A Fictional History of Football : A DDSPF20/DDSCF20 dynasty

Re: A Fictional History of Football : A DDSPF20/DDSCF20 dyna

Postby Tiger Fan » Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:38 am

I think that 1952 season with the incredible Texas Tech upset win over Notre Dame is as good a place as any to end this.

As I mentioned in my first post this dynasty was started with a beta version of DDSCF20 and would come to an end at some point as updates were added. Well, we now have post-season All-America and All-Conference teams (as well as other additions) which do not show up in my save with a previous version so this replay has come to an end. I will likely start a new one up in the not too distant future.

Just to see how things unfolded I did sim out another twenty odd years and am now in 1975 so a total of 60 seasons were completed. Because I altered my prestige rating to be fairly close we had no super dominant teams in this league but here are the teams with greater than 70 prestige rating as of 1975.
Code: Select all
Texas A&M    89
Georgia    81
UCLA       81
West Virginia    81
Florida    79
Oklahoma    78
Penn State    77
Michigan    76
Nebraska    75
Notre Dame    75
Tennessee    75
Stanford    74
Virginia    74
USC       73
Virginia Tech    73
Texas Tech    73
Alabama    72
LSU       72
NC State    72
Texas       72
Ohio State    71
California    70
Illinois    70
North Carolina    70

Some final notes from the league

The most consecutive National Titles was 4 held by both Texas (1923-26) and Notre Dame (1934-37). All of the winning streaks came early as North Carolina State won 3 in a row starting in 1917 and the only other repeat winners were Virginia (1942-43) and Notre Dame (1947-48). Since my recaps stopped in 1952 there was not a single repeat winner although a couple of teams won 2 titles in a 3 year span.

Notre Dame led the way with 9 national championships but only one of them came after 1952, which was their title in 1960, although the Irish had several opportunities in the sixties and seventies for more, but they lost a number of bowl games including 3 straight Cotton Bowls from 1972-74 to ruin otherwise undefeated seasons.

Texas is next with 8 titles with all but one coming in 1932 or earlier. The lone exception was the 1974 11-1 Longhorn team that won the National Title by defeating previously unbeaten Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl.

Texas A&M was the team of the 1960's winning in '61,'64 and '66 as well as a pair of titles in the early 1970s as well. Florida was another team that evolved into a powerhouse as the Gators started with a 63 prestige in 1915 and it took them a long time for it to improve, but after winning National titles in 1953,59,63 and 1975 ended the sim with a 79 prestige.
Code: Select all
Here are the National Titles by team:

Notre Dame   9
Texas       8
Texas A&M   6
Tennessee   5
Virginia   5
Florida     4
NC State   4
Penn State   3
Georgia     2
Oklahoma   2
USC      2
West Virginia   2
California      1
Illinois   1
LSU      1
Mississippi   1
Nebraska   1
Oregon      1
Stanford   1
Texas Tech   1
Wisconsin   1

Michigan is the highest prestige team to never win a title. The Wolverines had several close calls through the years and were #2 in the polls on 5 occasions. Ohio State also never won a title and the same can be said for Alabama.

We had several players win the Heisman twice but perhaps the greatest player in college history is Chris Feldman (Oklahoma 1965-68). The running back ran for 6,477 yards in his college career and won 4 straight Heisman Trophy's helping the Sooners to an unbeaten season and a National Title as a freshman. He finishes 3rd all-time in career rushing yardage and also 3rd in career touchdowns. He likely would have been first in both categories had I not "historically adjusted" the stats as a progressed transitioning from a extremely run heavy game in the early years to slowly become more balanced in the 50s and then increased passing modifiers again a bit in the late 1960s. It wasn't exact by any means but gave me a moderately historical accuracy to the sim and shows the flexibility this game has if you are willing to tweak and test your settings a little bit.

Out of the top 10 career rushing yard leaders, Feldman was the only one to make his college debut after 1949 and still finished within 400 yards of the all-time leader Andy Emery (Michigan 1933-36 and Heisman winner in 1936). Feldman tied for third in career rushing touchdowns with 74, two behind for Notre Dame Heisman winner Marv Gipe (1935-38) but well behind Chet Williford, was first in rushing td's with 90 and second in career rushing yardage. Williford nearly duplicated Feldman's 4 Heisman's, winning 3 while at Texas from 1926-29.

I might write a little more about it but this dynasty is basically completed as I do want the new Awards features in my next one. Thanks to anyone who stuck with it. I hope you found it enjoying to read.


I would love for someone to start an online league with this file. I will immediately sign up for it. I like a couple of things about it with the first being it is a smaller league - could likely drop it down even further from 82 to 66 teams if need be by eliminating the Ivy League and WAC. I figure a smaller league makes it much easier to get a good percentage of the teams filled with human owners.

The second thing I like is the prestige ratings are close enough (and could maybe be tinkered with a bit more) that it gives a large percentage of teams a realistic chance at a National Title, unlike the default modern day league where most people only want to run one of the dozen or so programs that could contend.

Final thing I like is the schedule files (10 in all) work very well. It gives a nice variety of games, has a good rotation for the larger conferences that don't play every opponent each year and some nice rivalry games like Michigan-Notre Dame that occur rare enough (just twice every 10 years) to make them special. By the way, Notre Dame won 7 of the 12 meetings between the two schools over the 65 years. Michigan State, which plays Notre Dame much more often, was 20-29 against the Irish who had some real one-sided rivalries. Notre Dame went 56-5 over the years against both Army and Northwestern.

Anyway, count me in if someone wants to create an online league with this file.
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Re: A Fictional History of Football : A DDSPF20/DDSCF20 dyna

Postby PointGuard » Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:16 pm

This was a GOOD READ all the way through. Well done!
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Re: A Fictional History of Football : A DDSPF20/DDSCF20 dyna

Postby Tiger Fan » Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:00 pm

Thank you.
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