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Postby Wayne23 » Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:40 pm

12/26: 70-77 at Minnesota. Poor D (They shot 50%), poor ball handling (18 TOs), nothing from the SF spot. I'm going small with Ted Hamm at SF.

12/30: 70-43 over Illinois at Gampel. 27, 13 for Jenk, 20, 11 for Joon. Hamm played well. We had 20 TOs.

Hal Jenk strained a calf muscle. He'll see limited time in our next game.

1/2/2246: 61-79 at Iowa. Jenk played but was not effective. Joon had 18, 12, 4. Hamm had 8. Our guards aren't doing enough.

1/6: 94-87 at Michigan ST. 59-43 at the half. 6 players with 11 or more led by Joon with 19 and 13.

Jenk will be at 100% for our next game.

1/11: 84-59 over Wisconsin at the Civic Center. 23, 8, 3 for Jenk, 21, 9 for Joon. +17 RBs.

1/13: 62-83 at Michigan. We're really missing Prim at C. Never really in this one. 15, 14 for Joon, 17, 6 for Jenk. Our guards are simply not that good. We have 2 blue chippers coming in, thankfully.

1/18: 88-45 over Minnesota. 47-27 at the half. 22, 15 for Jenk, 20, 12 for Joon, 16 for Marx. 4 TOs.

13-6, 4-3, in 7th place in the Big Ten, but still ranked #5, RPI #8.

After a long, heated debate, the Council agreed to allow 447 people to take the advanced Kree training. Many of us feel like this simply turns people into lotus eating zombies, but our side did not prevail.
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Re: Alone

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 4:53 pm

1/23: 69-57 at Nebraska. 18, 10, 3 for Jenk, 17, 7, 3 for Joon, 11, 7, 4 for Marx. Road wins are important.

1/27: 68-49 over Michigan ST at the Civic Center. We led all the way. 18, 13 for Joon, 15, 9 for Jenk, 14 for Marx, 13, 8 for SG Fred Keen.

We've climbed into a tie for 2nd place but our next is at #17, 1st place Maryland. That should be the last game without starting C John Prim.

1/29: Ron Jenk is #10, Hal Joon #13 on the Norton list.

2/1: 71-81. They led by 11 at the half and kept it at about that margin. 21, 10 for Jenk, 16 for Marx.

Prim is back!

2/6: 66-59 at Illinois. 19, 12 for Jenk, 17, 12 for Joon, 15 RBs and great Dfor Prim in his return. +21 RBs.

After less than a month of advanced training the 447 trainees are already abandoning their jobs and most of their lifestyle to take on the role of lotus eaters, as it were.
We've gone to "essential roles only" status. It seems that more, perhaps many more, people are interested in this way of life. I don't get it.

2/8: 85-56 over Indiana at Gampel. We were up by only 2 at the half but really put it together in the 2nd. 22, 9, 4 for Jenk, 19, 9 for Joon, 20, 4,m 4 for Prim, 15 for Marx. 5 TOs.

We're tied for 3rd, 1 1/2 back of 1st with a favorable schedule the rest of the way.

2/10: 89-58 over Ohio ST at Gampel. Easy win. 22, 8 for Joon, 19, 7, 5 for Jenk. 7 TOs.

1 game back of 1st.

2/15: 74-73 at Penn ST. 20 lead changes, 12 ties, never more than a 5 point spread. The last minute went back and forth 5 times. We had it last, got it to Jenk and he drove and pulled up and sank an 8 footer with .3 to go for the win. Joon led us with 18 and 10. +24 RBs. Hell of a game.

#5, RPI #4, 19-7, 10-4, 1/2 game back of 1st with 6 to play.

"I can kind of see the attraction..."


"No, really Mack. A worry free life. No unmet needs. Not many needs at all, or wants either. A contemplative life."

"Darma, I can't believe I'm hearing this."

"I'm just saying I'm taking a 'wait and see' attitude."

"And you might actually do it at some point?"

"I'm not discounting the possibility."
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Re: Alone

Postby Wayne23 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 9:01 pm

2/17: 101-73 over Michigan at the CC. We put them away in the 2nd half. 20, 15 for Jenk, 20, 8 for Joon, 18, 12,m 4 for Prim, 18 for Marx. +29 RBs.

Little used forward Albi Obol hurts his shoulder. Out for about 10 days.

2/20: 89-56 over Iowa at the CC. 24, 11 for joon, 16, 8 for Jenk. 9 TOs.

We're tied for 1st in the Big Ten.

Sub guard Ted Hamm hurt his wrist. Day to day.

2/24: 76-61 at Wisconsin. 37-23 at the half. 30, 4 for Jenk, 15, 11 for Prim who has been a lock down defender since returning from the injury. 17, 7 for Joon. 10 TOs.

7 wins in a row, 10 of 11. Still tied for 1st with #16 Maryland who is at the CC next.

