Some suggestions

Some suggestions

Postby FootballAddict » Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:45 am


I've been playing the 19 version quite a bit lately.
Here are some suggestions I'd like to bring in.

1. Livegame/Playcalling

A) Hotkeys
Something like this should be easy to implement. I'd like to have the ability to assign and call my favorite plays via hotkey.

B) Speed it up
Right now playcalling feels slow as hell. It would be nice if you could speed up the gameplay there

C) Easier UI
I think the UI between each play is totally unnecessary and clunky. And obviously it doesn't help the performance to switch between the game and playcalling screen back and forth.
Stay on the field, have the UI to select plays below. There is so much unused room on the screen and it's taking away from the immersion to be taken off the field again.

D) Clock management
Same old story. It's awful.

2. Depth Chart

It is clunky as hell to navigate through the players, when I want to assign a certain position.
A way to solve it, would be the ability to mark the positions I want to edit, and to have the players listed to the bottom left, who are eligable to play there. It would make it so much easier.

3. Misc

A) More specialized staff system. For example: Strength-, Athletics coach, Position coaches. Your basketball game has more coaches than your football game :)

B) JUCO ... doesn't need a comment

C) Player Stories: Madden did something good. Could be utilized in this game as well.
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