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Postby Wayne23 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:52 pm

3/8: We play #8 seed Iowa, 16-16, 9-11, in the quarter finals.

3/9: 78-48. 23, 9, 3 for Jaxx. #5 seed, #12 ranked Michigan. 26-7, 13-7 in the semis. Beat them by 4 and 34.

3/10: 81-63. 22, 7 for Jaxx, 20, 9 for Joon. +13 RBs.

#2 seed, #2 ranked Michigan ST, 29-4, 18-2, for the title. We won by 3 there, 19 here.

3/11: 82-71 in OT. An early injury to Jaxx kept this one close (see below). SG Lou More was in foul trouble all night but #3 guard Cal Wagg stepped up with 20. 19, 3,
3 for File, 15, 15 for Joon.

Costly win. Jaxx hurt his back 12 minutes into the game badly and is finished for the season, which means he has played his last game for us.

3/12: #1 East and overall. We play #16 UC-Riverside, 18-15.

No telling how well we'll do in the Dance with our #1 player gone.

3/16: 77-60. 42-23 at the half. 28, 5 for File. 14, 10 for Joon.

Unbelievably, new starting C, Dar Riva, fractured his hand 4 minutes in.

#9 seed Seton Hall, 22-12, in the 2nd round.

3/18: 77-55. 47-25 at the half. #3 C Otis Brom had 21, 10, 3. 16, 11, 3 for Cary. +12 RBs, 5 TOs. Nothing from the very short bench though.

#4 seed, #12 ranked, BYU, 29-7, in the Sweet Sixteen.

3/23: 87-66. 18, 13 for Joon, 16, 13, 4 for Brom, 20, 4, 6 for Cary. +18 RBs. We're playing inspired basketball but I don't know if we have the horses to win it all with the injuries.

#2 seed, #7 ranked Butler, 30-7, beat us by 8 in the 2nd game of the season. We're favored to win this one.

3/25: 79-62 and back to the Final Four! We led for the last 32 minutes. 19, 4, 3 for More, 16, 9, 3 for Joon. 22 TOs but they had 21 in a very sloppy game.

#3 guard Cal Wagg strained a knee and is out for the season. 3rd major injury this month.

#3 seed, #9 ranked Kansas, 28-8, in the national semifinal. We're favored by 3 1/2.

On the other side it's #3 seed, #6 ranked Purdue, 29-7, vs. #11 seed, unranked South Carolina, 23-11.

4/1: 66-64! We were down 20 at the half. It was an unbelievable comeback. Brom played only 16 minutes due to fouls and we were almost down to the equipment manager playing. At the end File, 18, 6, 4 hit a 17 footer, then tipped away the inbounds pass to seal it. 13, 9 for Cary.

#6 Purdue, 30-7, won by 3. We beat them by 18 at our place. With all of our injuries they're favored by 2 1/2.

4/3: 66-59! Unbelievable! We led most of the way, by as many as 15. Solid D, especially outside. They went 4-19 on threes. 23, 5 for Otis Brom, 12, 8 for Joon. This has to be my most satisfying title win ever. We won it with our 3rd team Center starting and with our #3 guard out of action.

4/4: Awards: Otis Brom, our #3 C, is the Final Four MOP. Greg Jaxx is National Frosh OY and 1st team All American. I am National COY. In the Big Ten Jaxx is POY,
Frosh OY, and 1st team. I am COY.

4/9: I'm staying.

4/23: I ask for $.

Got $60,000.

38-2, 19-1, another title, 2 in a row, 3 total. Overall, 579-161, .782.
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Re: Alone

Postby Wayne23 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:54 pm

5/1: #1 preseason, #2 recruiting class.

6/5: 2 slots for transfers.

6/15: We get an SG and a C. Both are "maybe."

6/26: 4 scholarships. We'll probably go 2 and 2.

6/28: The no training people struck in the middle of the night. A firebomb was thrown into the government building. We have video of the incident. They were in disguise and somehow avoided the robotic guards long enough to hurl three Molotov cocktail type bombs through windows in three different areas of the building.

They then made their escape while the robots hurried to fight the fire.

7/3: No clues as to the identities of the bombers. We and our robotic and holo assistants have looked at the videos many, many times.

Once again security is being upgraded. There will soon be more robots in the streets than people.

8/7: 4 Norton candidates: C Kit Star is #2, PF Dan Cary #12, PF Hal Joon #13, C Dar Riva #36. We have more excellent big men than we can play. Riva won't even start.

