DDSCB19 Full College Mod v1.x - Updated

Re: DDSCB19 Full College Mod - Updated

Postby aidanmno4 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 5:37 am

For some reason every time I use this no real-life players show up. I follow the steps exactly, i do everything correct. Even logos sometimes don't show up. Where exactly do I install the mod, idk whats happening players just never show up. Team names and divisons show up like PAC-12 etc, just no players.
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Re: DDSCB19 Full College Mod - Updated

Postby daltontr » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:55 am

I just got back into DDSCB and I had the same initial reaction, because I associated the word "Team" to include players. However, someone correct me if I'm wrong, there are no actual real world players/rosters included in the mod.

Just real world conferences, schools, nicknames, courts, jerseys, logos, coaches, etc.
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Re: DDSCB19 Full College Mod - Updated

Postby PointGuard » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:01 pm

That's real PLAYERS.

The basic component of this mod is to provide real team names and nicknames and jerseys, real conference names and logos, and actual courts.

It then has options that allow you to also add real coaches and/or team histories and also, if desired, team adjustments (prestige) based on team's play/results up through Jan.20, 2019.
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Re: DDSCB19 Full College Mod - Updated

Postby NCAAhoops » Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:58 pm

That is correct, the players are game generated.
Conferences, teams, logos, courts coaches and stats are all real depending on which import you select.
You should have everything real but players. If you are not seeing logos and real teams be sure to read the instructions as you need to choose and "import" based on how much real life data you want your association to have. There are 8 to choose from plus the factory default makes 9. (19_A, 19_B and so forth)
There are two reasons there are no real players.
1. Game generated makes the game slightly random each time you start an association, otherwise things would be the same each time as that is what I saw with the 2016-17 mod I made as the polls were the same each startup. Also I can't always make borderline starters be the starter for every team as the game coach (non human) will make that decision although its not a lot of them, top players always started.
2. The was a historical mod released that had real players for old teams and all the other teams contained the 2016-17 season with real players with real life style play and generated very near real stats. I spent a ton of time creating this (months) and it went nowhere here. There are posts started about the mod in both the 2018 and 2019 versions of the game in the forums. If you look back at the forums only two people cared enough to post and when asked in the forums about updating in the future no one posted (even here in 2019 version). So it was decided to not be worth the time to do again for each year if no one was using it. The Historical mod was for tournament's but it could have easily converted to a start up "Import" for the 2016-17 season at the time as every team that season was completed and only removed a few for the Historical teams. If people want these type mods (Real Players) they need to show some interest by posting in the forum about it when its being brought up or it is assumed there is no interest and no future time spent developing is the result. That's what happened with the first attempt so there hasn't been any development to add real players since as it takes a lot of time to add over 5000 players and mod them to play close to real life.
I was actually surprised how little interest there was in this until I did it.
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Re: DDSCB19 Full College Mod - Updated

Postby vols410 » Fri Mar 22, 2019 11:16 am

This mod is fantastic. Great work as always @NCAAhoops!

I do have a question though. Is there a reason there are no coach images, and just generic faces? I can port them over from DDSCB18, but the image sizes have changed so they're a bit fuzzy. I could go through and create the new images, just wanted to make sure it hadn't been done already.

Thanks again!
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Re: DDSCB19 Full College Mod - Updated

Postby NCAAhoops » Fri Mar 22, 2019 6:02 pm

Hey vols410. Haven't seen you around for a while. Good to see you here. Thanks, already working on making it better. I did not include coaches pictures as the new version of the game changed the picture size and I kind of like the internal ones with the suit overlay. I just change some of them to look like the real coach if I can find one as needed mostly for my conference. I sent you a PM with what I have. Place them in the first coach directory to have them show up, but you will lose the suit overlay. If you remove them it will go back to what you had for the internal faces.
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Re: DDSCB19 Full College Mod - Updated

