DDSCB19 Full College Mod v2.01

DDSCB19 Full College Mod v2.01

Postby NCAAhoops » Sun May 19, 2019 9:48 pm

This is an update to Full College Mod V2.0 to version 2.01 for 2018-19 College season based on end of season stats 9/24/2019.
This fixes the error when viewing player career stats due to team names. See this post for information on the error
This is the only change included in this update.

No previous versions of the mod are required if you just want to start with version 2, or install to use with a previous version, either should work.
The mod is jumping to version 2 due to a new method of developing team and coach ratings that will be used going forward with tweaks here and there.

Version 2 goes deeper into changing ratings not previously modified in 1.x versions for coaches including Offensive Crash Boards, Defensive Crash Boards, Rotations (Playing time), Player Preference, Ambition, and Academics. For teams, Academics and Facilities are now updated.

NEW Imports in Version 2.00.

2018-19 season conferences & teams, game generated coaches, no stats.

2018-19 season conferences, teams with stats from Sports Reference Website and game generated coaches.

2018-19 season conferences, teams & coaches no stats with teams adjusted for this seasons results as of 5/15/2019.

2018-19 season conferences, teams & coaches with stats with teams adjusted for this seasons results as of 5/15/2019 and stats from Sports Reference Website.

The version 1.x imports will remain. The new version 2's starting with the letters I, J, K, & L with a M2 after the year will appear in order after version 1.x's.

Changes Made in V2:

No changes

A couple of team names shortened. ie.. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi to Texas A&M-CC.
Academics updated all teams.
Current Prestige (from 2019 season result).
Historical Prestige - This was changed from the way it has been done in the past, instead of using complete school history version 2 will only go back to 2000 as that is about all the kids know now days and seems to work real well in testing so I am going to stick with it. The coaches historical prestige was done the same way.
Facilities updates done for teams in 20 of the 32 conferences currently. This will be completed just slow go getting all the info. Adjusted based on team Arena atmosphere, game attendance, practice/workout facilities all averaged to determine rating.

Many assistant names spellings corrected some from auto spell checker some just my fumble fingers (much thanks to unmlobo for his research on this and passing it along for the benefit of us all to have a better mod).
Many coaches ages updated.
Current Prestige (2019 season result).
Historical Prestige (only back to 2000 same as the teams historical prestige).
All coaches ratings for Offense/Defense/Recruiting/Scouting/Develop Players/Pace/Offensive Freedom/Offensive Focus/Defensive Intensity/Defensive & Offensive Crash Boards/Rotation/Player Preference, Integrity, Job Security, Academics, and Ambition ratings updated using data from 2000 to the 2019 season for each coach.
Player rotations, Player preference are my first time changing these ratings base on data back to 2016.
Coaches academics was updated to more match the school academics requirements.
Integrity was tweaked based on the current lawsuits in the shoe scandal now happening in real life. (Sad but true).
Some coaches Main Defense, Main Press, Zone Defense updated from the February update.
Some incorrect coaches stats fixed. Mostly 20 win seasons, All Americans and a few others for w-L.
The biggest changes are the Ambition rating so now both head coaches and assistants that have been with teams for many years will stay at those teams in the game.
Job security, every coach fired at the end of the 2019 will also be fired after your first year.

The ratings for coaches were derived from 2000 to 2019 stats averaged to get the above ratings. The feeling here is a coach develops a stye and sticks with it other than a few years here and there where the rosters dictate otherwise.

Team Colors changed to more closely match logo colors in the game.
The Team & Association logos will change to the type released in the Logo Pack 2 which are more current. (Same as soft square type in earlier releases as the base just the logo picture changed)
Association Tournament courts updated. All courts that had logo or court with a year visible had the year removed from the court graphic. These will still be Bloomington's courts just with a year in the graphic removed.
Conferences that use a league members court as the tournament court that changes each year was changed to a more neutral style conference tournament court.

Here's the link:
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