staff & scouting budget

staff & scouting budget

Postby pantera » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:55 am

Bought the game this week. Enjoying it a lot. :) Two questions:

1) My head coach had a 99 year contract which I'm assuming is the default when you start a game (?). On the Staff page during the Staff period on the calendar, I clicked on Fire to fire my head coach. I got a pop up error message & couldn't fire him. I had a 12M budget, with 6M to the head coach, 2M to the OC and 2M to the DC, and 2M to scouting. But after unsuccessfully trying to fire him, my scouting was reduced to only 1M even though none of my coaches salaries had changed. And when I started recruiting I noticed that I did indeed have less recruiting and scouting points. How do I fire him & where did my other 1M for scouting go? Is that a bug and how can I work around it?

2) Related to the above, I'm not quite understanding the financial impact of firing a coach. Ex. if my DC has 3 more years left on his contract at 2M per year, and I fire him, am I responsible for paying him 2M for 3 years AND paying the salary of my new DC (as often happens in real life)? Or am I only responsible for paying my new DC?

Thanks. :)
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