8/21: We offer to a PG, an SG, and 2 PFs.

9/1: A new group of 5,000 begins Kree training. Darma and I are in this group.

9/3: The chemistry lab was firebombed last night. Three suspects apprehended, one escaped.

9/5: The suspects, who were caught in the act, by the robots and on video, are all known No Trainers. They are in our jail awaiting trial. They have not spoken at all so we have yet to apprehend the 4th perp.

9/11: We get a PG, #7.

9/18: We get a PF, #2, an SG, #27, a PF, #33.

Coaches Classic vs. Bradley. The schedule is as tough as we could make it.

9/21: The trial has begun. The suspects pled not guilty. Their attorney said they had committed no crime since they were fighting for their freedom and for the freedom of the entire settlement.

9/28: The defendants were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, which will be a huge burden on all of us; it takes lots of resources to house someone in this manner. They have been offered the opportunity to take the Kree training with the possibility of having their sentences reduced or commuted entirely but they have so far refused. The offer remains open.

Darma and I are really enjoying the training. I already feel more relaxed, and I'm doing some things differently, more focused on enjoying my life.

10/2: 1st day of practice. I like this team, especially the big guys.

10/15: We had a suicide bombing. Rodney Lowe walked into the Administration Building, went to the busiest, most crowded part of the building, and blew himself up. 7 others were killed and 11 injured, most seriously so. One camera survived well enough to record the attack.

The Council, minus one member killed, met in emergency session this evening to discuss options, of which there are damned few.

11/1: The Council has decided to treat the No Training movement as a terrorist organization and has made that known throughout the colony. Anyone showing an association with the group, demonstrating, protesting, or doing anything else of that sort will be arrested and subject to trial as a terrorist. The penalty, if convicted, will be life in prison. Any convicts completing the Kree Training will have their status re-evaluated. I have my doubts regarding how effective this will be.

11/11: Here's our lineup:

Senior Lou More starts at PG, senior Cal Wagg is at SG, soph Ken Bill is our #3 guard.

Sophs Dan Cary and Hal Joon will split time at SF and PF, both starting. Frosh Kit Star starts at C. Senior Dar Riva subs at F/C, with Otis Brom behind him, and Albi Obol next. Great group!
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Re: Alone

Postby Wayne23 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:05 pm

11/12: We go to the Coaches Classic as the #1 seed. We face #16 Bradley.

11/13: 74-52. Tied at the half, 40-18 in the 2nd. I might have yelled a bit in the locker room. 16, 10, 4 for Joon, 13, 14 for Star. +21 RBs.

The injury epidemic that hit in March continues. Starting guard Cal Wagg hurt his leg. He'll play but not at 100%.

#9 seed UNLV in the 2nd round.

11/15: 82-63. We led all the way. 20, 7, 5 with 4 steals for Star, 20, 8, 3 for Joon, 16, 9 for Cary. 11 TOs.

#12 seed UC-Santa Barbara has managed 2 upsets to get to the semis.

11/17: 79-50. 42-27 at the half. 24, 11 for Star, 14, 10, 4 for Cary, 11, 8, 5 with 6 steals for Joon. +12 RBs, 7 TOs.

#3 seed, #23 ranked Villanova for the title.

11/18: 98-66. 60-30 at the half. 20, 7, 6 for Star, 20, 8 for Joon, 17, 2, 6 for More. +16 RBs, 8 TOs.

11/20: #1. All 4 recruits sign.

Darma and I are absolutely loving the Kree training. I have never felt so relaxed and have never had quite this much interest in things like philosophy and new learning of all kinds. A lot of the things I do and have always done seem pretty irrelevant.

11/22: 85-62 at #9 Syracuse. We led by as many as 36. 36, 14, 4 for Star. +21 RBs, 11 TOs.

11/25: 71-46 over #19 Vanderbilt at the CC. 47-26 at the half. 21, 17, 4 with 5 blocks for Star, 17, 12 for Cary. +19 RBs.

Dan Cary sprained a toe. Out for about a week and a half.

6-0, #1, RPI #5.

A suicide bombing at the sewage treatment facility. We're in deep... stuff. No one killed except the bomber but the facility is ruined and will need to be totally rebuilt. This will have a huge effect on how we handle human waste.

The Council authorized temporary outside facilities for use; they were in place at all residential sites within 2 hours due to great efforts by the robots. Thankfully the rainy season is about over but yet another increase in robotic guards is needed.

