DDSCB19 Bloomington Conversion Mod

DDSCB19 Bloomington Conversion Mod

Postby NCAAhoops » Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:45 pm

You only need this mod if you are importing a DDSCB18 Bloomington Association into DDSCB19. If you are not then you do not need it.
This mod requires version B1.2 or higher of the game.
You will need to re-import your DDSCB18 Association into DDSCB19 with version B1.2 or higher first or the player portraits will not be the new DDSCB19 type.
You need to have the DDSCB19 Full College Mod installed

1) This uses some graphics from DDSCB19 Full College Mod so you should have that installed to get full graphic use of this mod.
2) You Must re-import your Bloomington Association with DDSCB19 version 1.2 or higher.
3) Once installed load your DDSCB18 imported Bloomington Association, go to "OPTIONS" and enter the Tournaments as listed in the DDSCB19 Full College Mod to have all Tournament logos and courts work properly.

This will have your Association fully setup with logos and Player Portrait Jerseys fully mod'ed and ready to play like the Full College Mod with an import Bloomington Association.

Note the on court jerseys will be the Wolverine's default square jersey's, that is normal as that was what your association was started with as jerseys.

Nine Graphics are overwritten with this mod.
These will overwrite the Wolverine defaults in both logos and player portrait jerseys.
The jerseys are not an issue that I can see for any mod or DDSCB19 default as they are pretty much the same color base.
The logos though will change the logo for anything that uses the DDSCB19 default logo for these nine logos.

Army, Elon, Iowa, Navy, Troy, Tulsa, Utah, VMI, and Waco (Baylor in the game).
Bloomington's mod used those names when you created your Association. As those associations are on your computer and not mine, I cannot change them to a different name so I'm using the same name he did to make them appear in DDSCB19. Thus overwriting the above files.

Here is the link
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