Postby unmlobo » Sun Mar 24, 2019 6:10 pm


Great mod as always and very easy to implement. I noticed a few misspellings in the assistant coaches. Having tried my hand at this I completely understand. Here's what I have found:
Temple: Shaen Trice - Shawn Trice
George Mason: Dana Fischer - Dane Fischer
Virginia: Jason Willford - Jason Williford
Virginia Tech: Jamie McNelly - Jamie McNeilly
Texas Tech: Glynn Cyprein - Glynn Cyprien
West Virginia: Ron Exerhart - Ron Everhart
Seton Hall: Tony Skin - Tony Skinn
Minnesota: Kyle Lindstead - Kyle Lindsted
Nebraska: Jim Molinati - Jim Molinari
UAB: Danton Jackson - Dannton Jackson
FAU: Akeen Miskdeen - Akeem Miskdeen
UTEP: Brain Burton - Brian Burton
Western Kentucky: Hennnssy Auriantal - Hennssy Auriantal
Drake: Larry Blunt Richter - Larry Blunt
Northern Iowa: P.J. Hoagn - P.J. Hogan
Valpariaso: Rob Hollaway - Rob Holloway
Air Force: Nate Zandit - Nate Zandt
Bryant: Chris Coleman - Chris Cole
Arizona State: Rashon Bruno - Rashon Burno
Oregon State: Gregg Gotlieb - Gregg Gottlieb
Utah: DeMario Slocum - DeMarlo Slocum
Loyola (MD): Ivo Simovis - Ivo Simovic
Arkansas: Scotty Thurmond - Scotty Thurman
Auburn: Ira Boman - Ira Bowman
Florida: Al Pinkons - Al Pinkins
Vanderbilt: Jake Diebier - Jake Diebler
Mercer: Phillip Pearson - Philip Pearson
North Dakota: Daniel Mihalovic - Dani Mihailovic
Oral Roberts: Sam Peterson - Sam Patterson
Oral Roberts: Russell Springman - Russell Springmann

May I also suggest the following changes. I noticed that some of the assistants were the video coordinators rather than the third assistant coach. I don't know enough about these teams to say for sure, just going on what the team websites list.
Duquesne: Steve McNees - Terry Weigand
Xavier: Mario Mercuiro - Dante Jackson
UC Riverside: Liam Simmons - Mike Czepil
Penn: Brad Fadem - Trey Montgomery
Coppin State: Vincent Williams - Joseph Gripper
Howard: Travis Lyons - Jordan Brooks
Wofford: Lionel Chambers - Will Murphy
Jackson State: Jorel Washington - Trey Johnson
Southern: Kedrick Brown - Martiese Morones
California Baptist: Josh Dunaj - Geoffrey McIntosh
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Re: DDSCB19 Full College Mod - Updated

Postby NCAAhoops » Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:35 am

Thanks, this will help improve the overall mod and I appreciate the time you took to look at all that data. Yes I typed these in quickly to try to get this out by release date of the game so I'm sure I made typos (not surprised). Some sites were not clear who did what and some didn't even show 3 assistants at the time I typed these in. I'll have these fix in the next release at the end of the tournament. I'll PM you an early release before I make it public for the effort you put into researching that.
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Re: DDSCB19 Full College Mod - Updated

Postby Perfekt » Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:23 pm

Why is Penny only 59 in recruiting? And Sam Mitchell won NBA coach of the year. He shouldn't be so low in offensive and defensive concepts imo. Basically that entire coaching staff should be improved. They also have an NBA arena and a state of the art practice facility and has like a B- in facilities. I guess people just don't know anything about Memphis, because they had a washed coach for 2.5 years and a first timer before that.
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Re: DDSCB19 Full College Mod - Updated

Postby NCAAhoops » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:47 pm

Well he was a first year coach and we had no data until further into the season at the time as I made the the last update in February they were 13-10 so he was looking like first year coach and had just lost 4 in a row. Its was a guess at the time as it was questionable how well he would do his first year but 13 -10 doesn't deserving Coach K ratings. While I have updated a few things like pace but not the entire coaches ratings until I have all the data at the end of the season. I usually do a start of season mod and update mid season and a end of season version once all stats are done. I will be updating based on end of year stats at the end of the tournament and then he will be as preformed. I will say he did get it going after the February update.
I used Wolverine defaults for facilities and academics. I have already updated Academics and working on Facilities with my own research now. I've done Memphis and I just looked and I have their facilities up higher than the February release.
Hopes this clarifies.
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