It is estimated that it will be 3-4 weeks before the sewage treatment facility is operational.
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Re: Alone

Postby Wayne23 » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:30 am

11/29: 71-85 at Louisville. 24 TOs, terrible D. 14, 13, 4 for Riva, 14, 12, 3 for Star.

85-63 over #7 Kansas at the CC. 18, 16 for Star, 15, 8, 3 for Joon, 17, 3, 5 for More. +14 RBs.

12/2: 80-48 over #14 Butler at Gampel. 17, 17, 3 for Star. +11 RBs, 11 TOs.

"I don't know what to do, Mack."

"Darma, there's nothing we can do. If people are crazy enough to suicide they really can't be stopped. "

"We're reprogramming the robots to recognize anyone on the street or in a building who is dressed in a manner that could conceal a suicide bomb, but that won't do much in March and April when it's cold."

"It's about all we can do except stay alert and try to identify the No Training people."

12/9: 79-62 over #6 Kona at the CC. Took us a while to get going. 22, 18 for Star, 14, 5, 3 for More. +20 RBs.

12/13: 87-82 over #7 Clemson at the CC. 50-36 at the half. They never caught up but came close a few times. 19, 15 for Star, 14, 12 for Joon, 16, 4 for More, 17, 6 for
Riva. +22 RBs but 22 TOs.

Starting PG Lou More hurt his hip. He'll play but not at 100%.

A week off then we finish pre-conf play with #10 Arizona here.

12/20: 79-52. 51-29 at the half. 21, 14 for Star, 14, 6 for Joon, 11, 10 for Riva. +13 RBs, 4 TOs.

11-1, #1, RPI #1. #@ Net. +20.1 PPG, +15.2 RBs, -3.0 TOs (12.9). 20.7 and 12.8 for Kit Star.

"I do not understand how your people can throw away their lives, Mack Reed. This suicide bombing is a mystery to me and to all of the Kree."

"It is difficult to understand, Grol. Some people have ideals which they value more than their lives."
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Re: Alone

Postby Wayne23 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 5:29 pm

12/30: 81-52 over Iowa at Gampel to start conf play. 29, 19 for Star, 17, 10, 4 for Cary. +31 RBs, 10 TOs.

Cal Wagg hurts his arm. He'll play in our next but probably limited minutes.

The more training sessions I go to the fewer things matter to me. I'm not certain how much longer I want to keep coaching. I'd prefer to be reading, meditating and thinking about, and discussing the great ideas, the meaning of life, the universe in large and in small. I'd prefer to be with Darma, just going on the boat or relaxing together. I have changed so much. Everyone who is taking the training is changing so much, and now everyone who wants to take the training has at least begun.

1/2/2244: 76-69 at Illinois.Tied at the half. 20, 5 for Joon, 20 RBs for Star, 14, 3, 4 for More. +30 RBs but 21 TOs.

1/6: 68-53 over Indiana at teh Civic Center. 27, 6, 5 for Joon, 15, 17 for Star. +12 RBs.

More than a month without any more attacks. Robotic guards are everywhere, suspected No Trainers are being followed everywhere, and not discreetly. We want them to know they're being followed. We haven;t made any arrests but we will if need be, without hesitation.

1/11: 82-49 at Purdue. 23, 11 for Star, 18, 9 for sub Dan Riva, 13, 5 for Joon. Only 6 TOs.

PF Dan Cary hit his head on the floor. Day to day. Sub Otis Brom turned an ankle and he's out for about a week.

1/13: 59-42 over #10 Wisconsin at the CC. 15, 17, 4 with 6 steals for Star.

1/18: 85-91 at Ohio ST. They led by 16 at the half and we never quite caught up. They had 15 threes. 15, 14 for Star.

1/20: 67-54 over #2 Michigan ST at Gampel. They led through the 1st half and we led for most of thee 2nd. 17, 3, 6 for Wagg, 12, 13 for Joon, 10, 11 for Riva. +12 RBs.

17-2, 6-1, #1, RPI #1. 1 game lead on Michigan and Ohio ST.

Things continue to run smoothly. No attacks.
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Re: Alone

Postby Wayne23 » Fri Jul 03, 2020 9:25 am

1/25: 79-46 over Penn ST at Gampel. 41-18 at the half. 23, 16, 5 for Star14, 7 for Joon, 15, 0, 6 for Wagg. +18 RBs, 9 TOs.

