of preseason indicator of interest. Recruits are being recruited as early as 8th grade now so coaches have an idea by the time they graduate on their interest in their program. As it is currently, if you are at a school with average or less prestige you kind of just have to wait till week 2 and sift through the players the other teams don't want. It seems like prestige is the main indicator of where a recruit will go regardless of his other interests. Playing time and location should be a bigger factor with pretty much any recruit at least not in the top 100 or so. There needs to be some sort of off season recruiting, at least a week since now you can fill up your spots and then have a few guys transfer and leave early leaving you with a hole to fill. There seems to be some strange things happening that didn't happen in 18 that I know of. For instance, I'm Auburn and was battling South Carolina for a recruit all season. I put 10 points into him every week and he has only me and South Carolina listed as favorites and a 98 interest in my school. He lived around 120 miles from Auburn and distance was his number 1 priority. In week 11 he committed to Ole Miss. Ole Miss, even after the commitment, wasn't even listed as one of his favorites.

The only other things I can think of really, is better stats, which someone already mentioned, some bugs that need to be fixed(my formations don't show the proper names, wishbone play art is missing, FB lines up as TB in wishbone formation, the recruting overview screen doesn't seem to work, crashes, players not showing on depth chart, etc)

Oh, and a touchback comes out to the 25 in college football.

A spring game would be cool as well.

I know that probably sounds like a rant but it isn't. I really love the game and it is a lot of fun, I just want to see it improve and grow.

Oh and a manual that explains things a little bit better. I still have no idea what some things do in the game or how much some things effect performance.
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Re: Wishlist

Postby Klaus_GSD » Mon May 20, 2019 10:42 am

Matt -

I love these suggestions as well. Like you, I love the game and I just want to help improve it, too.

Recruiting is the one area I would say could use the most focus. For me, this is the best part, so it is more important to me than the actual game play, but I know this is personal preference.

One thing, I think, would be really valuable is if you could see how your program stacks up for the different metrics. For example, by the recruit's valuation of close to home, if there was some kind of indicator what your program registers. I remember in NCAA from EA Sports, it might rank them like A, B, C, etc., but it was just a way for you to see how exactly you stack up for that particular attribute. Additionally, it would be awesome for these attributes to be dynamic (some are, and location can't be, I get that). But let's say you continue to put guys into the league, you can pitch that and your rankings improve, or decrease, over time. Is there a way to see everyone's recruiting class ranking as the season goes on? Typically mine stays the same throughout the whole season.

Perhaps if you have sustained success, you can use that to improve your facilities, which could also attract recruits?

Last thing, it would be hugely useful for you to know where you stand in the list of schools. Are you the favorite currently? Are you last? I know in real life this is somewhat difficult, but good recruiting coaches and staffs use their contacts to get a really good feel for these things. And if that isn't possible, maybe some kind of indication of how close the recruit is to making a decision. Has he cut his list? Is he about to take his official visits (can we add official visits too?)? A lot of these kids nowadays schedule their announcements so it usually isn't a mystery.

Again, thanks for this game. I've enjoyed playing it a ton, just want to help in any way I can to make it better.
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