2/27: 73-57 and we're alone in 1st. 41-28 at the half and we never looked back. 23, 11 for Jenk, 23, 8 for Joon. +8 RBs, 9 TOs.

"The advanced trainees look like zombies to me. That much bliss is just scary."

"I don't know, Mack. It looks like there's a lot of upside to me."


3/1: 60-29 over Purdue at Gampel on Senior night. Weird game. They scored 12 in the 1st half. 15, 13 for joon, 17 for Marx, 10, 11 for Jenk. +20 Rbs but 20 TOs.

3/3: 66-76 at Rutgers. Terrible time to have an off night. We should never have lost to this team. We blew an 11 point lead and did just about nothing right in the second half. 19, 8 for Jenk but no one else had more than 9. 21 TOs.

Horrible loss for more than one reason. Senior Hal Joon's career is over as he tore his ACL. This will really hurt our post season chances.

We may still have the #1 seed. Maryland lost and we're tied with Michigan ST for 1st.

3/5: Ron Jenk is #8 on the Norton list. He, starting SG Fred Keen, and little used guard Roy Andy all declare. It will be almost a whole new team next season with Joon, Prim, Dume, Bill, and Obol graduating. We have probably the #1 recruiting class in the country and three really good looking transfers coming in though.

2,893 people apply for advanced Kree training.
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Re: Alone

Postby Wayne23 » Mon Aug 03, 2020 4:21 pm

3/8: We play #8 seed Ohio ST, 14-16, 9-11, in the quarter finals. Beat them by 31 at our place.

With Hal Joon gone our hopes are not high for moving deeply into the NCAA but let's see what we can do in the Big Ten tourney.

3/9: 83-64. Up 16 at the half. 34, 13 for Prim, 26, 7, 4 for Jenk. +18 RBs.

#5 seed Michigan, 21-10, 13-7, in the semis. We split a pair.

3/10: 76-60. We led all the way. 25, 9 for Jenk, 16, 8, 4 for Keen. +18 RBs.

#2 seed Michigan ST, 21-10, 15-5 for the title. We won by 19 at our place.

3/11: 63-53 and the Big Ten title! We led for the last 32 minutes. 24, 7 for tourney MOP Ron Jenk. 10 TOs.

#1 seed?

3/12: #2 South. We play #15 Harvard, 16-15.

3/17: 91-69. Never a game. 27, 8, 3 for Jenk, 16, 10, 5 for Prim, 14, 9, 6 for Marx. +19 RBs, 9 TOs.

#10 seed Washington, 23-12, in the 2nd round.

3/19: 78-71. We led all the way but they stayed close. 26, 10, 3 for Jenk, 15 each for Marx and Keen.

#3 seed, #9 ranked New Mexico ST, 29-5, in the Sweet Sixteen. We expect a challenge.

3/24: 64-69. We just didn't have the horses. It was close all night, within 8 points or less, but in the end they were stronger. It didn't help that Marx fouled out playing only
16 minutes. 18, 7 for Jenk, 13, 8, 5 for Keen.

4/3: #1 Georgetown wins it all.

4/4: Awards: Ron Jenk is a 2nd team All American. In conference, Jenk is POY and 1st team along with Hal Joon.

4/9: We're not going anywhere.

4/23: 29-9, Big Ten champs, Sweet Sixteen. Overall for 24 seasons, 677-180, .790.

Whole new team next year except for PG Joe Marx and sub guard Ted Hamm. But I think it will be a world beating team.

7,978 people apply for advanced Kree training. This is taking off and I still think it's crazy.
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Re: Alone

Postby Wayne23 » Sat Aug 08, 2020 9:27 pm

5/1: Preseason #2. #1 recruiting class.

6/5: No one transferred out but we have 3 spots open for transfers (and 2 seniors).

6/15: We get a PG from Texas Tech who looks terrific, and a C from Duke who looks like a project but has huge potential.

6/26: 3 scholarships. We need 2 guards.

12,464 more applicants for advanced Kree training sadly, including Darma. We broke up over it. I just can't...

8/7: 3 on the Norton list: PG Joe Marx is #6, SF Eric Bain #13, and SG Flet Bush #25.

8/21: We offer to a PG, an SG, and an SF. All blue chip.

Another 12,000+ have signed up for the advanced training. I feel lonely. All of my new friends have gone over to the other side. It's depressing as hell.

9/18: We get commitments from all 3, #2, #5, #8.

Las Vegas Winter Jam vs. Tulane. All other pre-conf games are against ranked teams.

10/2: 1st day of practice. We're good.

I'm feeling very isolated. There are less than 1000 of us who have not signed up for, begun, or completed advanced Kree training and I don't know any of them very well.

11/6: I'm probably drinking too much. Thinking of reactivating my holofriends.
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