2019-20 Preseason Imports for FCM2.x

2019-20 Preseason Imports for FCM2.x

Postby NCAAhoops » Thu Oct 31, 2019 9:34 am

2019-20 Preseason Season Import mod.
You will need to have Full College Mod release 2.0 or 2.01 installed for this mod to work properly.

Changes include:
* All head coach moves and new hires for start of 2019-20 season.
* Did more work on having head coaches that have been coaching a team for many years in real life to stay with that team in the game as well.
* All assistant coach moves and hires (early in the season so some of these may not be exact as some teams haven't updated their websites from 2018-19 season and some never do.)
* More randomness to assistant coach ratings (this is one of the bigger changes other than head coach moves and something I am still working on as I hope by the 2020 game release I'll have a better database on assistant coaches styles).
* Rating adjustments for teams and coaches since end of season mod release. (The Team and Head Coach ratings now I feel are solid, so I'm working on assistants for a future releases)
* Stats updated for all teams and all coaches to include the 2018-19 season results.
* Team facility ratings have been updated for all teams.
Probably a few less significant things I left out in this list.

It will not have 20 game conference schedules that's becoming more popular or Merrimack added as we will need to wait for the 2020 version of the game for some of these type changes.

This only installs new imports listed below with descriptions.

2019-20 season conferences & teams, game generated coaches, no stats.

2019-20 season conferences, teams with stats from Sports Reference Website and game generated coaches.

2019-20 season conferences, teams & coaches no stats with teams adjusted for this seasons predictions as of 10/15/2019.

2019-20 season conferences, teams & coaches with stats with teams adjusted for this seasons predictions as of 10/15/2019 and stats from Sports Reference Website.

These are version 1.0

Game versions downloaded from Wolverine.

I'm going to try a Steam version installer. Hope it works and will need feedback as I do not have Steam version myself.
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Re: 2019-20 Preseason Imports for FCM2.x

Postby unmlobo » Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:45 pm

Thanks for updating this. I was trying and it was not going well.
May I offer the following adjustments (some are caught typos and some are based on the team website):

Albany - Jon Lati to Jon Iati
George Washington - Ryan Delvin to Ryan Devlin
NJIT - Joe Gutowski to Stephen Sauers
Northern Arizona - Gaellan Bewerbick to Gaellan Bewernick
Gardner-Webb - Herve Aholode to Andrew Brown
Illinois - Steven Gentry to Stephen Gentry
UC-Riverside - Troy Hammel to Michael Lecak
James Madison - Josh Oppenheimer to Rob Summers
James Madison - Ryan Kardok to Eric Wagenlander
FAU - Ted Abernethy to Todd Abernethy
Old Dominion - Byron Stith to Bryant Stith
Old Dominion - Chris Kocensky to Chris Kovensky
IUPUI - Tom Tully to Brian Burton
Dartmouth - Steve Ongley to Pete Hutchins
Darmmouth - Will Thoni to John Andrzejek
Niagara - Remove Patrick Beilein and slide everyone over. Add Madison Hahesy as the fourth assistant.
Coppin State - Marcus Postell to Chris Hays
Florida A&M - Ron Osburn to Isaac Brown
North Carolina Central - Luke D'Alessio to Brian Graves
North Carolina Central - Chuck Palmer to Nigel Thomas
Valparaiso - Rob Hollway to Rob Holloway
Central Connecticut - Anthony Anderson to Anthony Ross
SIU Edwardsville - Troy Perce to Troy Pierce
Colorado - Bill Gier to Bill Grier
Washington State - John Andrejek to John Andrzejek
Bucknell - Johnathan Browb to Johnathan Brown
Alabama - Matt Henry to Charlie Henry
Alabama - Brian Hodgson to Bryan Hodgson
Vanderbilt - Adam Marazei to Adam Mazarei
VMI - Chris Day to Logan Dahms
Lamar - Jason Cantafio to Joey Cantafio
Texas Southern - Randy Peele to JD Williams
South Dakota State - Bryan Peterson to Bryan Petersen
Appalachain State - Bon Szorc to Bob Szorc
San Diego - Ken Rancifer to Jerry Brown
Grand Canyon - Issac Chew to Isaac Chew
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Re: 2019-20 Preseason Imports for FCM2.x

Postby NCAAhoops » Sat Nov 23, 2019 6:38 pm

Thanks; Obliviously I have fumble fingers as I think this two years in a row with spelling errors. Of course its the mundane part just typing in names team after team so I do rush a bit but would have thought I could have done better this year. I think some of the ones like Bryan and Brian maybe the spell checker at times.
I'll correct and update this weekend as I now have some data on the new head coaches style of play I've been updating in the coaches file as well.

Thanks again unmlobo.
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Re: 2019-20 Preseason Imports for FCM2.x

Postby vols410 » Sat Dec 07, 2019 10:17 pm

Man every time I come back to play the game I see an updated version of your mod here.

I know the work it takes to keep all this updated. Every time I give it a shot I go hard for a month and just lose the will to finish it up lol. Your consistency, on the other hand, is golden.

A++ work.
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Re: 2019-20 Preseason Imports for FCM2.x

Postby NCAAhoops » Sun Dec 08, 2019 10:12 pm

Thanks. It sometimes is hard to stay focused as you can see by the miss spells I had doing the assistant coaches for this year. But I like having a current game myself and then just share the result.
I may have one more update in a week or two as the new version should be out next year. :D
The updates I have added so far:
Pittsburgh - new branding for this season, new colors, jerseys, court, logo.
Maryland-Baltimore County - updated arena info
West Coast Conference - New Conference logo
I'm going to add some of the courts that I have updated, Kentucky adding the checkerboard sidelines, Pittsburgh, Tulane, Central Florida, Paradise Jam.
I might have released these in the last update but if not then new Tournament Courts for Atlantic Sun, Ivy League, Northeast Conference, Patriot League

The coaches database will be updated with unmlogo's work listed here.
All first year head coaches ratings will be updated to their real style from this year as there have been enough games now to make the data useful.
All other coaches ratings will have this years games factored in for this year as well. Will do these last to have the latest stats. On coaches that have been around awhile this will have little effect. If they have only been a head coach a couple of years the more the effect can be.

If anyone has any input to add for this update please do.
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Re: 2019-20 Preseason Imports for FCM2.x

Postby zotres » Tue Dec 10, 2019 8:30 pm

I have the steam version so I tried your new steam installer.

I was able to browse to my installation folder and install your mod correctly, but I think the default path should be changed to the following:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Draft Day Sports College Basketball 2019\

Note that there's a space between 'Files' and '(x86).

Thanks for all your work on these mods!
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Re: 2019-20 Preseason Imports for FCM2.x

Postby NCAAhoops » Wed Dec 11, 2019 9:09 pm

zotres, Thank you for the info. As I don't have the Steam version I was guessing from what few facts that I had. When I'm ready to post the next update (next week) I'll do a Steam version and PM you before its public if you want to see if I got it right.
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Re: 2019-20 Preseason Imports for FCM2.x

Postby 45devour » Sun Dec 15, 2019 9:01 am

I downloaded the roster mods but can’t get them to show up. Any ideas why?
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Re: 2019-20 Preseason Imports for FCM2.x

Postby PointGuard » Sun Dec 15, 2019 9:06 pm

The downloaded mod files should be in the "Imports" folder in your DDSCB2019 folder on your computer.

But are you saying you can't get them to load when you create a new DDSCB2019 association? If so: When you were creating your association did you select "Customize Game"? Then on the next page that loads, did you check off "Import Roster File" and then select the specific mod file you wanted to use for that association?
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