1/27: 57-66 at Minnesota. This is NOT a team we should have lost to. 32.2% shooting, 5-29 on threes. Awful night.

We're now tied with Illinois for 1st, 1 up on 3 teams.

Our people are not armed so we don't have to worry about that. The robots are armed and carefully prograamed to shoot the big cats and bears only as a last resort.

2/1: 81-69 at Michigan. We were down 11 early, 9 at the half but we came roaring back and led by as many as 18 in the 2nd. 29, 10, 3 for Star, 15, 10 for Joon, 12, 18 for Riva. +31 RBs.

Kit Star is #1, Hal Joon #26 on the Norton list.

Alone in 1st again but 5 teams within 1.5 games of us.

Darma is writing a philosophy book. She is trying to blend the work of old time Earth philosophers with that of the Kree philosophers. It sounds interesting so far. I'd love to write but I don;t have the time.

2/5: 61-46 at Nebraska. Close for a half then we took control. 25, 12 for Star. 12 TOs.

2/10: 85-41 over Rutgers at Gampel. 54-17 at the half. 25, 18 for Star. +23 RBs, 10 TOs.

We now have a 2 game lead in the Big Ten over 2 teams. 2 more are 3 back.

Star is still #1 on the Norton list.

2/13: 78-57 over Maryland at the CC. 15, 15, 3 for Riva, 14, 10, 3 for Joon, 15, 2, 5 for Wagg.
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Re: Alone

Postby Wayne23 » Fri Jul 03, 2020 2:28 pm

2/17: 85-63 at Wisconsin. 42-26 at Wisconsin. 23, 16, 3 for Star, 15, 4 for Joon.

2/20: 78-80 at Penn ST. Another team we should never have lost to. We led by as many as 15, and then at the end we seemed to stop playing. It was painful to watch. They won it on an off balance 25 footer at the buzzer but we should not have let them get to that point. Practices are not going to be pleasant for awhile.

We're one up on #2 ranked Michigan ST, 3 on Ohio ST, 4 or more on the rest, with 4 to play.

2/22: 72-61 over Illinois at the CC. 21, 12 for Star, 15, 3, 3 for Wagg, 10, 10 for Cary.

Kit Star stretched a hamstring. He'll miss our next game, maybe the one after that. Not a good time for this. The frustrating part is that his sub was at the table ready to come in for him when he got hurt.

2/24: 66-58 at Iowa. We led by as many as 18. 13, 16, 3 for Riva, who started at C, 13, 11 for Cary, 9, 10, 5 for Joon. +17 RBs. Our depth paid off.

3/1: 74-55 over Michigan at Gampel. 48-22 at the half. 18, 14, 4 fro Cary, 14, 13 for Joon, 9, 12 for Riva. +26 RBs, 11 TOs.

Star wasn't ready so I held him out. I'm holding him out of the regular season finale as well.

3/3: 77-53 at Rutgers to clinch 1st place in the Big Ten. 39-24 at the half. 14, 8 for Cary, 13, 7 for Joon. +11 RBs. Star will be back for the post season.

28-4, 17-3, alone in 1st, #1, RPI #1. #1 Net, #3 on D, #9 on O.

Star and Dan Cary go pro. Not shocking.

Two robots went on a shooting spree, gunning down 16 people and wounding several others. Someone who really knows programming had to have reprogrammed them.

There's no other possibility.

"What next!"

"We can't see everything coming, Darma. The No Trainers keep coming up with things we haven't thought of. We can take measures to assure that this doesn't happen again."

"I know, but all those people dead because we never thought of doing it."

"How could we have?"
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Re: Alone

Postby Wayne23 » Fri Jul 03, 2020 4:45 pm

3/8: We play #8 seed Wisconsin, 19-13, 10-10 in the quarters. Beat them by 17 and 22.

3/9: 63-46. 22, 5 for Joon, 12, 16 for Star. +15 RBs, 12 TOs.

#5 seed Illinois, 20-11, 11-9, in the semis. Beat them by 7 and 11.

3/10: 79-72. Close all the way. 18, 20, 3 for Star, 20, 8 for Joon. +23 RBs.

#2 seed, #2 ranked Michigan ST, 30-4, for the title. We won by 13 at our place.

3/11: 90-68. Didn't expect to blow them out. Big 2nd half. 18, 1, 9 for Wagg, 16, 8 for Star. +23 RBs.

3/12: #1 East and overall. We play #16 Niagara, 21-12.

3/16: 75-55. 39-19 at the half. 25, 5 for Joon, 13, 9, 3 for Star.

#8 seed, #25 ranked Mississippi Valley, 29-4, in round 2.

3/18: 57-47. 26, 19 for Star, 10, 13 for Riva. +21 RBs, 11 TOs.

#4 seed, #7 ranked UNLV, 30-5 in the Sweet Sixteen. Beat them by 19 in the 2nd game of the season.

3/23: 74-53. 42-27 at the half. 21, 7 for Joon, 12, 9 for Star. 6 TOs.

#11 seed, unranked Big Ten rival Illinois, 23-12, in the Elite Eight. Beat them by 7, 11, and 7 again. They played us tough all three times.

3/25: 71-53. 45-23 at the half. 20, 16 for Star, 13, 6 for Joon. +17 RBs.

We play #12 seed, unranked Big Ten rival Indiana, 25-11, in the national semifinal. Beat them by 15 in our only meeting.

On the other side it's #2 seed, #6 ranked, Georgia Tech, 29-7, vs. #3 seed, #12 ranked, UCLA, 30-7.

4/1: 69-50. 32-16 at the half. 23, 1, 5 for Wagg, 8, 17 for Star, 11, 11 for Riva. +18 RBs.

#3 seed, #12 ranked UCLA, 31-7, for the title. We're a big favorite.

4/3: 87-73 and another title. Only up 1 at the half but we owned the 2nd half. 19, 14 for Star, 14, 15 for Riva, 15, 7 for Cary, 12, 5, 4 for Joon.

We're losing 4 starters and our 6th man.

4/4: Awards: Kit Star is tourney MOP and 1st team All American. I am national COY. In the Big Ten, Star is POY, Frosh OY, and 1st team. Hal Joon makes the 2nd team.

4/9: I'm staying.

4/23: I ask for a facilities upgrade.


37-4, 3rd straight title, 4 in 5 years. 616-165, .789.

Darma tells me the spies who have tried to infiltrate No Training have been completely unsuccessful in digging up any info at all or even in finding any members.
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Re: Alone

Postby Wayne23 » Fri Jul 03, 2020 6:12 pm

5/1: #2 preseason, #1 recruiting class. We should be really strong inside again, but not as strong outside.

6/5: We have 2 slots open but we have no seniors so we may wait unless there's a really, really good guard available as a transfer.

6/9: We're passing on transfers.

6/26: 2 slots. Looking strictly at guards.

No recent incidents, thankfully. We feel we have reprogrammed the robots well enough that the last attack will not be able to be repeated. It now takes an authorization code punched in by three people to change programming.

8/7: Hal Joon is our only player on the Norton list, #7.

8/21: We offer to 2 PGs.

Another tragedy. Three people who were trying to infiltrate the No Trainer group were found in a remote area of the settlement with their throats cut. It was obvious that they had been brutally tortured.

"I can't stand this, Mack. We can't stop them, we can't find out who they are, we can't seem to infiltrate their organization, and they keep doing horrible things. I don't know what else to do."

"We're doing all we can."

"Maybe a new leader would come up with some new ideas. Maybe I should resign as Chair of the Council."

"Darma, that wouldn't change anything except to make us look weaker. Everyone on the Council is trying their best to come up with useful ideas. Hell, we've got the holo experts working on it. We just need to catch a break. Don't resign."

9/18: We get both recruits, #4 and #24, both PGs.

Preseason NIT vs. Georgia ST. As competitive a schedule as I could put together.

We're still trying to infiltrate the No Trainers.

10/2: 1st day of practice. We'll be very good. Good enough to win another title? Maybe.

10/15: We're in! We have a spy inside the No Trainer organization. She's only going to do one more visit. All we want are the names.

10/20: Success. We arrested 133 people in a series of raids on private homes. We got everyone. We arrested our spy, too. That's in case we missed someone- perhaps there were people who weren't at either meeting the spy was at. If we treat her as we're treating the others, for now, she'll be in little danger, if any.

10/30: Trials before the end of the year.
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Re: Alone

Postby bestbrother » Sun Jul 05, 2020 5:20 pm

Dominant stuff from you, plenty to learn from how you have gone about things here.

Would love a season by season recap, maybe a table of W/L and Championships? I love seeing 'Almanacs' like that as things go deep.

Enjoying your take on things, sharp and to the point :cool:
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